Guide to: healthy eats and green travel in Sri Lanka

A green guide to the land of miracles


The island of Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, is one of the most beautiful countries in the world both in terms of the scenery and the people. With its amazing beaches, green forests, waterfalls, train rides, mountains, vast national parks, luxurious old towns, rich culture and miles and miles of stunning coastline (with amazing waves for surfers), it is definitely worth a visit if you have the chance. Wellness practices like Ayurveda and yoga are deep-rooted in the culture, accompanied by delicious plant-based foods such as lentil dhal curries and coconuts in every shape or form. It's hard to imagine that the civil war ended only nine years ago. Since then, the country has gotten back on its feet, while still facing problems that tourists cannot ignore.We have some great recommendations for you on how to travel sustainably, where to sleep like a baby, where to eat amazing plant based food and what to do to enjoy your time in Sri Lanka.

The largest environmental issues in Sri Lanka

During my stay, we experienced a cyclone. The days after, the scenery completely changed, as the tides, currents, and wind brought the true image of the plastic problems to the shore. Against the locals recommendations, we went surfing the day after, which we soon regretted as I got poisoned by taking in a bit of sea water. We also got to stare the worlds' insane plastic problem in the eye, as we found ourselves in a pool of plastic bags, straws, plastic razors, bottles and take away boxes.One of the reasons there exists so much trash in the Sri Lankan nature is the lack of a proper system for collecting and recycling garbage. According to numbers from the World Bank, Sri Lanka generates 5.1kg of waste per person per day. It's common to see people burning plastic in the streets, and on the beaches, there are miles and miles of disposal from industries, ships, and litter on the white sand. It's truly a heartbreaking scene. The water get's so polluted that in many places you cannot (or should not) surf or swim during certain times.

"It's common to see people burning plastic in the streets, and on the beaches, there are miles and miles of disposal from industries, ships, and litter on the white sand."

How can you make a positive impact as a traveler?

As a tourist, you can definitely make an impact when it comes to the plastic and littering issues.

  1. Be aware of this problem. Document it through your social channels, spread the word, and ask the locals for tips.

  2. Engage fellow travelers by for example suggesting a beach cleanup! Check out this instagram profile for inspiration. You rock Marthe!

  3. Use your consumer power by supporting places, restaurants, and activities that take this problem seriously. Stay in hotels or camps that take responsibility, by not using air-condition or by banning plastic bottles or straws.

  4. Bring your own water bottle and cutlery when you travel.

  5. Try to eat local, in season and plant-based.


"When you have your priorities right, you will find the most amazing places in Sri Lanka, and it is true what they say, it's the land of miracles"


Travel guide

Our recommendations are all from the south east part of the island.

Amazing places to eat

Poonie's Kitchen

In a hidden oasis in Galle Fort, you find the restaurant Poonie's Kitchen. They serve delicious whole food meals, yummy drinks such as turmeric tonic and passion fruit smoothies, and a mouth-watering carrot and banana cake.


Ceylon Sliders

The Swedish couple Linn and Petter who also founded Sunshine Stories (the surf camp I stayed at) opened the doors to Ceylon Sliders in December 2016. Ceylon Sliders is a boutique hotel, café, and shop located on the beachfront of Welligama beach. Be sure to stop by for a delicious breakfast, smoothies (you have to try Salty Island!), and probably the best coffee in the area. In the shop, they sell amazing eco-friendly organic coconut yoga mats, activate charcoal, swimwear and more.


Other lovely food spots:

  • The Shady lane - Smoothie bowls, ice coffee, juices and more

  • The Doctors House - Old Ayurvedic hospital turned into a restaurant by some Australian guys aiming to create a place with good vibes. They serve drinks and oven bakes pizza (they have vegan and gluten-free alternatives)

  • The Shack Beach Café- Located in Unawatuna they don't use plastic and serve delicious food

Wonderful places to stay

Green Peace Inn

If you are looking for a place to stay you wake up to a view of the ocean, do rooftop yoga, eat the most delicious breakfast and talk with the sweetest most including people, the Green Peace Inn is the place you have been looking for. Opened up by three yoga teachers in November 2017 the place is already super popular. Read more about this in a separate article very soon!


The Kip

The Kip must be the most gorgeous and welcoming boutique hotel in Sri Lanka. The owners Seddie and Phoebs welcomed me like friends and they take such good care of their guests. Having swallowed sea-plastic-poison-water and not feeling too good, they made the most delicious healing soup for me even though it was not on the menu. I left feeling so relaxed and recharged.

  • Tri Sri Lanka's first sustainable luxury design hotel with a beautiful view.

  • Nor Lanka Hotel - Located in Unawatuna, I highly recommend staying at Nor Lanka Hotel. It's nice, clean and has large rooms, beautiful people, and delicious food.

 Incredible things to do & places to visit

Sticks no bills


Sticks no Bills sell retro style travel prints reflecting the history and culture from Ceylon. The owners opened Sticks no Bills when the war ended, with the intention of "being the change we wanted to see in the world". They wanted to start a business that reflected Sri Lanka's beauty, and not something that reminded them of the war, tsunami and human rights issues. Definitely worth a visit!

Spa Ceylon

Wellness heaven, Spa Ceylon is an Ayurvedic luxury spa where you can find skincare products, teas, and candles, as well as offering treatments at the spa. It's well worth a visit and their products are amazing!

Secret Roots Spa

In the middle of a huge garden, that is surrounded by banana trees and coconut palms lies Secret Roots Spa. They offer Ayurvedic massage, which consists of a lot of warm oil, steam baths, and massages. For 5000 rupees you can enjoy a 2,5 hours massage, which is pretty cheap. Be careful to drink a lot of water afterward, because this really get's your body's detox processes going. 


Other spots worth mentioning:

  • Sri Yoga Shala- A beautiful yoga shala with an Instagram worthy view

  • Virgin White Tea tour - Very nice tea plantation where you can see how tea is made and taste all the different types

  • Camp Poe - In Ahangama, perfect place to do drop in yoga morning and evening


Until next time, I will be dreaming of a stay at Santi where they have an Ayurvedic doctor ready to read your doshas, and a house chef preparing meals to heal your body's imbalances, while you chill out in between palm trees and the sound of chanting monks before heading down to Ahangama to catch waves. See you soon Sri Lanka <3