Radical Courage: The Course


We want you to feel your absolute best and go after your dreams. We want you to know exactly why the world needs you. Most importantly, we want you to feel courageous and take action towards the life that you dream of.


We invite you to spend 3 weeks together with us to create deep radical transformation in your life, and truly tap into your highest potential. This course is for you who crave some changes in your life, but don't really know where to start or why things haven’t t changed already. It can be with work, housing, health, money and finances or in your relationships. It can also be a much needed change on how you talk to and treat yourself. We truly believe that our desires are NOT random, but guiding us to where our soul actually wants to be. Sometimes we need help on the way to get there, to trust that it's actually for us and to make those jumps.Anette and Susanne both work as transformational coaches and have guided thousands of people to make radical changes in their lives for the better. Throughout their own journey and studies of energy they have been able to create their own dream lives, even when they thought it was impossible. This is the course they wish they had when they started out.Anette and Susanne will guide you back into your heart.

SHINING from the INSIDE out IS YOUR GIFT TO THE PLANET. when you feel AMAZING, there
NO LIMIT to what you

What's included? 
– 8,5 hours live calls with Anette and Susanne on Zoom –– 5 transformational workshops –– 1 Q&As –– 15% discount in Radical Broccoli Shop –– 30% discount on Radical Broccoli Membership –– 15% discount on Soul Realignment Reading with Susanne –– 15% discount on coaching with Anette –– Recourses list –– PDF-overview of our course material –– Life-time access to the course –– Daily guided meditations and wellness rituals –



"I have truly enjoyed taking part in the Radical Courage - the course. I liked how the course combined practical exercises and tips with real life examples, both from Susanne and Anette but also other course participants. Susanne and Anette created a safe space where we could share openly, support and inspire each other. Thank you!"


"When considering joining this course, Anette said something along the lines of ‘if you feel called, do it, trust that this is for you’. So I trusted, and oh was she right! Such an honest, inspiring, joyful yet triggering and emotional experience. Susanne and Anette made it feel so safe to share and ask questions, and they were just pure love and good energy while talking about their own experiences and lessons. This should honestly be a mandatory course for all human beings. So thankful."

"Anette and Susanne does such a good job of breaking down the complicated spiritual learnings into understandable, bite-size lessons! They share so much of themselves, their past experiences, and their vulnerability and complete honesty is so refreshing. Truly magical course and would highly recommend to anyone that has a curiosity for expanding their current ways of thinking."



The Schedule


♡ Tuesday October 25th 18:00-19:30 : Call 1 - Intention and how we create

– The creative process
– What are intentions nd how to set them
– Why do intentions matter
– The difference between thought and action

♡ Thursday October 27th 18:00-19:30 : Call 2 - How to actually manifest

– Why manifestation can get blocked
– How to incorporate your wholeness  as a spiritual being



♡ Tuesday November 1st 18:00-19:30 : Call 3 - Unblock Yourself

– Processing emotions + the emotional guidance scale
– Using triggers as guides
– Are things happening to you, or for you?

Thursday November 3rd 18:00-19:00 : Call 4 - Q&A (1 hour)


Tuesday November 8th 18:00-19:30 : Call 5 - Creating Time

– Taking the actions
– Uncovering what is still holding you back
– Shifting the energy big time!

Thursday November 10th 18:00-19:30 : Call 6 - Wrap up, Sharing and Q&A 

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