3 green documentaries you can't miss

Fall and winter season is the perfect for snuggling up in the couch with a big cup of hot chocolate while watching cool documentaries. These three have some things in common; they’re very entertaining, they portray amazing nature and lifestyles, and they teach you loads of useful stuff about the world and the environment! Happy doc-watching.

Before the flood

Before the flood must be one of the best documentaries ever made. It's not so often you are glued to the screen all the way throughout a documentary, but this one definitely has something special. It provides you with the latest information on climate change, from different parts of the world, presented by National Geographic. And oh, it features Leonardo DiCaprio meeting amazing people such as Barack Obama and Elon Musk. What more can you ask for?! It's also pretty cool that they offset the carbon emissions made when producing the movie through a voluntary carbon tax.It is available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play amongst others.


This amazing movie inspires you to live a better life with less stuff and freeing space for more experiences, happiness, passion and time. It was made by Joshua Fields Mullburn and Ryan Nicodemus, two guys who found themselves stuck in an unhappy life where they were working 70-80 hours per week in order to afford loads of stuff that didn't make them happy. They lost control of their time and decided to take it back through the principles of minimalism. The movie shows some amazing stories of people living a minimalistic life, and you will definitely want to start decluttering your home after seeing it.It is available on Netflix, Vimeo, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. 

Blue Planet II

For those who haven't experienced documentaries narrated by David Attenborough, you are in for a pleasant surprise. This wildlife documentary series explores the oceans of the world, from the equator to the poles. You get to see the weirdest, cutest, most quirky animals that you didn't even know existed, dolphins that surf, and the tragical fate of walrus suffering from the effects of climate change. It's heartwarming from start to end and definitely worth a watch!Blue Planet II is available on different platforms in different countries, you can check the overview here.