We love Envelope 1976


Last week we had the pleasure of checking out the amazing new Norwegian sustainable brand Envelope 1976 designed by Celine Aagard together with her partners at eco.logic (an eco-conscious house of brands which you should also check out!). We are always looking for brands with good intention and also amazing products. For us, fashion is a great way to express creativity and a way to present ourselves, but it can be a bit challenging when you want to dress with a special care for the environment. Therefore, we are so happy when brands such as Envelope 1976 design clothes that are so incredibly beautiful and stylish with great consideration of their environmental footprint.The collection is also esthetically gorgeous and made to last, not just one season but many seasons to come. Envelope 1976 gives a lot of focus on transparency and a sustainable production, hoping to change the course of the fashion industry. They reduce and reuse materials wherever possible and also make sure their clothes fit women in all different sizes.We can't wait to follow Envelope 1976 and we hope you are as excited as us!