We guested Braindump podcast <3

About two weeks ago we guested Cornelia Grimsmo’s podcast Braindump. If you haven’t listened to brain Braindump yet, its a podcast on self-love, selv-development, connection and relationships. Cornelia is a good friend and a YouTuber who recently founded Braindump, which is a bullet journal that is made for developing yourself and manifesting your dream life.

In the episode we guested, we talked about how we left our corporate jobs to become eco-bloggers, our book, how we work together as sisters, the ups and downs and the five love languages!

Listen to the episode HERE.


4 meditations for anxiety relief

Some times the world gets a bit overwhelming, and we need some coping mechanisms to get by. We have both tried lots of different things - yoga, breathing techniques, long walks, therapy sessions and just a good old cup of (something) ;)) One thing that we keep coming back to is meditation. Meditation helps center our energy and release tension in the body and mind. I thought I would share my four current favorite meditations that I do regularly to stay sane! Hope you like them.

How to meditate?

Meditation can be done in many different ways. Usually I like laying down in my bed, on the flour or sitting on a cushion. Do it any way that suits you, and how you feel comfortable.

Hope this gave you some inner joy & peace ☮️ Do you meditate? What are your favorite videos/apps/podcasts?

Things we failed at

I listened to a podkast in the car the other day, and the episode was about things she “failed” at along the way of building her business and life. It got me thinking about the past couple of years and how bumpy our road has been even though it all seems pretty straight forward on social media. It reminded me of a spring when we were just moments away from opening our dream café. Except it wasn't . Our gut feeling told us it was not the right way to do it, even though we just spent weeks and months dreaming and planning it, even finding our first employee. Weeks and months without any income. It reminded me of the time we did bad business deals and trusted the wrong people. When we gave more of ourselves than we ever got back. It reminded me of the times when we didn’t feel a sense of direction at all and felt completely lost. It also reminded me of the times we felt completely alone. But you know what. It may have broken us a bit a long the way, made us feel small, like we failed. In reality it thought us so much. How important it is to know what kind of people you want in your life. What your gut feeling feels like and how its actually worth following. How much we are worth and how some closed doors just leads to another one opening up. How important is it to take risks, because if you never do, you will not grow and build the life that you really want.

A new chapters are coming up soon. New risks. A new chance to win or to grow. Maybe both. The same terrifying feeling of stepping away from everything that is secure. We have taken risks before. We will do it again. It would not be as easy did we not know what we do now.


Awesome Things Yoga Teaches Us About Honouring Mother Earth

As a yogi, there are certain things that we should honor. We should be gentler first with ourselves and then to others. Yoga is not just about going into poses to become stronger and more flexible. While the practice does offer that to you, it also asks that we give back to our community and the earth. Part of the eight limbs of yoga includes many aspects of being conscious about the outside world we live in. We can often become very stuck just being in our heads. The world needs your help, and you are connected to it. It’s important to feel that and to help in the ways you can.

There are many beautiful ways that yoga can teach us about honoring mother earth. It starts from within.


Being Aware of Self

Yoga opens you up to the awareness of self. When you can learn to pay attention to your feelings and physical manifestations, you will also become aware of other things. If it upsets you to see garbage in the park, you can acknowledge why that upsets you. Someone has been deeply disrespectful to other people and also to nature. When you find out why that bothers you so much, you may come to realize how much the pristine nature that surrounds you actually means to you. Getting deep into the heart of things will help you do the right things in life. You’ll start to take action because you stand behind the feelings you identify.

Being Aware of the Energy that Surrounds You

When you’re inside of your mind all of the time, you don’t see what’s happening around you. Once you find that self-awareness, which is something a yoga class should help you with, you’ll want to look outside of yourself. You’ll begin to feel the connectedness that exists within every living thing. That includes the houseplant, a tree, other people around you, and a body of water. Awareness is the first step towards action. Once you are willing to open up to people and things that surround you, you’ll be more prone to care about those things.

The Reference of Nature in Yoga Classes

Many yoga teachers will theme their classes around nature. There are even many poses that mimic animals, mountains, the sun, and the moon. If you’re doing yoga classes regularly, you may begin to see nature in a new way. Perhaps seeing and acknowledging how precious it is. Appreciating a waterfall, a lake, or a creek a little more may promote an inner desire to preserve those things you love in nature.


The Yamas of Yoga

The Yamas of yoga is our outer environment and how we deal with it. They are the universal vows that include our actions, words, and thoughts. There are a few of the Yamas that indirectly tell us we should be kinder to all living things. Here are a few.

Ahimsa is non-violence. This includes physical, mental, or emotional violence to yourself or someone else. The Buddhist practice of compassion can be used to help create non-violence in life. You can be unkind to people and all the earth in many ways. It’s all about being compassionate.

Aparigraha (non-coveting)

There are many things we may want to take from nature. If you look at the reasons we go to a zoo, for example, we love an animal so much we want to see them. This comes at the cost of their freedom. It’s not the right way, and we must become conscious of not coveting things. When we are all willing to do this, there won’t be animals in captivity for our viewing pleasure. Even the simplest things like a bouquet are coveting something from nature. Yes, others do it too so the rose will be cut from the stem regardless. There is a wisdom in all of us; however, that knows, there is power in just one person who decides to make a difference. By cultivating the act of not coveting things, you give people the freedom to do so also.

Yoga Teaches Us to Do No Harm

One of the eight limbs of yoga is to do no harm. This is why Buddhist monks won’t even kill a mosquito or ants that have infiltrated their sleeping quartered. If you follow the teachings of this ancient practice, it’s essential that you don’t harm other living things. This is everything. This is the amount of water you use, how much you drive, what kind of car you drive, how you purchase (is there a lot of plastic on your purchase?). Being aware of what is going to harm the environment is an essential aspect of yoga, which will likely be talked about at one point or another.

Yoga is a beautiful practice for you to do. It is also a lifestyle that exists beyond the mat. Being conscious about how you treat mother earth will come up within the community. It is a large part of yoga since it’s inception into the world so many thousands of years ago. As you become more aware of yourself and the world around you, you’ll begin to see how you can help mother earth.


Guest post by Meera Watts

Meera Watts is a yoga teacher, entrepreneur and mom. Her writing on yoga and holistic health has appeared in Elephant Journal, CureJoy, FunTimesGuide, OMtimes and others. She’s also the founder and owner of Siddhi Yoga International a Singapore based company organzing yoga teacher training retreats worldwide. Meera is also among top 20 Yoga bloggers in the world as per Thoroughly Reviewed.

7 chakras yoga & meditation 🧘‍♀️

Hi ♓️

Har bare lyst til å anbefale dere verdens mest forfriskende serie av yoga og meditation fra Youtube, laget av en dame som heter Brett Larkin. Det er en serie for å aktivere og balansere “chakraene” i kroppen, også kjent som energisenterene, som skal få deg tilbake i balanse, i energiflyt og hjelpe deg til å føle deg som DEG.

// Just popping in to recommend a super good yoga and meditation series that I’ve found on YouTube. It’s made by Brett Larkin, and some of you have probably tried it before. If not - I highly recommend you to do the series one day at the time. It’s built up to activate each and every one of your “chakras” (energy centres) in the body, to make you feel amazing and filled with energy and vibrate good things!! You don’t have to practice every day, but this order makes sure the energy in the body is activated the right way and in the right direction.

This is how it goes:

Day 1: Root chakra yoga & meditation

Day 2: Sacral chakra yoga & meditation

Day 3: Solar plexus yoga & meditation

Day 4: Heart chakra yoga & meditation

Day 5: Throat chakra yoga & meditation

Day 6: Third eye chakra yoga & meditation

Day 7: Crown chakra yoga & meditation (the first yoga class - root chakra yoga)


Find all the meditations HERE & the yoga classes HERE.

Summer day in Oslo

Jeg tror aldri jeg har opplevd en rarere og mer spennende yoga enn kundalini yoga. Dagen i dag startet med en heftig yoga session på Northern Lights i Oslo. Det er en helt annerledes type yoga enn den klassiske man ser for seg, og man jobber mest med pusten, lyd og noen litt annerledes bevegelser. Dagens time fokuserte på det tredje øye, også kalt intuisjonen. Vi startet med en helt crazy pusteøvelse ala Whym Hoff, for de som har hørt om han, som gjorde at man ikke trengte å trekke pusten på nesten et minutt etterpå, og hele kroppen dirret. Yoga-high! Vi sang også sanger og hørte på læreren spille guitar. Haha for en morgen. Kunne ikke annet enn å smile.


Kundalini yoga at Northern Lights

// This morning started with a yoga-high at Northern Lights yoga school, and a session of kundalini. If you haven’t heard of it before or tried, I can highly recommend it, and make sure to prepare for some deep breath work and chanting!


Etter yoga dro Noah og jeg i dyrebutikken for å kjøpe en ny sele, før vi møtte en venninne og hennes nydelige hund på Eckers. Eckers har ganske mange digge veganske alternativer, for ikke å glemme kombucha fra Norsk Kombucha!

// After yoga I took Noah to the animal shop (is that what it’s called??) to get a new collar, and then we met a friend and her doggo for lunch at Eckers. If you’re looking for a nice lunch spot outdoors in Oslo with lots of vegan options, Eckers is a good place to go! They have sandwiches, wraps and salads, and lots of juices and smoothies. And ofc kombucha.

Etter lunsj dro vi på valpekurs på Good Dog i Frognerparken. Det er superlærerikt, og selv om han bare er to måneder er det vilt hvor mye han kan lære allerede! Etter kurs var begge slitne, så vi dro hjem og lagde middag før Noah ble hyper og spiste på ting over hele leiligheten. Valpelivet <3

II Then we went off to puppy class. Today we learned to lay down, how to make the puppies comfortable with grooming and how to get their attention in any situation. I’m at GoodDog school which is super good. After class we we’re both tired, so we went home for dinner and Noah got hyper and started to steal things all over the apartment. yes.

Salad wraps for dinner followed by my fav summer snack: dates, raspberries &amp; blueberries and some chamomile tea with coconut milk

Salad wraps for dinner followed by my fav summer snack: dates, raspberries & blueberries and some chamomile tea with coconut milk

Puppy Noah

Få ord kan beskrive gleden i å få en liten tass som Noah i hus. Han ble med hjem forrige fredag, da han var litt uker 8 uker gammel. Han er en Cockapoo med litt japansk spisshund i blodet, og veier sånn ca 3-4 kg nå. Han kommer til å bli opp mot dobbelt så stor. For de som har lurt så er det jeg, Sus, som er eieren hans, men han får selvfølgelig masse tid sammen med favorittanten sin Nettern. Han har allerede funnet sin faste sovespot på rommet hennes.

// !!!words can not describe the joy of getting a new family member!! Last Friday we picked up little Noah, who is two months old today, a tiny little cockapoo (cocker spaniel mixed with poodle).


Han er fortsatt i tilvenningsfasen til bylivet (er en gårdsgutt fra Nannestad), og setter seg ofte ned på tur for å ta inn alle inntrykkene. Han har blitt med meg overalt den siste uken sånn at han skal bli best mulig sosialisert og så trygg som han kan bli. Han sover rundt 20 timer i døgnet!! Så jeg må også tilpasse meg etter han, som er ganske deilig egentlig.

// He is still getting used to his new city life, which is a lot to take in for a country side guy. I have brought him with me everywhere for the past days so he can get used to his new environment. He needs at least 20 hours of sleep per day which kind of changes my normally fast paced days into slower ones. It’s super fascinating to learn from him, especially how to relax when you relax and to play when you play, if you understand what I mean.


Sommeren skal vi tilbringe sammen på hytta, hjemme, i skogen og ved havet!

// This summer we’ll spend in the park, at the cabin, in the woods and by the ocean. 💙

Selv om jeg tenkte det var noe jeg absolutt ikke skulle gjøre fikk Noah instagram i går - så for de spesielt interesserte kan dere følge han HER 🐾.

// I tried to resist, but he just really wanted to get an instagram, so HERE is his page for the puppy lovers!

Summer magic

Is walking barefoot all over. Er å kunne å gå barbeint hele hele tiden.

Is swimming in the ocean every day. Er å bade hver dag.

Is spending quality time with those you love. Er å tilbringe kvalitetstid med de du er glad i.

Is a quiet city and an eternal feeling of weekend. Er at pulsen i byen går ned og det ikke finnes noe hverdag.

Is that everything is possible. Er at alt er mulig.

Good news!

Er det flere som meg der ute som unngår for mye “vanlige” nyheter? Det er nesten uhørt å fortelle om, og litt utenfor normen. Jeg får med meg de viktigste sakene fra nyhetsbrevet Skumlest, NY Times Climate Change News Letter og nyhetspodkaster. Jeg kjenner mange som bruker flere timer daglig på på scrolle nettaviser for å holde seg oppdatert. Det er absolutt ingenting galt i det, men for meg er det som å bli bombardert med forferdeligheter, dårlige nyheter, grusomme menneskehandlinger og lidelse som vi ikke kan gjøre noe med. Personlig synes er jeg generelt imot å formidle med fryktbasert fremgangsmåte, og er opptatt av at det man fokuserer på er det man får mer av. Med en litt sart psyke kan det være mye å ta inn (hehe). Det blir som en mindfullnesshandling - å passe på hva man tar inn og lar seg påvirke av. Jeg vil derfor tipse dere om noen veldig fine sider.

  • Verdens Beste Nyheter formidler fremskritt og positive resultater fra utviklingsland.

  • Good News Network er en motreaksjon på alle de negative historiene som formidles gjennom ordinære media, og deler positive nyhetshistorier fra hele verden.

  • Huffpost Good News er en egen side på Huffpost hvor de deler positive historier om alt fra politikk til popstjerner.

  • SunnySkyz er en lignende side som Good News Network, hvor vi blant annet kan lese om positive miljøtiltak!

Det er utrolig motiverende å lese litt om hva som faktisk går bra her i verden for å bli inspirert til å fortsette å stå på for at verden skal utvikle seg i riktig retning <3


ENGLISH: I am one of those people who easily feel really down reading the “regular” mainstream news. I don’t know if you can relate, but do you ever feel hopeless, depressed and discouraged by reading in depth about all the sad stories, disasters, catastrophes and awful things going on in the world? I therefore choose where I get information and inspiration from very wisely, also because I am a really sensitive person who takes in a lot from the outer world. I would therefore like to tip you about following some news outlets than mainly focus on the good stuff!

  • Good News Network is an antidote to the “barriage of negativity experienced through mainstream media” and offer positive news stories from around the world.

  • Huffpost Good News is a page within the Huffpost universe where they share positive stories on everything from politics to popstars.

  • SunnySkyz is a page similar to the Good News Network, where we can read about positive environmental projects, among others.

It is super inspiring to read about the good stuff in the world to feel like our actions matter and that the world actually is a quite good place!

Discovering the soft and feminine in yoga - Guest post from Iselin Amanda

Iselin Amanda is one of those inspiring people who make you want to take better care of yourself and the planet through cooking amazing plant-based food and doing more yoga. She tells us her story about discovering new parts of her practice and how we can learn to tap into different energies within us.

Last year I spent several months with a little bit of what I feel is best described as «soul-searching» in regards to my yoga practice. 


As a yogini, a student of yoga and a yoga teacher for more than five years, my practice and I have been through more than any other relationship I have ever been in. My practice has been my rock through thick and thin, my safe-space, my feeling- space, my creative-space and in many ways my closest friend. As I have changed, evolved and grown over the years, so has my practice, and my relationship to yoga and it’s many aspects. 

For years, my yoga practice was rather physical. My first few yoga teachers were all ashtanga teachers, and so I was thrown into a world of postures, performance and dedication. And that is how I first fell in love with yoga. I loved seeing how capable our bodies are; how it adapts, changes and evolves with our practice and lifestyle. Furthermore, I loved observing how my inner state of being always (always!) was reflected back to me as I stepped onto my mat in the morning for my series of Surya Namaskar.

When I was in recovery from a decade-long addiction and eating-disorder, my practice was there to give me more space, more room to be; to breathe, to cry and to release. A place for me to really, really feel. And from there learnt how I could use asanas as a tool to get out of my head for a little while, to allow myself to be more in my body. It has been a beautiful, powerful journey, and my yoga practice has no-doubt saved me from myself and my own inner daemons many a time. 


However, half a year ago, I noticed something had shifted. I didn't necessarily look forward to stepping onto my mat in the morning like I used to. And so I would post-pone my practice for the evening, but when the evening arrived, I still wasn’t feeling it. I kept persisting in my practice most days though, thinking it was just a phase, a phase I was willing to wait out. I told myself, as the yogini I am, that things come and go, and perhaps I just needed to push through. Perhaps change things up a little? Give myself new challenges. Seek more inspiration. Simply sit with it.

Because regardless of how I felt before I did my practice, I would always feel better once it was done.

Maybe that was the thing though. It eventually became clear to me that my practice these days more often than not felt like something I wanted to be over with. As if it was yet another chore waiting to be done. Something I had to tick off my list in order to get on with my day, with my life. 


Perhaps this was the biggest realisation. Seeing how a practice I had adored and relied on for years, who had been my closest friend for so long, now seemed more like that not-so-pleasant neighbour that keeps bothering you, and that you have to deal with, just to get your sense of peace and quiet to enjoy your life.

I’m not having it, I thought. I refuse to let something that’s been so wonderful for years, so wonderful in fact, that I made it not just part of my morning routine, it was (is) my passion, my  lifestyle, my career. And so I thought, «now is a very bad time for me to realise that this is not what I want to be doing with my life. 

And I guess this is where I started digging a little deeper. Looking a little further. Asking myself what is really going on here?

Well, it us true what they say; Ask and you will receive. 

Not long after I started my quest to fall recklessly in love with yoga again, I stumbled upon a book that has been nothing less than life-changing for me. If you're a yogini, a female yoga teacher, if you’re a woman, or if you’re simply practicing and/or teaching yoga with/to women, I can highly recommend this book. It is a game-changer. 

A few chapters into Yoni Shakti, I thought to myself that «no wonder I haven’t felt good about my practice for a while. I am, and have been for a long time, practicing the wrong kind of yoga». I have been committed to a promise I made to myself a few years ago; that I will always seek out, learn and be open to become a softer, caring and loving person; as a daughter, a friend, as a sister and a lover. And of course in my relationship to myself. But then I began to realize, that over the years, I have also been practicing a form of yoga that in many ways went against all of this.

My practice was until this stage very physical; mostly Yang-based. In other words, it was definitely masculine practice. It was more than anything about dedication, discipline, consistency, and, as much as I hate to admit it, also about performance. 

The next following months led my on a journey into the feminine that exists within the yoga world. I started diving deeper into the beautiful world of softer styles of yoga; yin and restorative yoga, Shakti-yoga, slow-flow and yoga Nidra. I spent days researching the history of women in yoga, reading about practicing in tune with our menstrual cycles, and how we can use yoga to empower ourselves as women; as mothers, daughters, sisters, friends and lovers. And as practitioners of the yogic traditions. 

Perhaps for the first time, I was giving myself full permission to practice and flow with the natural rhythms of my own cycle.

«it is not necessary to have a womb to practice ‘womb yoga’, in all phases of womens lives, it is the presence of womb space energies, the energies of «Yonisthana Chakra», which has a capacity to provide deep intuitive wisdom, and to reconnect us with the earthed and watery energies of creativity, fluidity, nurture and fertility that are characteristic of this energy centre.» (Uma Dinsmore-Tuli,  Yoni Shakti)

From the wisdom born from connecting to our wombs follows a naturally arising global green consciousness rooted in a sustainable and respectful honoring of the natural cycles and energies of the earth, the womb that nurtures all life in our wor. So it is through this wisdom, this spiritual awareness that is literally encoded in the cycles of the female body, that we can access the deep healing that our planet urgently calls for now. We are in deep need of exactly such yoga.


The excerpt from above simply resonates with me on so many levels. I swear that if Uma herself had been in the room with me as I read this the first time, I would have had no choice but to walk over and kiss her. 

And so this is what my practice has been about the past few months: Finding a feminine and soft approach to asana practice. Reconnecting to feminine qualities of fluidity, flow, creativity and nourishment. Cultivating softness, intuition and deep listening in my yoga.

And let me tell you this: it has feltso good.

I believe these last six months has taught me how to develop a greater respect and understanding of yoga as a practice that revolves around cycles. How our cyclical practices inspires cyclical living, and helps us connect to the ever changing cycles of  Mother Earth herself.

I believe that in giving ourselves, as teachers and students, not to mention practitioners, permission to flow with our natural cycle (especially, but not exclusively, for women) we will in turn change the way in which we practice, think and feel, about yoga. Right now it feels like a precious little gift that was given to me, and for the first time in a long time, yoga has again become my best friend. And our friendship has grown much deeper roots and reached beautiful new heights.

So there are many aspects of our modern way of practicing yoga that unfortunately disconnects us female practitioners from our wombs and cycles. And «it is because of our profound disconnection from our own inner sense of what is right for us that we choose to practice forms of yoga which further disempower us (as women). When we adhere rigorously, and without regard for our own lifecycles, to those versions of yoga practice that focus on maintaining power over the body, rather than power moving through the body, then we imprison ourselves.»

We know that menstruation is a time of the month where women should avoid most standing yoga postures, inversions, or any other vigorous forms of practice and movement. However, this does not mean we have to avoid practicing all together. Creating and practicing a sequence of seated and lying down-asanas, with gentle twists, can be of great benefit this time of the month. We’re looking at finding postures that will encourage a positive experience as a bleeding woman, and for this time of the month to be a cleansing, quiet and rejuvenating period. We need to find ways in which to cultivate responsiveness to the cyclical changes in our bodies, as this is, without doubt, an important aspect of our yogic awareness.

I want to teach fluid styles and sequences of yoga; a beautiful balance between fluid sequences and deep resting poses. Movement and stillness. Cultivating the ability to listen to our bodies wisdom of when to move, and when to be still.

«Yoga came to the west to change the west. But the west has changed yoga. We have created forms of yoga in the image of our own disconnection. Practicing this simply mirrors our own disregard for our own inner guide». Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Yoni Shakti

Follow Iselin Amanda on Instagram and her blog for a daily dose of wellness, yoga, delicious food and feelgood images. She has created such a dreamy world well worth following!

6 tips to get through the flu season

Nå er det høysesong for influensa, og de fleste kjenner sikkert noen som kjenner noen som kjenner noen osv. Jeg har akkurat kost meg med en og en halv uke som sengeliggende, og jeg mener det faktisk når jeg sier kost meg, men først når den verste feberen begynte å gi seg. Føler jeg har fått catchet opp på ca alle serier som finnes på nettet - og hallo HEIMEBANE? Nå skjønner jeg hvorfor alle maste om at dette måtte sees. Jeg tenkte jeg skulle tipse dere om seks ting jeg gjorde for å føle meg litt bedre oppi kaoset!

Woho. Officially flu season and this year's flu hit many people pretty hard for a pretty long time. We're talking two-four weeks of lying in bed with fever and coughing and body cramps. Yay. Thought I would tip you on 6 things I did to feel a little bit better while being sick.


Juice juice juice. Har du sjekket ut våre



//Have you checked out some of our






med mango


masse grønt

//Delicious guacamole wraps with mango and lots of greens

EN. Bruk essensielle oljer til smertelindring. Jeg blander lavendel og peppermynte, gnir noen dråper mellom hendene og smører det på steder som gjør vondt (f eks nakken). Det virker avkjølende og skal gjøre at smertene føles litt mindre ille.

TO. Drikk MASSE. Sånn mye mye mye mer enn du tror du trenger. Jeg startet dagen med en stor kopp vann med sitron, for så å lage den daglige sellerijuicen.

TRE. Ikke begynn å gjør ting for tidlig. Jeg begynte å jobbe da jeg fortsatt var syk og fikk en skikkelig febersmell dagen etter.

FIRE. Kos deg med å slappe av med god samvittighet! Dette er kroppens rop om å ta en ordentlig pause.

FEM. Prøv å spis noenlunde sunt selv om du er syk. Tenk på hva slags næring kroppen din egentlig vil ha - masse deilige frukt, grønnsaker & juice er perfekt!

SEKS. Ta igjen alle seriene og filmene du føler du har gått glipp av de siste månedene. ✨

Håper du holder deg frisk, eller at du snart blir det hvis du er syk!


Frisk bær-





//Delicious berry & banana smoothie with passion fruit

ONE. Use essential oils for pain relief. I used a mix of lavender and peppermint, and blend it together between the hands before massaging it on to painful areas.

TWO. Drink A LOT. Like a lot more than you think you need. A good way to start is to hydrate well in the morning, for example starting with lemon water and continuing with a celery juice.

THREE. Don't go back to work too early, it might put you out for another week. Yup, I tried.

FOUR. Relax and enjoy some time off - you're body decided it was time for a break, and it probably deserves it for some repair work.

FIVE. Try to eat (at least partly) healthy to get better quicker! Lot's of fruits, veggies, and juice is perfect fuel.

SIX. Catch up on all the series and movies you've missed out on. ✨

Hope you stay healthy and away from the flu, or that you get well soon if you caught something bad! ✨

6 ways to start your day in the best way

How you start your day is how you live your day. How you live your day is how you live your life” Louise Hay

Our morning routines have changed a lot over the years and let's just say they have changed for the better. We hope that this will inspire you in some way to get a better start to your day!

  1. Set a nice alarm on your phone, there is nothing worse than waking up in a panic to a loud alarm!

  2. Set your phone in flight mode before you go to bed and don't turn in on or check your notifications first thing in the morning. The ideal is to wait until after breakfast. This way other people's stress won't interrupt your morning.

  3. Start the day with a short meditation. We recommend Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey's 21 days meditations, the app Calm or Headspace. There are also numerous free meditations on youtube.

  4. Do yoga! Anything from 10 minutes to an hour in the morning will make your body so happy. Yoga with Adrienne is a really popular youtube channel with easy and amazing yoga.

  5. Make your self a delicious nourishing breakfast. Have you heard of Chaga? This superfood mushroom is filled with antioxidants that make your skin beautiful and gives great energy. Try making a Chaga latte instead of coffee one morning

  6. Write down 5 things that you are thankful for, 5 things that you are looking forward to and 5 tasks that you want to complete during the day.

Våre morgenrutiner har forandret seg kraftig de siste årene, ogheldigvis til detbedre. Vi tenkte å dele våre beste tips til en god morgen, og håper dere blirinspirert!

  1. Sett på en fin alarm, ingen ting er verre enn å våkne i halvpanikk av en altfor høylytt alarm!

  2. Legg bort mobiltelefonen og ha den i flymodus til etter at du har spist frokost. På denne måten unngår du andre mennesker stress inn i morgenen din.

  3. Start dagen med Deepak Chopra og Oprah Winfrey. Innimellom har de en gratis 21 dagers meditasjon. Andre apper vi anbefaler er Calm, Headspace eller youtube

  4. Gjør yoga - om det så er 5 minutter eller en halvtime. En solhilsen eller noen få tøyinger gjør virkelig underverker på kroppen

  5. Lag en sykt god frokost og en balanserende drikke. Har du hørt om chaga? Dette er en skikkelig kul sopp som har utrolige helsefordeler. Den vokser faktisk i Norge og det er mulig å finne det i skogen. Chaga er en naturlig antioktidant, og er fantastisk for både hud og hår. Hva med å prøve en chagalatte etter frokost istedenfor kaffe?

  6. Skriv ned 5 ting du er takknemlig for, 5 ting du gleder deg til og 5 ting du skal gjennomføre i løpet av dagen.

Stay hydrated


Get that H20

Most of us have heard countless times how important it is to drink enough water and to avoid being dehydrated. Sometimes it seems impossible to keep the fluid balance in check. Nor is it so strange that it feels like this because it is actually estimated that 75% of the Western population is chronically dehydrated, according to the Medical Daily.

It is a little paradoxical to think about when we know that annual consumption of bottled water has reached a staggering 391 billion liters and that approx. 1500 plastic bottles end up in nature every second US alone.


Thus, it seems that we drink a lot, but the truth is that many of us actually don't drink in an optimal way. As with all other "products", there are different types of water of different quality. For example, experts point out that water that has been in plastic bottles over extended periods is "dead". In order for water to be absorbed at the cellular level, it needs some sodium and some glucose, also known as the correct level of electrolytes. Our body needs water like machines need oil as the body generally consists of 60% water - 75% in the muscles and 85% in the brain.Often when you feel relaxed, have a headache or the like, you think you need food, while in reality you usually need something to drink. We need water to absorb vitamins and nutrients, and water is careful to have good digestion, it cleans the liver and kidneys and carries out waste materials.

So what can you do?

  1. Have some Himalayan salt in the water. It may sound like the opposite of what you need to get hydrated, but a good salt helps you build a nice fluid balance in your body. Plain table salt is stripped of nutrition and can make you even thirsty while heavenly salt contains traces of 84 nutrients and minerals.

  2. Lemon + some spices. Boost your water with some lemon and some cayenne pepper or red chili for a cleansing effect. It is said to be Beyoncé's favorite.

  3. Let the water with crystals. Crystals are said to be able to "charge the water" as they are energy transducers and are regarded as natural water-filtrating and purifying.

  4. Have berries in the water. It simply makes the water more tempting and tasteful and increases the chance that you drink a little extra.


How do you know that you are hydrated?

A nice and easy way to observe if you have drunk enough is the well-known urine test. As long as your urine is a light, straw shade, you probably have a good fluid balance in your body.All the facts and inspiration for the article are the Medical Daily and Porter Magazine Edition 27.

9 ways to avoid winter depression


Advertisement for SupernatureHi lovely people. Who else is feeling the dark days draining out what's left of your energy? I haven't had a full winter in Norway for almost six years, so it's been a huge adjustment this year. Therefore I’ve been putting extra effort into testing lot’s of different things this year, and have gathered my top 9 tips on avoiding going down for the winter!//Er det noen andre som sliter med energinivået om dagen nå som det har blitt så mørkt? Jeg tenkte over det, og fant ut at jeg faktisk ikke har hatt en sammenhengende vinter i norge på over seks år da jeg har studert utenlands, så det er faktisk litt av en tilpasning i år. Derfor har jeg også vært ekstra opptatt av å prøve alle triks som finnes for å gjøre denne tiden lettere, og ikke minst testet alle triks for å få mer energi! Jeg har samlet 9 av disse tipsene i denne artikkelen, og håper virkelig du finner noe som kan hjelpe deg :) 1. Put your phone away 1 hour before and after a nights sleepThis really improves your sleep quality. For me to be able to follow through, I charge my phone outside my bedroom and set it to flight mode during the night.//Dette er alfa omega i forhold til god søvn. Jeg lader mobilen i stua og setter på flymodus for å unngå å bli fristet til scrolling på kvelden.2. Invest in a natural light + radio alarm clockMine from Philips is really old now, and I bet there are new ones on the market. The one I have is a version of this one, and it has truly saved my mornings! It wakes you up with something similar to natural sunlight, and you can choose between radio, singing birds, forest sounds, or just a regular alarm sound. LOVE IT.//Jeg har en gammel sak fra Philips som har reddet morgenen min de siste årene. Jeg har en versjon av denne, og den vekker meg med gradvis lys som etterligner sollys og behagelig fuglekvitter. Du kan velge forskjellige toner, radio og lysstyrke. Jeg ELSKER den.3. Take Depridix from SupernatureEvery morning when I wake up, I drink one liter of lukewarm water with lemon and take 1 tablet of the herbal supplement Supernature Depridix. Depridix is a Norwegian herbal supplement that combines traditional Nordic herbs with the mineral zinc and vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12. Vitamin B2, B3, B6, and B12 contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system and to normal psychological function. Zinc contributes to normal cognitive function. In addition, B1, B2, B3 contribute to normal energy turnover and B2, B3, B6, and B12 to reduce fatigue and fatigue. Depridix also contains Q10, herbal extracts and floral essences. I really feel like this gives me the boost I needed this winter!You can get Depridix product here.//Hver morgen drikker jeg én liter lunkent vann med sitron og tar én tablett med Supernature Depridix urtetablett. Depridix er et norsk urtesupplement som kombinerer tradisjonelle nordiske urter med mineralet sink og vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 og B12. Vitamin B2, B3, B6 og B12 bidrar til nervesystemets normale funksjon og til normal psykologisk funksjon. Sink bidrar til normal kognitiv funksjon. I tillegg bidrar B1, B2, B3 til normal energiomsetning og B2, B3, B6 og B12 til å redusere trøtthet og utmattelse. Depridix inneholder også Q10, urteekstrakter og blomsteressenser. Jeg føler virkelig at dette hjelper på energinivået mitt, og jeg får gjort masse hele dagen lang.Du finner Depridix her, samt på helsekost. 4. Use a "natural light" lamp indoorsPersonally, I put on the ring light we use for photos. I think it does the magic of tricking my brain into producing more happiness. But there are other alternatives out there that can do the magic, like this one.//Jeg pleier å sette på ringlyset som vi bruker til innefoto for å lure hjernen min om vinteren, og føler rett og slett at jeg blir litt lykkeligere av det. Det finnes alternativer som dette som du kan ha i stuen din for et ekstra boost.5. Get as much real sunlight as possible with your scheduleTry to get a quick 10/20 minute walk if you see the sun popping out.//Prøv å få deg minst en 10-20 minutters tur når du ser sola titte frem. Det letter virkelig på humøret og energinivået.6. Go for a light workoutI like working out in the evenings during the winter, even though it's a bit harder to get myself to go when the evening comes and I just wanna lay on the couch. When I get myself to go there it gives me the extra energy to cook a good meal for myself instead of just eating something that's not really nourishing. It helps to plan my workout schedule for a week ahead, so I know what's coming.//Jeg liker faktisk å trene på kvelden om vinteren, fordi det ellers er lett å synke ned i sofaen litt for tidlig uten å få gjort ferdig det jeg skal. Etter å ha gjennomført en treningsøkt synes jeg også det er lettere å prioritere å lage sunn mat. For at jeg skal få til dette planlegger jeg gjerne øktene mine en uke i forveien – sånn cirka i hvertfall, det er veldig sjeldent uken blir som jeg planlegger, men da har jeg en viss forventning til meg selv.7. Make it cozy indoors!In Norway, we spend lots of time indoors, which may be why we invest in making our nest really welcoming. Get a good blanket and some eco-friendly candles.//I norge tilbringer vi mye tid innendørs, som også er grunnen til at vi investerer mye tid og penger i å gjøre det hjemmekoselig. Siden dette virkelig kan hjelpe oss gjennom vinteren anbefaler jeg å finne miljøvennlige lys (basert på soya eller annen vegetabilsk olje) og et pledd av god kvalitet som varer lenge og varmer godt.8. Plan something nice for yourself every weekI get motivated to work hard when I have good things to look forward to such as a concert, cinema, going to the theater or hosting dinner for my friends.//Jeg blir veldig motivert til å jobbe hardt når jeg vet jeg har noe koselig å se frem til som for eksempel en konsert, kinoopplevelse, theater eller middag med venner. Det hjelper også de rundt deg i mørketiden. 9. Set aside time for creative projects during the weekendFor me and probably many others, it's easy to drown myself in work just to make time pass when I'm not feeling really good. I've figured that it helps a lot to set aside time that's designated for creative projects like creating film and photography, making a vision board, painting or scribbling some words while listening to good music.//For meg og sikkert mange andre der ute er det lett å drukne seg selv i arbeid for å få tiden til å gå i mørket og kulda. For å få opp humøret og inspirasjonen igjen elsker jeg å sette av tid til kreative prosjekter i helgene som foto- og film, lage vision board, skrible noen ord eller male mens jeg hører på digg musikk. Jeg har forresten laget en høstliste du kan finne her.Do you have any more tips that work for you?//Har du noen tips til å elske vinteren? 

Eco-friendly gifts for the wellness lover

We love gifts that are both handly and friendly to mother nature. All of these gifts are made with care for the planet and can also contribute to a real wellness experience. The perfect combination for the wellness lover!

  1. Dry brush - the ultimate skin detox hack! Easy to use and eco-friendly skin product.

  2. Book: The spirit Almanac: A modern guide to ancient self-care by Emma Loewe & Lindsay Kellner

  3. Rose Quartz Crystal Straw from Goop. Helps eliminate plastic with a good vibe!

  4. The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit cards designed by Kim Krans

  5. Sustainable and recycles yoga mats. We love hejhej-mats

  6. Gift card to an infrared sauna - check out this place in Oslo and Trondheim

  7. Kit to make homemade chocolate (the healthy kind). You need raw cacao bites and cacao butter. Check out these from Supernature.

  8. The most nourishing chlorella-algae facemask from Isun skincare

  9. Rose Quartz Face roller - A must-have beauty product for the days you wake up with a puffy face!

  10. Rudolph Care's signature perfume - 100 % natural and 70 % from organic ingredients


How to embrace good vibes this fall


So it's definitely getting colder and darker in the morning, but when the sun shines it will still warm your face. This season is typically very hectic and therefore I want to focus on how we can find good vibes and gather energy. For me, it's all about creating a space where I can de-stress & relax. I love mixing new stuff with vintage, spirituality, oils, and nature in my home.

Mornings:So I created a new routine in the morning where I don't check my phone for the first hour or so. I have my alarm clock on my phone, but I just put it on flight mode so no notifications or texts appear on my screen. It's of course not possible every day, sometimes you have an early meeting or flight, but I hope to keep this routine as often as possible. Writing it down here also makes me more accountable for my actions, so thank you internet! If I have time I like to read a little bit or do something that puts me in a good mood

.Afternoon:The afternoons are so different every single day, but if I'm working from home I like to make a big pot of tea. My current favorite is Yogi tea. They are not wrapped in plastic like a lot of tea bags are, they are fully organic and compostable, and they have the cutest little messages.

Evening:I'm a sucker for working in the evening and I find it really hard to put away work. One thing that helps me sleep better if I'm a little worked up is essential oils and some good smells. I also like watching something funny or talking to a good friend that makes me laugh to shake off the serious mood. Finally, it feels good to snuggle into the best bed ever, with organic cotton bed sheets.

One thing that can change your whole morning


@netternThis year I have learned so much about habits and how small changes in our lives can lead to bigger improvements. One thing that I am really good at from time to time is not checking my phone first thing in the morning. Sometimes I fall back into scrolling on Instagram before out of bed, but when I leave my phone off for the first hours of the day I experience less overall stress. I get super productive, much happier and much calmer. This way I'm not letting everyone else dictate how I start my day, and I really enjoy just being where I am. Maybe you should try tomorrow? I really recommend it!

7 lessons of self-love from our vacation

  1. This is a note to self: REMEMBER TO TAKE A VACATION! It is so important and we actually haven’t been taking it seriously. Funny but its true.

  2. Drinking 1,5 l of water every morning improves digestion and makes you hydrated for the rest of the day

  3. Breath is everything! We should all have some kind of breath work in our daily routine

  4. Never stop learning new thing and asking questions or think that you know it all. This is when we stop evolving

  5. Life is supposed to be fun

  6. When we fall into place, everything else does too.

  7. Taking a break and getting rid of old bad stuff makes room for new amazing things


7 tips to beat a hangover naturally


Yep, we’ve all been there - some even every week. Most people can’t escape a hangover after a big night out. The good news are that you can ease the symptoms with natural solutions!With a hangover, you're most likely suffering from dehydration and a deficiency of important minerals, such as magnesium and potassium. Symptoms of dehydration include, but are not limited to, headaches, cottonmouth and thirst as well as lightheadedness. Moreover, alcohol is an irritant and can cause inflammation of the stomach lining and gastrointestinal discomfort. According to LiveScience,  these symptoms become worse if someone has consumed beverages with a higher alcohol content like shots of whiskey, as opposed to more dilute drinks such as beer."

How to Ease the Hangover

1. Water


According to Dr. Kahn, hydration is supreme. Make sure to drink water before, under and after your night out. Even better is drinking alkaline water - keep reading to find out how!

2. Antioxidants

Antioxidants fight free radicals, which are basically rogue cells that cause, amongst other things, degeneration and aging of the body. Most of us think of berries and certain vegetables as high in antioxidants. However, not many people know how much more potent essential oils are for this. ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity and quantifies the "total antioxidant capacity" (TAC) of a food. On the ORAC scale, blueberries contain 2,400 TAC, whereas premium quality Clove essential oil contains 1,078,700 TAC, Myrrh contains 379,800 TAC and so forth - you get the picture. IMPORTANT: most essential oils on the market are synthetic and should NOT be consumed internally. Make sure to get the right essential oils! Other great essential oils against a hangover are:

  • Ginger oil: Energizing, anti-nausea and liver-protecting

  • Lavender oil: Has shown to reduce headaches and have pain-relieving properties

  • Lemon oil: Ingest for alkalizing effect and inhale for anti-nausea

  • Peppermint oil: Anti-nausea, pain-relieving and assist digestion


3. Magnesium


Magnesium has shown to relieveheadaches. You can either do supplements or pamper yourself with magnesium-rich Epsom salt bath. Magnesium absorbs through the skin and makes it easily available for the body to use.

4. Coconut water

In addition to the dehydrating effects of alcohol, it also triggers electrolyte imbalances. Coconut is by many considered better than sports drinks in terms of replenishing the body's water levels after dehydration, and supply the body with  electrolytes. It’s a great source of potassium as well as containing small amounts of sodium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.

5. Sulfur-rich foods

This mineral plays a big role in detoxifying your body. Your liver could use all the help it can get after a heavy night of drinking. Garlic, onions, cruciferous veggies are great sources. Moreover, turmeric, which is also highly anti-inflammatory, is amazing.

6. Sleep

Alcohol reduces the quality of sleep. However, as sleep deprivation increase a hangover’s misery, aim for at least eight hours’ sleep after you’ve had a liquid night out.

7. Exercise

While experts are divided about the benefits of mixing exercise with a hangover, research has found it gets the liver working faster to break down alcohol in the body and rid the body of those nasty toxins. As the liver is already working hard, make sure to do light exercise and nothing too straining on the body.

Bonus Tip:

One of the easiest and simplest things you can do is to start your day with something that is alkaline, detoxifying, easy to digest, and easy to make. However, it is beneficial to set your body up BEFORE you head to the party as well. An easy way to do this is; make yourself a small glass of water with ½ teaspoon of bicarbonate soda and flush it down. This is highly alkaline, and will be neutralizing for your body as alcohol is very acidic. Drink this before going to bed as well for optimal effect.

Guest Bloggers


Wellness Wednesday

Martine Thomassen and Olga Divakova run the concept, Wellness Wednesday. It is a series of workshops made up by four different health topics within a month. Week one: “Green Non-toxic Home”, week two: “Green Beauty and Body”, week three: “Natural Health and Diet”, and week four: “Emotional and Spiritual Wellness “. Follow them on Facebook to see where we’re hosting our next workshop.

Divine Wellness Tribe

Divine Wellness Tribe focuses on community and to gather people who aspire to lead a green lifestyle. Are you looking to learn more about developing a sustainable lifestyle with less toxins, or are you already all in, leading a green lifestyle with personal and spiritual development? Either way, you’re welcomejoin the Tribe! ♡