Stay hydrated


Get that H20

Most of us have heard countless times how important it is to drink enough water and to avoid being dehydrated. Sometimes it seems impossible to keep the fluid balance in check. Nor is it so strange that it feels like this because it is actually estimated that 75% of the Western population is chronically dehydrated, according to the Medical Daily.

It is a little paradoxical to think about when we know that annual consumption of bottled water has reached a staggering 391 billion liters and that approx. 1500 plastic bottles end up in nature every second US alone.


Thus, it seems that we drink a lot, but the truth is that many of us actually don't drink in an optimal way. As with all other "products", there are different types of water of different quality. For example, experts point out that water that has been in plastic bottles over extended periods is "dead". In order for water to be absorbed at the cellular level, it needs some sodium and some glucose, also known as the correct level of electrolytes. Our body needs water like machines need oil as the body generally consists of 60% water - 75% in the muscles and 85% in the brain.Often when you feel relaxed, have a headache or the like, you think you need food, while in reality you usually need something to drink. We need water to absorb vitamins and nutrients, and water is careful to have good digestion, it cleans the liver and kidneys and carries out waste materials.

So what can you do?

  1. Have some Himalayan salt in the water. It may sound like the opposite of what you need to get hydrated, but a good salt helps you build a nice fluid balance in your body. Plain table salt is stripped of nutrition and can make you even thirsty while heavenly salt contains traces of 84 nutrients and minerals.

  2. Lemon + some spices. Boost your water with some lemon and some cayenne pepper or red chili for a cleansing effect. It is said to be Beyoncé's favorite.

  3. Let the water with crystals. Crystals are said to be able to "charge the water" as they are energy transducers and are regarded as natural water-filtrating and purifying.

  4. Have berries in the water. It simply makes the water more tempting and tasteful and increases the chance that you drink a little extra.


How do you know that you are hydrated?

A nice and easy way to observe if you have drunk enough is the well-known urine test. As long as your urine is a light, straw shade, you probably have a good fluid balance in your body.All the facts and inspiration for the article are the Medical Daily and Porter Magazine Edition 27.