Guide to: October reads

We both love to read. It's such a good and important way to disconnect from too much time on social media or in front of a computer. The last couple of years we have finally got back the joy of reading, after many years of reading books with a sense of "should read" with regards to studies. Now, reading is about exploring and learning about things we are curious about, and it makes it so much more fun.Right now these are our favorite books, and we hope that these book recommendations can be inspiring to you as well!

~Material girl mystical world: The Now Age Guide for Chic Seekers and Modern Mystics by Ruby Warrington~


We found this book randomly in a tiny little bookstore this summer, just two copies left, with the pink color just jelling "pick me, pick me".  Everybody interested in crystals, astrology, fashion needs to read this book! It's entertaining and gives so much (needed) information about everything from meditation, tarot readings and how to follow your intuition. It's basically a book exploring the "New Age" - wisdom that still is spoken little of in Norway. This is the perfect book for everyone who is curious about how to read your (or your date's) astrology birth charts, which is basically a blueprint of you as a person. You will also understand more about the benefits of keeping plants, about combining a fashion career with astrology, about love & relationships, and a tad on botox versus natural beauty.

~Skoglufteffekten (the forest air effect) by Jørn Viumdal~


This is an elegant, practical and excellent book about plants and how you can create fresh plant air at home or at the office based on new science and research. Today most people spend around 90 % of their time indoors, in environments which are very different from our natural habitats. This can lead to symptoms such as exhaustion, headaches, stress, skin problems and brain fog. By introducing more plants to the places you spend a lot of time it has been documented to give better air, which has a range of health benefits. This method is loved by the Google office, among others.

~How to get sh*t done by Erin Falconer~


Every woman should read this book, finally a productivity book by a woman for women! Often times while turning the pages I found myself gasping "oh no I've done this in the office" on examples on how especially young girls get tasks to please other people but does not really help us get that promotion or actually do a good job! Erin writes about the fact that women tend to live in a constant state of guilt, not doing enough, being enough, yet always overscheduled. Yet traditional productivity books—written by men—barely touch the many different aspects and cultural pressures that women feel when facing down a to-do list. This book gives great advice on where you actually should do less, how to get your priorities straight and how to get shit done.

~The History of the Bees by Maja Lunde~


This is a novel about how important the bees are to humanity and how vulnerable nature is. The book follows three different stories, one in China in the future 2098 where bees are totally extinct, the second story takes place in England in 1852 and the third one USA 2007. Absolutely a highly recommended book which really makes you reflect upon how important nature and diversity in nature is and inspired us to take even better care of it.Enjoy!