Tiny house dream

How would it be to live in a house you can move around from location to location, just storing what’s necessary and but still has the comfort of a real house?

This past week end, Anette went on a tiny house safari with some friends, to see how it is to live this way! We took the boat over to Nesodden, just 20 minutes from Aker Brygge in Oslo and then a bus before we arrived. Troels and Mari actually built their own home and you can read more about the process here. They had built two huses which they places next to each other, renting land from a friend. They also had a beautiful garden and a very social hen running around wanting to cuddle with everyone.

If you don’t have the skills to build your own house, there are different companies that can do it for you such as this one, or you can buy used ones online. If you want to have your tiny house somewhere in Norway for over a 2 year period you have to apply for permission, but other than that you can place them on private property without any applications. It’s also very important (or it always is) to use eco-friendly products when you live in a micro house because when you shower or do the dishes you flush everything back into the soil and nature.


Settling for tiny houses instead of big houses has become a new lifestyle that many people choose. Some of the benefits include:

  • Lower expenses than living in a big house in the city

  • Freedom of movement - you can move your home around (although it takes some time to organize everything)

  • Less things! Meaning more time to do better things that organizing

  • Easier to clean and maintain

  • Lower energy use

  • Much more environmentally friendly than a big house

People around the world are moving into tiny houses and it’s just very inspiring to see that there are so many different ways to live.