The Game Changers is out on digital!

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Yesterday I went to see The Game Changers at the movies, a movie that I’ve been excited to see ever since their very first promotion of it in January 2018! That’s a long wait haha. So my expectations where pretty high. And wow, it delivered guys.

Pro athletes turned vegan and boosted their strength and endurance

In the movie we are following the elite special soldiers trainer and Ultimate Fighter James Wilks on his journey in recovering from a knee injury. He is looking for the fastest and most optimal way to recover and heal his body, and stumbles upon the plant based diet. He begins searching for athletes who follow a vegan diet, and finds what seems to be a gold mine.


James Wilks starts digging into the lifestyle of vegan food through meeting pro athletes, doctors, scientists and bodybuilders. In the movie we meet people like Arnold Schwarsnegger (bodybuilder, actor, mayor), Lewis Hamilton (five-time formula one world champion), Morgan Mitchell (two time Australian 400-meter running champion), Patrik Baboumian (world record-holding strongman), Scott Jurek (record-holding ultramarathon runner), Mischa Janiec (professional bodybuilder) and Tia Blanco (professional surfer) who ALL follow a vegan diet, and have seen huge benefits from it.

For those interested in the details, you can read more of the health and nutritional benefits (especially linked to sports) of a plant-based diet here.

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We all need to see this

Whether you’re a plant sceptic, a plant lover or in between, this is a great movie to watch. if you have someone in your life suffering from different health conditions, invite them over for a movie night that might change their lives.


The great news - the movie is out on digital now!

Finally, after a period of exclusive one-day screenings in different cinemas (which was hard to catch for many), Game Changers is out on digital (iTunes, Google Play and Vimeo). FIND THE MOVIE HERE.

Have you seen it already? What did you think? Would love to hear your take on it!

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Heal your digestion with Medical Medium

For a bit over a year ago, I was seeking information to help with my health problems which made me incredibly miserable at the time. I had to cancel social events all the time, had no energy to do what made me happy and felt like nothing could ever make it better. I was struggling with my digestion, sinus problems, anxiety, lack of different vitamins and just felt really far from myself. None of what I had tried before had really made a big difference, so I was desperate for anything that could change my wellbeing.

If you haven’t heard of the Medical Medium (or Anthony Williams which his name really is), you probably will very soon. He is known to be able to receive direct information from what he calls “spirit”, which is a voice from a higher source that explains him what conditions different people suffer from, and what is going on inside their bodies. He has been a medium ever since he was a kid and was able to correctly diagnose his grandmother with a serious illness before the doctors or anyone knew. He explains why so many people today suffer from mystery symptoms and illnesses which don’t really have any explanation, why we are getting more sensitive to different kinds of foods, and that a lot of it is caused by the Epstein Barr virus. A few years ago I had mononucleosis, an infection that is caused by exactly this virus. Putting the pieces together, I finally understand that this is when my health started deteriorating.


When I started reading his first book, Medical Medium, I was a bit sceptical. How can we know that this guy is trustworthy, and is it just another health trend? I read the whole book in a few days, and was intrigued but still skeptical, being a person who always searches for fact-based and statistically backed information. With time and trying out his advice, I understood how and why his methods and tips really make sense. Among his supporters are Pharrell Williams, Sylvester Stallone, Miranda Kerr, Robert DeNiro, Liv Tyler, and Gwyneth Paltrow, and doctors such as Christians Northrup.

To not make this the longest post ever, I will give you some tips that I have picked up from Medical Medium, that have really changed my life!


Celery juice

The first, and probably most profound tip he gives is drinking 16 ounces (4-5 dl) of pure celery juice every morning on an empty stomach. The celery should preferably be organic but regular celery is better than nothing (just rinse it well). This simple but effective technique is known to help give you clearer skin, improved digestion, less bloating, sustained energy, better mental clarity, weight loss, and stable moods, just to name a few! Following Medical Medium on Instagram (as 1.9 million people do), you will see that people are healing from all kinds of illnesses, including Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, eczema, psoriasis, acne, SIBO, constipation, chronic fatigue syndrome, blood sugar issues, migraines, acid reflux, high blood pressure, addictions, adrenal issues, gout, allergies, autoimmune conditions, and countless others, from drinking plain celery juice daily!

Read more about this here.


Cutting down on fat

He explains that a high-fat diet can be very harmful, which is contradictory to lots of the high-fat diets going around with people putting oil in their coffee and nut butter on every smoothie (which I used to do). He explains that diets high in fat and protein and low on carbs and fruit are lacking water. If you lose weight on such a diet, it’s actually you losing water. You might be dehydrating yourself, thickening the fat of your blood and starving the brain of glucose it needs from fruits and carbs to function well. Your liver also needs water to cleanse and, and the high-fat and protein diet prevents this. The liver also needs oxygen and water to take in nutrients (vitamins, minerals, phytochemical and antioxidants).

He therefore recommends people, either the protein and fat is vegan (like nuts, soy, oils) or non-vegan (like chicken, cheese, eggs, milk) to cut down on fat to maintain a healthy liver and brain.

Read more about this here.


Don’t fear the fruit

I have to admit I had quite the fruit fear myself. I felt like I would get bloated by eating a small apple, and fruit quickly became something I cut drastically down on once my digestion started getting troubled. That’s very ironic to me now, once I’ve learned HOW to eat fruit (yes, there are some ways to digest fruit better) <3.

Fruit was originally looked upon as our most healing foods, but something has changed the past years. There have been numerous articles on how fruit contains too much sugar, and the high-fat and protein diet trend has taken over. So people have been told to reduce fruit order to keep your weight and stay healthy. Fruit are actually the most important food to eat when healing from disease. Not only do fruits prevent illness, they slow aging, kill off pathogens, and heal our bodies on a cellular level.

Read more about this here.

How to eat fruit better:

  • Main advice: Eat fruit by themselves or before a meal. They digest more quickly than other food so don’t eat them at the end of meals.

  • Melons should be eaten alone. They digest quicker than all other fruits.

  • Sweet Fruit: This includes low water content fruits like bananas, dates, custard apples and all dried fruit etc. They are best mixed with sub-acid fruits. The exception to this rule is melons because they digest very quickly and always need to be eaten alone.

  • Sub-acid Fruit: This includes semi-sweet fruits like mangoes, papayas, berries, apples, pears etc. They are best mixed with sweet fruit and acid fruit.

  • Acid Fruit: These are the more sour fruits like lemons, limes, grapefruit, oranges, pineapples etc. They are best mixed with sub-acid fruit and fats.


Heavy metal detox smoothie

This smoothie (which actually is really good) is perfectly designed to include 5 key ingredients that work together to pull heavy metals like mercury, lead, aluminum, nickel, copper, and cadmium out of your organs where they accumulate. Medical Medium explains that “heavy metals can be responsible for countless disorders and symptoms including Alzheimer’s, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, autism, bipolar disorder, numbness, tics, spasms, hot flashes, heart palpitations, hair loss, brittle nails, memory loss, insomnia, fatigue, migraines, and depression. These liver troublemakers are virtually everywhere. They are present in things we come in contact with every day, such as aluminum cans, batteries, metal cookware, pesticides and herbicides, old paint, and even the foods we eat.”


  • 2 bananas

  • 2 cups wild blueberries (I buy organic blueberries from Kolonihagen)

  • 1 cup cilantro

  • 1 cup orange juice

  • 1 tsp barley grass juice powder (I use this from Piura)

  • 1 tsp spirulina (I use this from Supernature, but Medical Medium recommends Hawaiian spirulina)

  • 1 small handful of Atlantic dulse (I use this from Northern Company)

To get barley grass, spirulina and wild blueberry powder all together you can check out this package!


I can honestly say that this guy, even though it sounds pretty crazy where he gets the information from, has truly saved my health. If you are interested in learning more, check out these resources:


Drop a comment if you have any questions about the information or where to get any of the ingredients! <3

Book recommendation - The New Health Rules

We highly recommend this book by Dr. Frank Lipman about how to take care of your health, soul, life and diet. It is filled with beautiful images and inspiration, and gives you short and sweet tips on how to live a richer life. Dr. Lipman says that it has never been easier to be healthy, and that it's not about dieting or restricting yourself. It is about eating better, moving smarter, boosting your energi and the art of living a happy life.Denne boken anbefales på det varmeste. Det er en enkel, lettlest, delikat og elegant bok som forklarer hvordan man kan oppgradere kosten, helsen, sinnet og livet. Det er lite tekst, mye bilder og mye inspirasjon. Bildene er så fine at man får lyst til å hoppe inn og bo i den. Ifølge Dr. Lipman har det aldri vært lettere å være sunn. Og å være sunn er altså ikke hvordan å følge restriksjoner eller å følge en diett. Det er hvordan å spise bedre, bevege seg smart, booste energien, restituere, og kunsten å leve.the new health rules

Dr. Lipman's advice

  1. Don't multitask, solotask. Feel the pleasure of doing just what you are doing right now.
  2. Avoid using antibacterial soaps and strong products on your body.
  3. Be kind. To yourself and others.
  4. Surround yourself with people you love who makes you feel safe.
  5. Eat the good fat, especially in the morning.
  6. Milk, gluten and sugar gives you bad skin, troubled stomach and confuses your hormones.

Dr. Lipmans råd

  1. Solo-task ikke multi-task. Kjenn gleden av å gjøre akkurat det du holder på med og kun det.
  2. Ikke bruk antibakterielle såper eller smør sterke produkter på kroppen din.
  3. Vær snill. Mot deg selv og andre
  4. Omring deg med folk som du er glad i og som får deg til å føle deg trygg.
  5. Spis det gode fettet, helst om morgenen (avokado og rå nøtter)
  6. Melk, gluten og sukker gir deg dårlig hud, dårlig mage og forvirrer hormonene dine. Du har det absolutt best uten.

the new health rules avokado Get the book here.Finn boken her.

Eat more raw chocolate

Most of us have good associations with chocolate. It's a really good thing to enjoy with friends. Or just by yourself. Luckily, eating healthier doesn't have to mean giving up chocolate. If you choose the right one, it can actually really benefit your health. The difference between the "good" and the "regular" types are the ingredients and how it has been produced. "Regular" chocolate contains milk or milk powder, refined sugar and often lots of additives.
//De aller fleste har gode assosiasjoner til sjokolade. Det er skikkelig hyggelig å spise det sammen med andre. Og alene. Heldigvis behøver man ikke å gi opp sjokolade for alltid selv om man vil spise litt bedre. Verdens beste nyhet er at sjokolade på den riktige måten har vist seg å gi mange helsefordeler. Ofte har man hørt at sjokolade kan være sunt i små mengder, men da bør man se nærmere på hva slags sjokolade dette gjelder! Forskjellen på "vanlig" og rå sjokolade er innholdet og måten den har blitt behandlet på. "Vanlig" sjokolade inneholder melk eller melkepulver, raffinert sukker og gjerne en lang liste uvisse ingredienser og aromaer.
What is raw cacao?
Cacao is called raw when it's not been heated above 41 degrees. All the nutrition is still intact, which is why this is more beneficial for us. Raw cacao is one of nature's strongest antioxidants.
  • Raw cacao mass (that we can make our own chocolate from) is cacao beans pressed at a really low temperature. The cacao butter is not separated, as it is in raw cacao powder. This means that cacao mass is a little less bitter than cacao powder.
  • Raw cacao powder is what's left when you separate cacao butter fra cacao beans, and pulverise it.

How do you use it?Raw cacao can be used to make a good cup of hot chocolate, brownies, see our recipe (here), homemade chocolate, chocolate mousse, in granola, in smoothies, milkshakes, chocolate chia porridge, etc. You can also use it in cooking such as for adding extra flavour to chili con (or sin) carne. For more inspiration, see more recipes here.

//Hva er rå kakao?

Kakaoen kalles  når den ikke har blitt varmet opp over 41 grader. Alle næringsstoffene er fortsatt intakt, og det er derfor denne typen sjokolade er bedre for oss. Rå kakao er en av de sterkeste antioksidantene vi finner i naturen!

  • Rå kakaomasse (som man kan lage egen sjokolade/kakao av) er kakaobønner som er presset på veldig lav varme. Her er ikke kakaosmøret skilt ut, slik det er i rått kakaopulverDette betyr at kakaomasse smaker litt mindre bittert enn kakaopulver.
  • Rått kakaopulver er det som blir igjen når du skiller kakaosmør fra kakaobønner, og pulveriserer dette.

Hvordan bruker man det?Rå kakao kan brukes til å lage en god kopp kakao, brownies (se video eller vår oppskrift her), hjemmelaget sjokolade, sjokolademousse, blandes i muesli, i smoothies, milkshake, sjokoladechiagrøt, trøfler etc. Kakaomasse/pulver kan også brukes i matretter som f eks chili con(sin) carne for å gi en ekstra god smak. For mer inspirasjon, se flere oppskrifter her. SONY DSCDid you know that raw cacao:

  • Contains more antioxidants than blueberries and wine?
  • Contains up to 7 times more antioxidants than "regular" dark chocolate?
  • Is the food with highest level of magnesium of all foods, and that this mineral is nr. 1 for a good heart function?
  • Contains a substance that we also release when we're in love (PEA)?

 Visste du at rå kakao:

  • Har høyere innhold av antioksidanter enn både blåbær og vin?
  • Inneholder opptil 7 ganger mer antioksitantenheter enn en typisk vanlig mørk sjokolade?
  • Er maten med høyest innhold av magnesium av alle vanlige matvarer, og at dette er mineral nr. 1 for en god hjertefunksjon?
  • Inneholder et adrenalinlignende stoff (PEA) som frigjøres når vi er forelsket?
  • Har innhold av aminosyren tryptofan som kan gjøre at man sover bedre?

Ikke dårlig for å være noe så digg! SONY DSCSONY DSC

Balance your pH level to boost your health

Today we're gonna catch up on a little something we learned in middle school. Most of us probably already forgot these juicy facts, but it's never too late to re-discover something useful and interesting. We are talking about pH value because a well-balanced pH level is essential to the functioning of our body!Her kommer en liten catch-up fra noe vi en gang lærte på ungdomsskolen, men kanskje glemte allerede på vei ut av klasserommet, nemlig pHverdi!

pH VALUE: pH stands for "potential of hydrogen". Technically, it's the measure of the number of hydrogen ion concentration in a specific water solution. The pH value of something describes how acidic or alkaline something is. The scale runs from 0-14, where neutrality is at 7. The higher above 7 you reach, the more basic something is, and vice versa.

pH VERDI: pH står for "potential of hydrogen". Rent teknisk er det målingen av antall hydrogeninoer i en spesifikk vannløsning. pH-verdien av noe forteller hvor syre- eller basedannende det er. Skalaen går fra 0-14, hvor noe som er nøytralt har en pH på 7. Jo høyere over 7 du kommer, jo mer basisk er det, og jo mer oksygen inneholder det (og omvendt).

What's important to know?

  • In order for the body to function at full speed, your pH level needs to be within certain boundaries. Optimally, we want to tip towards the alkaline side, with a pH of the blood around 7.365. A pH below 7 can be dangerous, as the oxygen levels are reduced, and the cell metabolism will shut down.
  • The biochemist and nutritionist Ragnar Berg and chemist Fred W. Koch paved the way for the topic of pH value. Berg's research showed that eating 7 times as much alkalizing as acidic food is the best thing to do. Koch showed that acidic diets can be a source of most diseases.
  • The biochemist and cell biologist Otto Warburg found out that the main reason for cancer is the development of acidity in the blood.
  • If we are too high on acidity, the body will try to rebalance the levels by extracting alkalizing minerals from your bones, organs, and teeth. Every once in a while this is nothing to worry about, but we don't have everlasting reserves to draw from. Eventually, this can lead to osteoporosis. Ironically, a diet high on dairy products (that many people associate with strengthening the bones) can cause this situation, as dairy is acidic.

Hva trenger vi å vite?

  • For at kroppen skal fungere i topp stand ønsker vi at blodets pH holdes innenfor visse grenser. Optimalt sett ønsker vi å helle over til den basiske siden, med en pH-verdi i blodet på ca 7.365. En pH under 7 er ekstremt farlig, da oksygennivåene minker og cellemetabolismen vil bråstoppe.
  • Biokjemiker og ernæringsfysiolog Ragnar Berg og kjemiker Fred W. Koch er blant banebryterne på dette området. Bergs forskning kom frem til at det beste for mennesker er å spise 7 ganger så mye basedannende som syredannende mat. Koch fremviste at syredannelser kunne være opphav til de aller fleste sykdommer. 
  • Otto Warburg, biokjemisk og ledende cellebiologisk, fant ut at hovedårsaken til kreft er syredannelse i kroppen. Hans arbeid omhandlet å forske på pHnivået i kreftceller sammenlignet med vanlige celler, hvor han fant at den var lavere i kreftceller.
  • Alt fra forskjølelse, dårlig hud, gikt, kronisk tretthet, IBS, svekket immunforsvar til og med kreft kan på en eller annen måte spores tilbake til et syredannende indre. En syredannende livsstil, både når det gjelder mat, sinn og bevegelse, vil gjøre at kroppen får problemer med å gjenopprette sin naturlige balanse. Slike forhold inni kroppen skaper også grobunn for dårlige bakterier og soppinnfeksjoner. 
  • Det som skjer ved overvekt av syredannende kost er at kroppen prøver å gjenopprette sin egen balanse ved å hente ut basiske mineraler fra skjellettet, organene og tennene dine. Dette kan være greit innimellom, men reservene er ikke evigvarende uten store konsekvenser. Det kan etterhvert føre til osteoporose (benskjørhet). Ironisk nok vil et kosthold fylt med melkeprodukter (som mange assosierer med å skulle styrke skjellettet) kunne føre til slike forhold i kroppen da melkeprodukter er syredannende.

What to do?

Again, it's all about balance. We want to eat 60-80% alkalizing food and 20-40% acidic food.

  • Help your body back to balance by adding more alkalizing veggies and plant-based foods, green juices, smoothies, sprouts and some types of grains.
  • Get rid of emotional stress, as stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline can cause all sorts of imbalances

If you are curious about what types of food are acidic and alkalizing, you can check out this overview. Funfact: Lemons are not acidic :-)

Hva kan man gjøre?

Det handler igjen om balanse, hvor man optimalt ønsker å spise 80-60% basedannende mat og 20-40% syredannende.

  • Hjelp kroppen tilbake til sin ønskede ph-verdi. Hvis du ikke allerede har gjettet det så kan du hjelpe deg selv på vei ved å spise mer grønne goder og annen plantemat, visse korntyper, grønne juicer og smoothies og spirer.
  • Det er også viktig å huske at emosjonelt stress vil frigjøre syredannende hormoner som kortisol og adrenalin som bare lager oppstandelse. Stress vil også gi deg sinnarynker, så den 60-årige versjon av deg selv vil takke deg hvis du bare begynner å bekjempe stressa-frøydis med en gang.

Hvis du lurer mer spesifikt på hva slags mat som er syre- og basedannende så kan du se på denne oversikten. Det er ikke sånn at en sitron er syredannende fordi den smaker surt (som jeg trodde først), så det kan være lurt å ta en titt! Vi skal skrive mer om dette senere også.Sources/Kilder:Store norske leksikon, Berg: Berg og Fred W. Koch: Carr, Crazy Sexy DietOtto Warburg: