Our best-selling course - Radical Courage


A 3-week course designed for those who want to remove subconscious blocks and take action on your dreams

The course modules...

1. Dreams, beliefs, trust

Do you dare to dream? What are your limiting beliefs?

2. Self-love & self-care

Do you want to learn to truly take care of yourself? Do you want to learn the difference between self-love and self-care? 

3. Courage and aligned action

How do we actually make the changes? We will teach you the before, during and after!


We want you to feel your absolute best and go after your dreams. We want you to know exactly why the world needs YOU. Most importantly, we want you to feel courageous and take action towards the life that you dream of. We will share everything we have learned working with healers, energetic advisors, spiritual teachers, and from life experiences. 

The course was held August 8-29th 2021. We will announce a new opening once the timing is right. Stay tuned!

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"I have truly enjoyed taking part in the Radical Courage - the course. I liked how the course combined practical exercises and tips with real life examples, both from Susanne and Anette but also other course participants. Susanne and Anette created a safe space where we could share openly, support and inspire each other. Thank you!"

"When considering joining this course, Anette said something along the lines of ‘if you feel called, do it, trust that this is for you’. So I trusted, and oh was she right! Such an honest, inspiring, joyful yet triggering and emotional experience. Susanne and Anette made it feel so safe to share and ask questions, and they were just pure love and good energy while talking about their own experiences and lessons. This should honestly be a mandatory course for all human beings. So thankful."

"Anette and Susanne does such a good job of breaking down the complicated spiritual learnings into understandable, bite-size lessons! They share so much of themselves, their past experiences, and their vulnerability and complete honesty is so refreshing. Truly magical course and would highly recommend to anyone that has a curiosity for expanding their current ways of thinking."

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on email [email protected] or Instagram @radicalbroccoli

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With love, Susanne & Anette