February in our membership:

Creating a purpose driven business

with Susanne & Anette Bastviken


6 years ago, we decided that life was too short to be doing something that didn’t make us happy. We had no time to waste and powerful messages to share with the world. A soul-driven business was in the making, and we were led by our intuition. Since that day we have been working for ourselves, from wherever we want in the world, creating the Radical Broccoli shop, membership, podcast and social media universe. It has not been an easy journey, but we feel incredibly proud to have created the lives and business that we have today, and we want to share our tools with you. This month in the RB membership is all about creating your own soul-driven, purpose filled business. It’s about you letting your intuition lead the way, discovering what’s holding you back and uncovering your own worth. We are thrilled to see you inside the sessions!

Part 1 / 6th of Feb:

Business & Intuition

Do you believe that what is meant for you will find you? We do. But you need to allow yourself to be found. We believe there is a unique path for each one of us, and we have gifts to share with the world. By following our intuition, we can uncover the steps that leads us to finding what we are meant to do and share in the world. In this session we will dive into the connection between business and intuition through storytelling, workshop and inner discoveries.

Part 2 / 13th of Feb:

Living from creativity

Creative energy, qi, kundalini, sexual energy, are all words for the same. As children, we are full of aliveness, creativity, and ideas, and we do not have any boundaries. Growing up, we learn to limit ourselves, put ourselves in boxes, and decide what we "can" and "can't" do. In this session we will uncover the limiting beliefs we hold around our own creativity, and especially what holds us back from putting our valuable ideas to life.

Part 3 / 20th of Feb:

Handling criticism and hardship

Have you ever been scared of putting yourself out there because of what other people will think? The truth is, when you do something different, you will most likely be exposed to critisism. We believe that it's not about avoiding criticism or hardship, but learning how to handle it. In fact, we might suggest that any grand idea ever made has been subject to critisism. We have to stand strong through potentially losing friends, being talked about, getting triggering questions, and feeling like we are failing. We have to pick ourselves up again and tell ourselves that we can do it. In this session we will learn to flow through critisism and hardship.

Part 4 / 27th of Feb:

Creating abundance from something you love

One of the most common fears around creating your own business is money. We have discovered that it takes a great deal of courage, confidence, and stamina to preservere when the financial fears creep in. Finances are often tied to our sense of worth, and there is an individual inner journey for each of us to discover our own worth. This session builds on the previous one, and we dive deeper into self-worth and believing that it's possible for you.



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