Eco-friendly gifts for the wellness lover

We love gifts that are both handly and friendly to mother nature. All of these gifts are made with care for the planet and can also contribute to a real wellness experience. The perfect combination for the wellness lover!

  1. Dry brush - the ultimate skin detox hack! Easy to use and eco-friendly skin product.

  2. Book: The spirit Almanac: A modern guide to ancient self-care by Emma Loewe & Lindsay Kellner

  3. Rose Quartz Crystal Straw from Goop. Helps eliminate plastic with a good vibe!

  4. The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit cards designed by Kim Krans

  5. Sustainable and recycles yoga mats. We love hejhej-mats

  6. Gift card to an infrared sauna - check out this place in Oslo and Trondheim

  7. Kit to make homemade chocolate (the healthy kind). You need raw cacao bites and cacao butter. Check out these from Supernature.

  8. The most nourishing chlorella-algae facemask from Isun skincare

  9. Rose Quartz Face roller - A must-have beauty product for the days you wake up with a puffy face!

  10. Rudolph Care's signature perfume - 100 % natural and 70 % from organic ingredients