Natural non-toxic beauty products

Natural makeup is very kind to the skin and it's also very kind to the planet because it's natural and without all the chemicals and toxic additives. There are a lot of different alternatives out there and we have tried many different types over the years, and we want to share our favorites with you. We will keep adding to the list as we find new favorites!Coconut oil - a favorite in the kitchen and the bathroom! Coconut oil makes a great hair mask (just apply it and leave for 24 hours and rinse out very well, perfect after surfing). It's also a perfect makeup remover and a body moisturizer. Use any organic type.Evolve Organic Beauty Radiant glow mask with raw cacao and coconut is fantastic, a scrub and mask in one.ZAO nail polish without toxic ingredients is one of the best toxic-free nail polishes out there.Màdara purifying foam and balancing toner. The balancing toner is actually a gamechanger and leaves the skin hydrated after washing it.Dr. Organic's facial scrub with Manuka honey, especially good to scrub of surf zinc.Eco Minerals mineral foundation and mineral blush gives a nice glow and is really kind to your skin and you can refill the boxes when they go empty.The Body Shop's tea tree skin clearing foaming cleanser is really good if you get an itsy bitsy pimple.Kiehl's Cactus flower & Tibetan Ginseng hydrating mist - excellent for long flights!

Marilou BIO Eau Micellaire organic cleansing water is also another really good cleansing toner. Apply if after using a scrub and before applying moisturizer.

Rudolph Care sunscreen and sun body lotion are the best natural sunscreen products we have tried to date and they smell amazing.

Weleda birch body scrub smells fresh and leaves the skin soft and clean.
Le Baume absolution, lip, and dry skin balm is a dry lips savior!
Do you have any favorite natural beauty products? Let us know!