How life changed radically in one year!


@netternIt's so weird to think about that this time around last year we had both just resigned our jobs, packed our bags and moved to Portugal to just take some time off and figure out what we wanted to spend our time on. Synchronically, we both needed an extremely big change and knew we needed to do something that gave us more meaning and where we could be creative and feel free! Just as a little hobby we started posting photos on our Instagram account again and documented the things we were doing in Portugal. I don't know exactly when we decided that we were going all in on this but things just sort of fell into place once we started. It's been a really interesting, tough, cool, fun and exciting year with a lot of work and extremely many changes. I think we are both workaholics by nature and this is probably why things have gone very fast.The past year we have built up a company, traveled to our favorite places, tried to get our health back on track, gotten a whole lot of new friends and have the most engaged and cool readers. There is so much we want to accomplish and put out in the world, places we want to see and things we want to create. We have also learned a lot about working together.This summer we never really took any time off because we had so much we wanted to do and now it's definitely time for a break. If its one thing we learned it's that if we don't function neither does Radical Broccoli. Therefore I'm so happy that we are going to Greece for a yoga trip. Although things are so much better health wise it really takes time to get back to a good place both physically and mentally, especially when we want to do it naturally. That's the thing with a sustainable lifestyle, we are in it for the long run and that means that there are no quick fixes!Hope everyone is having a great Sunday, and it would be so interesting to hear where you want to be one year from now and what is stopping you?