Vol 2: Suite

Price: 1.999€
Pax: 2

16th – 20th of September

The suite is located on the top floor and is the perdect choice for you who would like a little extra luxury. This is the perfect room if you are joining the retreat with a friend, and you would like to share the amazing experience of this beautiful room with majestic windows overlooking the valley and the ocean. The beds can be arranged as two single beds, or a king size double bed. The room has a private lounge for reading or resting, a walk-in closet, private desk, and an en-suite bathroom. The bathroom has two vanities, large bathtub, spacious shower with two faucets, and a view to the green countryside.

Room features: 

King size bed (1.80 m) or two double beds (0.9 m)

Lounge with sofa chairs

Walk-in closet

Private desk

Ensuite bathroom with 2 showers and bathtub

Great for two people traveling together due to the intimate nature of the bed layout