Vegan spreads - what to put on your bread

who loves avocado toast?

who loves avocado toast?

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Hope you are having a super bright and warm end of summer (can’t believe its end of summer already??), and that you have recharged for fall and everything you have going on.

I thought I would share some ideas for plant based spreads as many of you have asked specifically about this. I think it’s quite a Norwegian thing to eat bread or bread rolls with different spreads, and this is pretty much what we’ve grown up with eating for breakfast/lunch or a snack.

Have you tried our vegan and gluten-free bread recipe yet?

The first tip is a classic, and I haven’t met anyone yet who doesn’t love a great avocado toast. To make it extra good, heat up the bread and sprinkle it with sea salt, chili and sesame seeds.

This one from Oslo Raw café - one of our favorites in Oslo.

Go vegan by synnøve & breddbar vegetarisk

Go vegan by synnøve & breddbar vegetarisk

Another delicious spread is the vegan cheese Go Vegan by Synnøve. It’s based on coconut oil, and is soy and palm oil free. It also has added B12, which is necessary for vegans. You can find it at Kiwi, Meny, Joker, Spar and Bunnpris (and some Rema 1000 stores).

We’ve also tried the Breddbar Vegetarisk from Pastejköket which we bought in Sweden. Its supposed to taste like the classic liver paté, but it’s made of peas and mushrooms instead of liver.


Another option is the Vegan Deli Natural “ham” from Fit Food. This one is also from Sweden, and is supposed to be like a bologna sausage.


If you haven’t tried it yet - homemade Nutella is a winner! We have a recipe here.


Okay this may not be the prettiest, but that’s not the point anyways :)) The white cream cheese is another delight from Synnøve - Go Vegan.

Other options we love are:

  • Jam

  • Nut butters like peanut butter and almond butter

  • Tofu scramble

  • Tomato, cucumber and herbs

  • Banana and vegan mayo

  • Banana and maple syrup

It’s so fun seeing so many new options popping up in the grocery stores all around. I’m guessing Norway is a bit behind compared to many other countries, but we are getting there! Hope you enjoyed this post.