Small eco-friendly things you can do during a busy week!


This week was hectic, social and very fun. We thought maybe it would be interesting to see what kind of eco-friendly things we do on a weekly basis? No weeks really look the same but we tried to capture some of the moments from this one here.


Monday we had a meeting with a really cool company that we are going to work a lot with the next couple of months. Before the meeting, we both had a big smoothie. Eating vegan or vegetarian is one of the really simple, delicious and effective things we can do for the environment. Since it was pouring down with rain we took the tram instead of biking. After the meeting, we worked on our individual projects and worked out and during the evening. Susanne went to a yoga class and Anette went to a megaformer class. Anette took a little walk around the neighborhood when she came home again and brought all the glass bottles from lots of kombucha drinking to the nearest recycling station.

  • Vegan food

  • Public transport

  • Self-care

  • Recycling



Tuesday we had a workshop at the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment. It also poured down with rain (hello Norwegian weather) so we took the tram.

What they found the most of at beach cleanups across Norway in 2017: unidentifiable plastic parts, small ropes, drinking bottles, isopor, lids, plastic bags, large ropes, strings from packaging, q-tips, cigarettes

Before we went there we stopped by a small shop called Øko-hjertet where they had a sale on lots of vegan chocolate and also bought some kombucha.  If you don't drink coffee, we can really recommend kombucha as an energy drink. Susanne was wearing a wool sweater from Days Like This where it's possible to trace where the wool comes from. During the evening we had separate plans. Anette tried to make homemade cashew yogurt which turned out really delicious! Does anyone want the recipe?

  • Workshop on Marine Pollution

  • Vegan chocolate

  • Sustainably produced clothes

  • Homemade cashew yogurt



Wednesday we hosted our very first workshop at Core Balance. It was so much fun and really inspiring to hear what all the participants thought about the environment and what they thought was challenging, inspiring or motivating.  Before the event, we had a delicious dinner from Blended - raw vegan lasagne. On the way home, we stopped by Rema 1000 to buy some Oatly milk and other groceries. We put them in our tote bags which we also use as a purse when we have many things to carry around.

  • Workshop on green living

  • Raw vegan dinner

  • Tote bags for groceries


Thursday we were both a bit reduced from working late the day before. Susanne started the day with a big mug of warm Oatly milk and raw chocolate powder and a tbs of maca. It's the best and most cozy way to wake up! We had another meeting with a cool company that we are going to make some films together with and later in the evening we were both invited to the launch of Envelope1976 where we had some delicious organic wine.

  • Sustainable clothing line launch

  • Organic wine ;)



Friday we had a long meeting with our book editor. We can't wait to show you the result! Although we still have a bit left. We both used our bikes to the meeting. We had a lot of leftover veggies in the fridge and made a big soup/stew kind of meal with papadum and guacamole on the side. Delicious and a perfect way to use up everything you have in the fridge.

  • Biking

  • Large veggie soup - less food waste!



Saturday we had a talk at an event hosted by Det Nye! We used the morning to prepare and used a little time to get ready and fix our make up. We both have different kinds of vegan make up which is also a small little thing you can test out which is good not only for the environment but also animals.

  • Vegan makeup

  • Second hand clothes



Finally a day off! Anette started her day with breakfast from Oslo Raw and it was Susanne's turn to clean the apartment. She used eco-friendly cleaning products which makes the indoor environment toxic free after cleaning.

  • Eco-friendly cleaning products


Wow - what a week!