Podcast recommendation: Deliciously Ella

Hi all of you lovely readers!In Oslo, the first snow just appeared and it's for sure getting colder! We are testing out loads of new recipes for the winter month and it's all about warm, cozy and nutritious meals. Since so much of our immune system is in the gut it's really important to take good care of it in order to keep those nasty flu bugs away. We listened to Deliciously Ella's podcast the other day with Dr. Megan Rossi from King's College, London and she talks about how important veggies and fermented food are for our well being, both mentally and physically. One thing that we totally agree with her, is that how you feel about what you eat is so important! If you are stressing about your food even though it's super healthy you might end up with a stomach ache.  So we just want to remind you to enjoy your meals and remember and have fun with food. It's all about enjoying the taste, warmth, joy and fun with food.Highly recommend the episode, listen to it here.