The Amazon is burning 😭

As you’ve probably noticed, we are very engaged in spreading the word about getting more plants into our diet. Not only for the sake of our own health, but for the planet, the animals and our environment.

Right now the conditions of the Amazon are at its worst. The world’s largest rainforest is being burnt down by cattle farmers in order to produce a huge amount of meet for peoples consumption. The amount of fires in the rainforest are at a record high this year, at a 83% increase from last year.

As we have written in our book, Jordnært, 70% of the deforestation of the amazon is caused by the meet production.


So what is the link between burning the Amazon and meat consumption?

The meat and dairy industry, as it is today, is not sustainable. The process is incredibly heavy on our earths resources, and the food industry today stands for 30% of the total global greenhouse gas emissions. Livestock, which is raising animals in order to produce products such as milk, meat and eggs, accounts for about half of that. A lot comes from methane emissions from the animals’ digestion, but the largest part comes from growing feed for the animals. The feed that we grow the most of is soy. In order to produce extreme amounts of soy, the rainforest is being cut and burnt down, also known as deforestation.

What can we do?

As Brinkley Davies said - “it’s not only the animal you’re eating that you’re killing, it’s everything”.

  • Cut down on your consumption of animal products - meat, dairy, eggs ++

  • Donate to organizations that you trust. In Norway we recommend Regnskogfondet, who we have had a close collaboration with, and who we trust. You can become a guardian of the rainforest on their website.

  • Watch documentaries like Cowspiracy on Netflix

  • Raise your voice on social media - no matter how big or small your account is. #prayforamazonia #amazonrainforest

When I lived in Brazil a few years ago, I was lucky enough to experience the amazing Amazon rainforest, and I actually saw huge areas of burnt trees and dry lands with my own eyes. That day I decided that each day was a new opportunity for me to inspire others to engage themselves in this important matter.

We really hope you are in with us on this one 💙

Awesome Things Yoga Teaches Us About Honouring Mother Earth

As a yogi, there are certain things that we should honor. We should be gentler first with ourselves and then to others. Yoga is not just about going into poses to become stronger and more flexible. While the practice does offer that to you, it also asks that we give back to our community and the earth. Part of the eight limbs of yoga includes many aspects of being conscious about the outside world we live in. We can often become very stuck just being in our heads. The world needs your help, and you are connected to it. It’s important to feel that and to help in the ways you can.

There are many beautiful ways that yoga can teach us about honoring mother earth. It starts from within.


Being Aware of Self

Yoga opens you up to the awareness of self. When you can learn to pay attention to your feelings and physical manifestations, you will also become aware of other things. If it upsets you to see garbage in the park, you can acknowledge why that upsets you. Someone has been deeply disrespectful to other people and also to nature. When you find out why that bothers you so much, you may come to realize how much the pristine nature that surrounds you actually means to you. Getting deep into the heart of things will help you do the right things in life. You’ll start to take action because you stand behind the feelings you identify.

Being Aware of the Energy that Surrounds You

When you’re inside of your mind all of the time, you don’t see what’s happening around you. Once you find that self-awareness, which is something a yoga class should help you with, you’ll want to look outside of yourself. You’ll begin to feel the connectedness that exists within every living thing. That includes the houseplant, a tree, other people around you, and a body of water. Awareness is the first step towards action. Once you are willing to open up to people and things that surround you, you’ll be more prone to care about those things.

The Reference of Nature in Yoga Classes

Many yoga teachers will theme their classes around nature. There are even many poses that mimic animals, mountains, the sun, and the moon. If you’re doing yoga classes regularly, you may begin to see nature in a new way. Perhaps seeing and acknowledging how precious it is. Appreciating a waterfall, a lake, or a creek a little more may promote an inner desire to preserve those things you love in nature.


The Yamas of Yoga

The Yamas of yoga is our outer environment and how we deal with it. They are the universal vows that include our actions, words, and thoughts. There are a few of the Yamas that indirectly tell us we should be kinder to all living things. Here are a few.

Ahimsa is non-violence. This includes physical, mental, or emotional violence to yourself or someone else. The Buddhist practice of compassion can be used to help create non-violence in life. You can be unkind to people and all the earth in many ways. It’s all about being compassionate.

Aparigraha (non-coveting)

There are many things we may want to take from nature. If you look at the reasons we go to a zoo, for example, we love an animal so much we want to see them. This comes at the cost of their freedom. It’s not the right way, and we must become conscious of not coveting things. When we are all willing to do this, there won’t be animals in captivity for our viewing pleasure. Even the simplest things like a bouquet are coveting something from nature. Yes, others do it too so the rose will be cut from the stem regardless. There is a wisdom in all of us; however, that knows, there is power in just one person who decides to make a difference. By cultivating the act of not coveting things, you give people the freedom to do so also.

Yoga Teaches Us to Do No Harm

One of the eight limbs of yoga is to do no harm. This is why Buddhist monks won’t even kill a mosquito or ants that have infiltrated their sleeping quartered. If you follow the teachings of this ancient practice, it’s essential that you don’t harm other living things. This is everything. This is the amount of water you use, how much you drive, what kind of car you drive, how you purchase (is there a lot of plastic on your purchase?). Being aware of what is going to harm the environment is an essential aspect of yoga, which will likely be talked about at one point or another.

Yoga is a beautiful practice for you to do. It is also a lifestyle that exists beyond the mat. Being conscious about how you treat mother earth will come up within the community. It is a large part of yoga since it’s inception into the world so many thousands of years ago. As you become more aware of yourself and the world around you, you’ll begin to see how you can help mother earth.


Guest post by Meera Watts

Meera Watts is a yoga teacher, entrepreneur and mom. Her writing on yoga and holistic health has appeared in Elephant Journal, CureJoy, FunTimesGuide, OMtimes and others. She’s also the founder and owner of Siddhi Yoga International a Singapore based company organzing yoga teacher training retreats worldwide. Meera is also among top 20 Yoga bloggers in the world as per Thoroughly Reviewed.

Plan your best 2018

Vi elsker å planlegge, notere, lage lister, skrive ned idéer og sanke tips. Én ting er å skrible på notater på iPhonen, men lite er koseligere enn å skrive i en fysisk planlegger eller dagbok. Hvor deilig er det ikke å sette av litt tid på søndagskvelden til å lage en hjemmelaget ansiktsmaske, helle noe varmt i koppen og massere inn litt kokosolje i håret imens du planlegger den kommende uken eller skriver ned det som opptar tankevirksomheten din.

Vi ønsker å tipse dere om noen nydelige notatbøker og dagplanleggere som du kan bruke for å gjøre 2018 til ditt beste år. Helt tilfeldigvis (blunk blunk) er noen disse også produsert på en måte som er snill mot naturen, ved å bruke resirkulert papir og materialer uten sterke kjemikalier. De to siste har fokus på hvordan man kan utvikle seg til å bli er mer motivert og inspirert menneske, og hvis ikke det er bra for jorda så vet ikke vi.

1. Her kan du skreddersy din notatbok eller planlegger, slik at du kan få den helt etter din smak. Den er håndlaget av resirkulert papir, og med blekk som ikke er skadelig for miljøet.

2. For de som liker å drømme seg bort - her er den nydeligste blå månenotatboken som er håndinnbundet med økologisk bommull.

3. Eller hva med en notatbok med stjernebilder på?

4. Denne nydelige, enkle dagplanleggeren er håndinnbundet, laget av resirkulert papir og finnes i flere farger

5. For de som liker enda mer struktur og fokus på helse og velvære anbefaler vi the Daily Wellness Journal. Du finner den også i bokhandelen.

6. Dagplanleggeren fra Paulo Coelho har lenge vært en favoritt, og du får din dose med spirituell inspirasjon og masse koselige sitater!

Grønt nuss!

Happy green year!

Det beste med et nytt år er at det gir oss et hav av muligheter til å fornye oss selv. Vi har lyst til å gi dere massevis av grønn inspirasjon som vil gjøre 2018 til et helt fantastisk år. Ta frem blanke ark, for her skal det noteres supre idéer!

Kanskje du lurer på hvorfor akkurat du skal gjøre noe, og om du vil utgjøre en forskjell? Ved å gjøre noen få endringer i hverdagen kan du ha en positiv påvirkning på miljøet og helsen din. Din innsats vil definitiv inspirere de rundt deg, og ikke minst gi deg følelsen av å være et lykkeligere og mer motivert menneske!

Her er noen enkle tips til dere for et grønnere og bedre 2018: 

1) Bruk naturen Ganske sikkert vil enhver fjellgeit eller surfer være miljøengasjert, nettopp fordi de tilbringer så mye tid i naturen. Det føles alltid godt å gi tilbake etter man har lånt av naturens goder, for eksempel gjennom å ta en strandrydding eller plukke søppel i fjellet.

2) Miljøvennlige klær – øko, vintage & god kvalitetVi er stadig på leting etter klær som er produsert på en miljøvennlig måte, slik som økologiske materialer, da dette har stor innflytelse på bruken av ressurser som vann i produksjonen. Det er også lurt å velge plagg av god kvalitet som varer lenge. Second-hand shopping er en annen super måte å spare miljøet på – og hvorfor ikke ta en titt i bestemors klesskap?

3) Spis mer grøntStore deler av vårt miljøavtrykk kommer fra maten vi spiser, og vi kan hjelpe både oss selv og jorda med noen enkle grep: spis mer grønt, mindre kjøtt og ta med deg rester til lunsj!