Weekend update


Zzzzunday. I’m so tired today, there is like something in the air on Sundays making me extra tired. The funny thing is that it’s hard to relax sometimes. It’s like the week mode of getting up and getting stuff done is stuck, and allowing the body to rest feels weird. But I’m giving it my best shot.

This weekend started really refreshing - we brought Noah down to the nearest swim spot and took a morning bath. Me and Anette both woke up feeling groggy, and the best thing to do is to jump in the ocean. It was cold ut felt SO good after.

At 10 we went to the studio to record a new podcast. Our good friend, Cornelia, guested the new episode, and we got deep into our heads and talked about everything from our fears, judgements, how we deal with criticism, our childhoods and daily rituals. It’s gonna be an exciting (& scary) episode to publish, and we are planning on doing an English one in her podcast Braindump very soon.


After the podcast recording all three of us met up with another really good friend, Mally, who is also the one who created this website and the photographer of our book! We had lunch at Wild Collective, which is a collective of small shops and a café called Soho Urban Eatery.

The food is amazing, and we all ordered the fresh spring rolls and a latte. We got some complimentary cakes - raw chocolate cake - as the food was a bit delayed.

We sat in the sun and discussed work and upcoming projects and how we can help each other out.


As all four of us are self-employed, we share many of the same thoughts, struggles, visions and try to push each other forward and help with any projects we are working on.


Friday evening I brought this little guy up to our cabin in the mountains. We have spent the weekend just relaxing, getting some work done, doing a bit of yoga and taking walks in nature.

Hope your Sunday is refreshing and that you’re recharging for a new week. If you, like I do from time to time, struggle with anxiety, we have a post on four meditations that might help HERE. <3