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 How to get glowing skin with Camilla Tromborg

To live your best life and glow, you need to look at all aspects of your health


In this session Camilla talks about: 

• food that makes you glow from the inside out

• your gut-skin balance

• how your self-love & talk affects your skin

• stress and the effect it have on your skin

• how lack of satisfaction in your relationships & career can affect your skin


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Embody your worth with Maria Gullseth


Understand how we truly are inherently worthy

In this beautiful session, Maria shares her wisdom as a holistic life coach, healer, and intuitive energy reader on worthiness and oneness. She explains how excitement is the language of our higher selves, and how we can let ourselves be guided "back home" by seeking that which resonates with us. Bring your notebook, cause there is huge insight in this session that you don't want to miss. 
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 Heart Meditation with
'To Gutter'

A talk & meditation about living from our hearts

Fredrik and Kasper behind the newly launched ‘To Gutter’ led us through a talk and meditation focused on our hearts. We asked them to share how they live from their hearts, make decisions, connect back in, and observe their egos. They guided us through a heart-centered meditation so that we could increase the physical, emotional, and energetic sensation of love in our bodies, in our relationships, and all across the world. 
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Body Confidence with Bianca Marzouk

Body confidence - an embodiment practice

As requested, Bianca Marzouk is back. Our members shared how much of a change they could feel in only one hour! It's a practice of moving and feeling our bodies connect to our hearts and souls, yonis and wombs, and balancing our masculine with our feminine. 
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Akashic Records with Gentle Being

Learn about the Akashic Records - the library of our soul

Eve behind Gentle Being will offer us a masterclass on the Akashic Records. What are they? How can we access them? How can they help us? Get answers to all this and more in this exciting upcoming session.
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Breathwork with James Dowler

Connect with your breath to release anxiety and stress

 James behind @breathewithjames leads us through a relaxing class of breathwork and teaches us valuable things about connecting to our breath. Did you know that you can use your breath to manifest better?
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