The Game Changers is out on digital!

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Yesterday I went to see The Game Changers at the movies, a movie that I’ve been excited to see ever since their very first promotion of it in January 2018! That’s a long wait haha. So my expectations where pretty high. And wow, it delivered guys.

Pro athletes turned vegan and boosted their strength and endurance

In the movie we are following the elite special soldiers trainer and Ultimate Fighter James Wilks on his journey in recovering from a knee injury. He is looking for the fastest and most optimal way to recover and heal his body, and stumbles upon the plant based diet. He begins searching for athletes who follow a vegan diet, and finds what seems to be a gold mine.


James Wilks starts digging into the lifestyle of vegan food through meeting pro athletes, doctors, scientists and bodybuilders. In the movie we meet people like Arnold Schwarsnegger (bodybuilder, actor, mayor), Lewis Hamilton (five-time formula one world champion), Morgan Mitchell (two time Australian 400-meter running champion), Patrik Baboumian (world record-holding strongman), Scott Jurek (record-holding ultramarathon runner), Mischa Janiec (professional bodybuilder) and Tia Blanco (professional surfer) who ALL follow a vegan diet, and have seen huge benefits from it.

For those interested in the details, you can read more of the health and nutritional benefits (especially linked to sports) of a plant-based diet here.

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We all need to see this

Whether you’re a plant sceptic, a plant lover or in between, this is a great movie to watch. if you have someone in your life suffering from different health conditions, invite them over for a movie night that might change their lives.


The great news - the movie is out on digital now!

Finally, after a period of exclusive one-day screenings in different cinemas (which was hard to catch for many), Game Changers is out on digital (iTunes, Google Play and Vimeo). FIND THE MOVIE HERE.

Have you seen it already? What did you think? Would love to hear your take on it!

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