Norway roadtrip🇳🇴

This summer I (Anette) had a roadtrip with my friends to the West coast of Norway. There are so many cool places to visit, and almost every where you look there is a magical scenery with fjords and big beautiful mountains. A lot of you have been asking for inspiration to take a little road trip in Norway so I thought I would tell you about mine.

Swimming in lovatnet

Swimming in lovatnet

The first night we went to Stryn which is about 7 hours from Oslo. Probably a bit shorter if you don’t stop all the time like we did. It was raining the first night so we decided to rent a small cabin instead of putting up the tent. It was not a very nice cabin so we packed up really fast the next day and headed to Lovatnet.


We spent a day on the lake and hiked up a mountain called “Skåla” which made my ass hurt. It’s a really good hike, and very steep.

Then we drove to Åheim where my friends family is from. We spent one night here and the next morning we were set on hiking Hornelen which is Europes highest sea cliff! The hike is around 8-10 hours long and had an incredible view. When we were done hiking we were super hungry and took the ferry to Måløy and then drove from there to Refvikstanda, which is Norways most beautiful beach. I can really say why they mean that! The sand is white and the ocean is turquoise. We set up our tent on the beach and we were super lucky with the weather.

From there we drove back to Åheim to back our bags, and then we headed to Sandane, Sogndal and Hemsedal. On the way we say plenty of glaciers, goats in the middle of the road and ate vegan ice creams and took an electrical ferry!

I was dropped of in Hemsedal where I was going to do some yoga before going back to Oslo.

Eating plant based on a road trip is definetly much easier now than it was just two years ago. Now almost all stores all over the country sell vegan burgers, cheese and bread, and of course lots of fresh fruit for the trip. I brought some gluten free bread with me (i’m allergic) and vegan chocolate from Berit Nordstand, I also brought some Go Vegan cheese and some celery burgers from Rema 1000/Grønne folk which was really smart.



I hope this gave you some inspiration to visit Norway! It was definitely nice to have a vacation without flying, because I know i’m going to fly a bit this year.