How to reduce plastic from A-Z

It's quite crazy to think about the fact that we managed to live a whole month without using plastic in February. Although it was tough, we got some really good habits from it. Not everyone needs to go plastic-free to contribute, everyone can do something, and it's more important now than ever! Together these small acts will move mountains and we will change the world for the better (cliche 'cus it's true). Here are some of our best tips from A-Z.All of us can take small steps towards an eco-friendly lifestyle! Just imagine how much of a difference you can make during a long life.Bamboo toothbrushes are sold at the grocery store. Swap your plastic one for bamboo, because it's probably a good idea not to stick plastic in your mouth many times a day, and it's such an easy way to reduce plastic in our everyday life.Certainly, it's not all fruits and vegetables that need to be wrapped in plastic, yet they are! Always try to choose those without plastic wrapping and the demand for these will rise :)Does it even matter what I do? YES, just think of small everyday actions summarized over a month or a year. We all make such a huge difference together, and the newest climate report from the UN shows that we can't wait for the big systematic changes anymore!Essential things to remember before leaving the house: water bottle, reusable cup, and tote bag.Freshly baked goods can be bought in a paper bag or your own mini cotton bag. YUM!Green is such a pretty color! Why not fill your house with plants and learn how to take really good care of them.Homemade plant-based milk is super easy to make! Check out our recipe here.Impossible Burger is making real meaty burgers out of plants so that no cows need to go down in the making!Just remember that every act to reduce plastic, whether big or small, can inspire others to do the same!Keeping up with Radical Broccoli could be a great TV show. Where the producers at? We could talk about plastic all day.Life gets easier with good habits. Find your favorite way of reducing your footprint! Maybe it even becomes a new hobby, like brewing kombucha? Or picking one plastic item from the ground every time you see it?Microplastic from synthetic clothes goes straight into the ocean again. Out best tip: avoid synthetic materials as best as you can, don't wash your clothes more than necessary and test out this little washing bag thing called Guppy!Never forget to ask your grocery store for the things you are missing, such as paper or reusable bags for fruit and veggies.OMG the possibilities out there! Don't you feel like there is just more and more people creating cool sustainable things? Like bikinis and shoes of recycled plastic and burgers of plants and jewelry from pre-loved gems.Plastic in nature is the worst kind of plastic. Pick up some plastic next time you are out for a walk.Q-tips are one of the main things we find when we do beach cleanups because people forget to throw them in the trash instead of the toilet. Kind of gross and totally avoidable! Buy those with cardboard instead of plastic and throw them in the trash, not the toilet <3Realism is, of course, important, not all plastic is the same! We have to reduce the amount of plastic that can only be used once, and not forget that plastic is an amazing material for many things.Shopping is a lot of fun, even more so in zero-waste stores! Check out one in your neighborhood!Tea bags are actually often made with plastic which means they cannot be recycled. Yogi tea and tea in bulk are the best types for nature.Under water is the best way to get a glimpse of where the trash ends up. Maybe try diving or snorkeling?Very often when you are afraid of people judging you for being a little to passionate about something, they are most likely just getting inspired!When you see someone doing something good for themselves or the planet, compliment them.X-tremely many people watched Blue Planet II and got really inspired. Have you seen it?Young people make us so happy because they demand more from big brands than older generations! Future so bright.Zeriousley, how many cool things can you find in the ocean? Let's not make plastic one of them <3