What will you find on this page?

Anette and Susanne Bastviken are the sisters behind the blog and business Radical Broccoli and proud contributors to the lifestyle magazine Dailystory. Their vision is to make it trendy and easy for the everyday modern girl to be environmentally friendly and feel amazing.

The girls are always searching for inspiring places, people, products, and food that is in line with the values they live after – that can make the oceans cleaner and the earth a better place. This is well documented on Dailystory and on their blog, where you can read about everything from eco-friendly traveling and second-hand clothes to delicious plant-based food and hardcore facts about plastic and recycling.

The girls are public speakers on the principles of an eco-friendly lifestyle. They are front figures in the Word Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Aphru campaign on animal extinction. This year they have made appearances on Norway’s biggest national TV channel NRK in the series «Planet Plast», the Norwegian media house VGTV and on BBC Radio talking about plastic-free living. They have also done consulting work for organizations such as EAT Foundation and Æra Strategic Innovation. They have covered various travel content, both sponsored and non-sponsored.

Here you will find:

  • Everyday hacks for becoming a more sustainable consumer such as recipes, sustainable products, recommendations for places to eat and shop, innovative brands and ideas
  • People and organizations who are taking a leap towards green living
  • Newest research on environmentalism and sustainability

What more?

Radical Broccoli also works with communications for the environmental organization Nordic Ocean Watch.They are members of the Ethical Writers and Creatives coalition.

Who are the authors?

The authors are the two Norwegian sisters Anette and Susanne.

Anette is the founder of the podcast «På krigsstien». She has a background from the EAT Foundation, Norwegian Armed Forces, and The Norwegian Atlantic Committee. Anette has engaged herself in volunteer work through the Norwegian Red Cross and Women in War and International Politics (WIWIP). She holds an M.A. in War Studies from Kings College, London. Anette loves hiking, yoga and has recently fallen for surfing.

Susanne has a background from the EAT Foundation, A.T. Kearney and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). She has been part of associations such as CBS Model United Nations and Association of Norwegian Students Abroad and has volunteered at Ryes Café. Susanne holds an M. Sc. in Business and Administration from Copenhagen Business School. Susanne likes all things related to water and photography.

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  • Pia Meliane

    Hei! En av dere bak bloggen var innom klinikken min her om dagen. Jeg lurte på om dere kunne tenkt dere å skrive om klinikken min på bloggen deres. Så vil gjerne gi bort en økologisk ansiktsbehandling!

    Mvh Pia Meliane

  • merete

    Jeg heter Merete og jeg har en nettside som heter House Of Satori hvor vi skriver artikler om mat, mote og musikk. Vi liker bloggen deres veldig godt og lurte på om vi kunne gjort et intervju med dere? Så sender vi over 6-10 spørsmål til dere over epost.


  • Emma Stebbings


    Jeg er fan av deres arbeid <3
    Har selv vært i liknende situasjonener som dere med utdannelse i utlandet, utveksling, stress, mat «allergi» osv. Kanskje kommer det flere spørsmål fra meg, men først: Jeg kunne tenke meg en likende tur som dere var på i Costa Rica med yoga og ren mat, er det lov å spørre om detaljene?
    (Event om dere vet om andre steder i verden.) Hvor tok du( dere) yogalærerkurs?

    Beste hilsner fra Emma 🙂

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