Soba noodles with homemade pesto

An (easy) greasy pasta dish which is incredibly yummy - especially when made of the most nurturing ingredients. This pasta is made of buckwheat and the pesto is based on organic produce. It is a simple and quick meal to make, and should take about 15 minutes. As we have written in a previous post about buckwheat, there is something as amazing as pasta/noodles made of it. They are called soba noodles, and are widely used in the Japanese kitchen. The ones we have used here are 100% buckwheat, but there are a lot of different types from the brand King Soba with for example sweet potato and other vegetables. The benefit of using noodles like there in stead of "regular" refined types is that they have a low GI, about half the amount of energy and complex carbohydrates that provides long lasting energy. Buckwheat also contains a large amount of protein (ca. 15%), the amino acid lysein, calcium, magnesium and iron. It is easily digestible, which always is a plus! SAMSUNG CSCBoil water and add the amount of noodles you prefer. Add some salt in the water for extra taste. It's important to rinse the noodles well after use, as the buckwheat releases some colorants from its shell that doesn't taste very good.SAMSUNG CSCGrønn pesto (2 porsjoner):

  • 1 organic basil
  • 1 handfull pine nuts
  • Olive oil
  • Nutritional yeast (næringsgjær)
  • Herbal salt
  • Lemon
  • Opt. 1/2 clove garlic

Heat the pine nuts lightly in a pan so they release their natural oil, which makes them taste even better. Add the basil into the food processor, and run until its chopped quite well. Add the pine nuts, olive oil, nutritional yeast and some herbal salt and lemon. Run until smooth.What is nutritional yeast (næringsgjær)?Nutritional yeast is an inactive yeast, which means that it doesn't have the same properties as "regular" yeast (gjær). Nutritional yeast does though contain lot's of flavor and nutrition (ironically), including vitamin-B, folic acid, selenium, zinc and proteins. It is often fortified with vitamin-B12, which is great to add to your diet if you don't eat meat. Nutritional yeast is one of the plant based protein sources, which means that it contains all the essential amino acids that the body can't produce by itself. It has a delicious cheese like flavor and is therefore perfect to use in pesto, cashew cream, to top the popcorn with, in sauces etc. You can get it at health stores like Sunkost, Life (in Norway) or online at Kinsarvik, iherb, in Sweeden (where it's cheaper), veganstore among others.SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC

Radical Guide to Copenhagen

As experienced Copenhagen travelers, foodies, explorers and students we were very happy to be asked by to make a guide to healthy eats in the capital of Denmark. The city is overloaded with nice places to eat, but if you want to stay healthy, and possibly vegetarian, vegan, environmental friendly or just plain delicious, you need a guide to all the right places.We have listed 8 places in our guide, all of which we have tried at least one time. You can find it here!There are also a few other places that we didn't include. These are either places we recommend because we have tried it, or places we have heard of and would love to visit:

  • Vita Boost in "Torvehallerne" at Nørreport. They have a great variety of juices, smoothies and wraps. Take away only!
  • Landbageriet in Fredriksborggade. Certified organic bakery with loads of gluten free and milk free products.
  • Café N at Blågårdsgade in Nørrebro. A super cozy vegetarian brunch/lunch place which is almost always full due to its size and popularity.
  • BioMio in Vesterbro (Kødbyen/Meat packing district). Organic, cheap and good restaurant in the trendy part of Copenhagen. Focuses on sustainability through the whole value chain.

There are also two shops that are worth a visit while in Copenhagen, both of them focusing on organic, natural, environmental friendly products.

  • Pure shop. Denmarks largest organic skin care and make-up store. You could also get professional advice from cosmetologists. Located in Grønnegade in the inner city.
  • HelseminA chain of health stores that have everything from makeup and body scrubs to tea and food. Located all over town - Fredriksberg, Nørreport, Vesterport and the city centre (Pilestræde and Store Kongensgade)

Hope you like it! 

Radical veggiepizza - glutenfri

SONY DSCHvis man prøver å unngå gluten kan savnet etter pizza ofte være stort. Heldigvis har det kommet en pizzabunn som kan kan bake ut selv, fra Det Glutenfrie Verksted (som også er økologisk). Produktene deres selges på Meny, Ultra, Centra, Jacobs, Life helsekost, Helois, Spar, Røtter, og noen nettbutikker. De har også en hel mengde med andre produkter - brownies, vafler, brød, knekkebrød, muesli, cookies og boller. Pizzapakken som vi har brukt her inneholder mel til 2 pizzaer, og skal kun tilsettes 2,5 dl lunkent vann og 2 ss olje. Oppå bunnen har vi hjemmelaget tomatsaus ala mams, diverse grønnsaker og krydder - utrolig enkelt!SONY DSCPizza er en slager på lørdagskvelden. Her kommer forslag til en gluten- og melkefri variant med masse ferske grønnsaker oppå. Den kan mikses og trikses etter smak og behag.Pizza til to (med toppingforslag):

  • Pizzabunn fra Det Glutenfrie Verksted
  • Vann
  • Olje
  • Tomatsaus (se nedenfor)
  • Tomat
  • Paprika
  • Sopp
  • Oregano
  • Spinat
  • Evt. mozarella eller annen ost


  • 5-6 champinjonger
  • 2-3 gulrøtter
  • 2 stilker stangselleri
  • 1 pakke økologiske tomater
  • 1 ts sambal oelek
  • Oregano

Hakk champinong, gulrøtter og stangselleri og stek det i pannen. Ha i tomater, oregano og sambal oelek og la det putre så lenge du har tid til. Tilsett gjerne litt kanel for ekstra smak!SONY DSCPizzan stekes til den blir gyllen og sprø, og hviler på rist i noen minutter før servering.