How to store fresh herbs!


We use lots of fresh herbs for almost every meal, but keeping them fresh for longer than a couple of days feels like quite a struggle. During the plastic-free month, we have been looking for alternatives to the herbs that are wrapped in plastic, and have found these nice little bouquets in fruit&veg shops across town. We have tried a few different things, and have landed on a trick to keep them fresh longer. How to keep herbs freshThe trick is to cut off the ends as soon as you get home, just as you do with certain types of flowers. Then, pop them in a glass of fresh water, and make sure that no leaves are stuck under water.As the days go by, check that there aren't any brown leaves, and if there are, remove them to keep the rest nice and fresh. New herb ideasHave you tried popping some coriander in your morning smoothie? Or what about adding some next time you make a fresh juice. Herbs have some great nutritional qualities and make a nice spice addition to most meals. We also love a strong taste of basil in a hummus.