JOIN our 21 days detox challenge for the environment

We are doing a 21 day detox challenge for the environment right now. Every day we are sharing one small thing that you can do for the environment, and our goal is that by the end of these 21 days we will have new habits and motivation to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. We will be sharing all of the days on our Instagram account, so be sure to follow!

Foto: @mallyandthemoon

Day one and two were all about organizing the kitchen and cleaning out everything to get a overview of what food we already have! This way we won’t throw our food and it is much easier to go to the grocery store and buy exactly what we need. Day 2 we made our selves a shopping list for the week. By planning our grocery list we save time, money and the environment by not buying unnecessary items.

Hope you will join us!