How to embrace good vibes this fall


So it's definitely getting colder and darker in the morning, but when the sun shines it will still warm your face. This season is typically very hectic and therefore I want to focus on how we can find good vibes and gather energy. For me, it's all about creating a space where I can de-stress & relax. I love mixing new stuff with vintage, spirituality, oils, and nature in my home.

Mornings:So I created a new routine in the morning where I don't check my phone for the first hour or so. I have my alarm clock on my phone, but I just put it on flight mode so no notifications or texts appear on my screen. It's of course not possible every day, sometimes you have an early meeting or flight, but I hope to keep this routine as often as possible. Writing it down here also makes me more accountable for my actions, so thank you internet! If I have time I like to read a little bit or do something that puts me in a good mood

.Afternoon:The afternoons are so different every single day, but if I'm working from home I like to make a big pot of tea. My current favorite is Yogi tea. They are not wrapped in plastic like a lot of tea bags are, they are fully organic and compostable, and they have the cutest little messages.

Evening:I'm a sucker for working in the evening and I find it really hard to put away work. One thing that helps me sleep better if I'm a little worked up is essential oils and some good smells. I also like watching something funny or talking to a good friend that makes me laugh to shake off the serious mood. Finally, it feels good to snuggle into the best bed ever, with organic cotton bed sheets.