The ultimate greenie-guide to Oslo!

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have noticed that we have been running around Oslo lately testing out different cafés, restaurants, and other spots. Together with the coolest Instagram account @oslotips we decided to show you the best eco-friendly places in Oslo. It was a long process, we actually started out with over 50 places and narrowed down the list to our top seven favorites. We wanted to include food, activities, and shops, and in order to really give great recommendations, we also tested out every place, which even involved one of us ending up with red hair (be sure this place is NOT on the list).

What is a green place?

So what is a green place? In order to make our list, the chosen place has to contribute to making Oslo more sustainable. This could be by offering vegan or vegetarian food options, using products without chemicals and toxins or microplastic, or offering the possibility to shop zero-waste style. Compared to our neighboring countries Sweeden and Denmark, Oslo may be a little bit behind, but every day more and more places are popping up! High five.

So here we present our ultimate guide to Oslo

1. Liebling


Liebling is a really cool café located at Grünerløkka in Oslo. With inspiration from Berlin, the place has a hip and cozy vibe with great lighting and lots of cool merch. More importantly, the menu is what made us chose Liebling as a greenie in Oslo. Here you can find everything you could wish for in the plant-based world from turmeric and beetroot lattes to acaí bowls and glutenfree bread with avocado and beet hummus. If you wanna go even greener, make sure to ask which of the ingredients are locally sourced. Oh, when you are there be sure to try the raw cakes from Oslo Raw.

2. Mølleren Sylvia

Mølleren Sylvia is one of the best food stores in Oslo, selling everything from bulk items to chemical free shampoo and conditioner. They are very transparent about the suppliers they use, and they support local and organic farmers. They also import from other places in Europe, as it is hard for a store to base their items on only local things in Norway during the winter. Bring your own jars and check them out! Did you know that bringing home food in glass jars actually makes it healthier as well? It's a perfect way to detox yourself and the environment.

3. Robot Oslo


So you may or may not know this, but the way we produce clothes today is not awesome for our planet. This especially goes for fast-fashion where some brands have around 20-30 collections per year, and just throw out the rest when it's "out" of season. For this reason, we think it's cool that Oslo has some great second-hand stores. Robot Oslo is the ultimate place to spend some quality time, finding treasures to wear on a Saturday night. They have super cool overalls, sweaters, jeans, and accessories, and the owner is a true environmentalista!

4. Nøtteblanderen


Nøtteblanderen is another hidden treasure in Oslo that took us by surprise. It was Sigurd behind @oslotips who recommended this place. Nøtteblanderen sells organic and non-organic nuts, dried fruit, dates and other snacks in bulk. All of their products are fresh and the owners are so knowledgeable about their suppliers and where the food comes from, and everything tastes amazing.

5. amnt


Finding a GOOD green hairdresser is harder than you think. The selection is not so big in Oslo, and we failed miserably on our first try. As we mentioned in the introduction one of us got red hair and the other one a terrible cut. Sometimes you fail in order to truly hit jackpot. That's what we did with amnt. amnt is located in Vibes gate right by Bogstadveien, one of Oslo's main shopping streets. The girls working here have great taste. The owner is very engaged in health and in the environment and has chosen to use chemical free products that are not tested on animals.

6. Fjong


Fjong is an excellent new concept in Oslo, where you can both rent and rent out your clothes and bags, which in turn gives you a greener and more exciting wardrobe on a lower budget. You can find brands such as Reformation, Chanel, Gucci and byTiMo there, plus a lot more. It's really worth a visit to their showroom at Skillebekk in Oslo.

7. Tunco

The last place on our list is Tunco. This is a restaurant at St. Hanshaugen in Oslo started by three friends that share a passion for food, sustainability, traveling and the environment. From these shared passions, they have been able to make a really cool restaurant concept. When you eat at Tunco you also give away a meal to a child in need in Kenya through the program #mealformeal. It's so beautiful and it's very inspiring to see a restaurant take social responsibility in addition to serving high-quality food.We hope you feel inspired to use your consumer power to change the world, and give it a second thought every time you make a choice to suppert something <3