So it's almost February and our plastic awareness challenge is about to roll. We are going plastic free for one month, and believe us, we are both excited and nervous about this challenge. Plastic is EVERYWHERE. Normally we are pretty aware of our plastic consumption, but during this challenge, we are going to take things to the next level. We will share everything we learn the next weeks, what foods to make, what to use instead of plastic, and if we have to make our own toothpaste. If we fail, we will document this as well by saving up all plastic in a jar. Best thing of all? You can join us! Even if you just take one-day plastic free, post a picture or a story and put on the #plasticfreeRB. This way we can all inspire each other.

What's out: 

  • Single-use plastic (plastic straws, forks, knives, take-a-way boxes, dental floss, plastic wrapping, plastic bags, plastic bottles or teabags made of plastic or containing plastic)

  • Plastic wrapped around food, except if we leave the plastic in the food store to raise awareness (this will be the most challenging one!)

  • Lunch boxes made of plastic

  • Small zip-lock plastic bags

  • New cosmetics containing or sold in plastic

  • New toothpaste containing or sold in plastic

  • Plastic toothbrushes

  • Buying clothes or shoes containing plastic

What's in:

  • Driving a car, but ONLY if we are going far and we are more people driving together (microplastic from car tires is actually the biggest source of microplastic in the ocean today - Elon Musk can't you fix this?)

  • Using shampoo, toothpaste and other cosmetics that we already own until it runs out. It would not be environment-friendly to throw it all out.

  • Our iPhones

  • Large items like the fridge, blender, spatulas

  • Plastic and containers on food we already have at home (for example frozen berries in the freezer bought before February)

  • Clothing we own from before even if it contains microplastic

  • Recycle every plastic bottle we see or find

  • Complete at least one #beachcleanup during February



  • Some types of plastic are not good for our health or the fish and other animals either ingesting or getting tangled in plastic. We have written a longer article about this and will share more info along the road. For those interested, this is an amazing article

  • If everyone continues to use plastic like we do it today, we will actually have more plastic than fish in the ocean, by weight, by 2050

  • More than 8 million tonnes of plastics end up in the ocean each year (which is equivalent to dumping one garbage truck in the ocean per minute). Experts say most of this is packing.

  • By 2050, 99% of seabirds will have ingested plastic according to UNEP

  • If a plastic bottle ends up in the ocean it will take up to 450 years before it completely breaks down


Our goal? 

  • To make it easy and normal to use as little plastic as possible in our everyday lives

  • To be healthy and happy without plastic in our bodies

  • That every café and restaurant in Norway recycles plastic (hello Joe & The Juice)

  • That plastic bags either become illegal (as in France and Rwanda) or more costly

  • That food stores change from having "price wars" and "lowest price possible" to being concerned with the environment and health of people buying their food

  • That fruit, vegetables, and other bulk items can be bought in paper bags in the store, instead of plastic

  • Ultimately, that future generations are able to swim with fish and sea animals ;)

Let's go #plasticfreeRB