Indonesian tempeh with seaweed rice

This is such a good mix of plant-based foods and flavors, with some seaweed in the mix to remind you of the ocean, yay! If you haven't tried either seaweed or tempeh before, you are in for a treat. The combo might actually be the healthiest meal ever made - you have to try it next time you find tempeh in the store!

What on earth is tempeh?

Tempeh has become super popular recently and is said to be the ultimate form of plant-based protein, as it is fermented and therefore easier on the tummy than cooked beans and chickpeas. It is traditionally made with soybeans but can be made with any type of legumes, and has been brought to the western world from Indonesia. It has a rich, nutty flavor, and a crusty delicious texture when you fry it. Apparently, you can also have it in your tacos, in salads, or as a replacement for meat in any other meal.

Fried tempeh with veggies, sauerkraut, and seaweed rice (2 portions, 35 minutes):

  • 250 grams tempeh

  • 1 cup rice (we used one mixed with lentils and seaweed from Algamar)

  • 1 cup frozen veggies (we used spiralized carrots and zucchini)

  • 1 cup sauerkraut


How to?

Start by boiling up water for the rice, and cook it according to the package instructions. Chop the tempeh up into nice bite-sized pieces, and add them to a warm pan with some oil and salt. Let them fry nicely on each side so they get a good crust before you turn them. Wok the frozen veggies, and add some salad and sauerkraut for topping it off! Yuum in the tum.