Heartwarming hot chocolate & 8 benefits of it

Real, raw cacao is one of the foods that contain the most magnesium - a mineral that affects almost all symptoms related to your hormones. Fun fact: this is actually why girls usually crave chocolate at certain times of the month! Here are eight additional benefits of this amazing food(1):

  1. It can regulate cortisol (the body's stress hormone)
  2. It can help you sleep better
  3. It can activate vitamin D in your body
  4. It can be anti-aging
  5. It can help create hormones
  6. It can be used as fuel for energy-creation in your cells
  7. It can aid your thyroid in its work
  8. It can reduce your blood sugar

This yummy hot chocolate is made from raw cacao, and it tastes delicious. Not a night goes by without a cup of hot cocoa during the fall and winter months. You may find that it tastes a bit bitter in the beginning, but after a while, you will think that regular chocolate tastes super sweet! We have written more about raw chocolate here.SAMSUNG CSC

Heartwarming hot chocolate (2 cups):

  • Optional plant-based milk
  • Either 2 tsp raw cacao or a medium sized bite raw cacao (solid)

Heat the drink in a casserole over medium heat, but make sure that it doesn't boil. There are dozens of things you can add to pimp your cocoa, like chili, cinnamon, nuts, honey or coconut sugar.Raw cacao in any form can be found at your health store, iHerb or other online stores. Simple & delicious!SAMSUNG CSC