Clean beaches with Lapoint Costa Rica

We are here at 


 in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica enjoying the amazing nature, food, and lovely people. This is one of many

surf camp

s they have across the world. We want to show you some of the lovely environmental efforts this camp is doing to give back to nature as much as we get from it! 


Cool things to know about Lapoint:

  • Every week they arrange a beach clean up and a presentation on the importance of taking care of our ocean at all camps across the world

  • Every month at this camp they pick up 1 TONN of trash from the beach! WOW

  • They collaborate with Nordic Ocean Watch, a Nordic environmental organization made by surfers who love to give back to the ocean

  • They sell sunscreen from Suntribe that's all natural and is reef-friendly

  • They have meat-free Monday every Monday, and will gladly cater you if you're vegan.


Cool things about Lapoint Costa Rica:

  • The recycling stations make it available to sort our trash into four different fractions: plastic, trash, organic and paper. The organic (the food) is fed to the horses next door. Bonus fact: the horses are vegan <3

  • We are encouraged to not use any single-use plastic at the camp - and we haven't seen anyone do it :)

  • We've enjoyed the most amazing vegan food all week. Everything from tropical fruits to quesadillas and taco bowls.

  • We gathered about 13 kilos of trash at this week's beach cleanup!


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