One small hack that can make traveling more enjoyable ?‍♀️


Hello lovely people,Still writing to you from Tromsø, a beautiful city in the north of Norway. This morning I woke up a bit dehydrated and very tired after lot's of impressions from the day before. So I stayed true to my new routine not using the phone first thing in the morning (a lot of you have joined us on this which is so cool!), drank a liter of water and decided to do a little yoga.My tip for you guys is to try this youtube video or any of the videos that Adriene has. You don't even need a mat! I LOVE Adriene. It only took 15 minutes and it really changed my mood and wellbeing. It also helped to walk down into the hotel restaurant to find a really delicious breakfast. I am so grateful to be here! Can't believe we get to call this our job. Do you have any good morning hacks?