22 ethical & eco-friendly christmas gift ideas

Now that Christmas is around the corner, it's time to present to you the ultimate minimalist, eco-friendly, ethical Christmas present guide! Christmas and the surrounding months are for some people synonymous with shopping mania, to-do lists, and stress and for those who want to avoid that, we have some cool tips. What's better than giving gifts with meaning, that are great for the planet too? Minimalism is actually about having fewer choices, and thereby less stress in your life. What could be better than that?

  1. Buy tickets to a musical/theater/cinema/concert/stand-up comedy show/art gallery opening. If you are looking to be more original, what about looking for outdoor movie screenings or a trip to the sauna in the Oslo fjord?
  2. An invitation to go for a cool hike, maybe plan it as a weekend getaway, and stay the night at a cabin in the woods. We recommend Trolltungen if you live in Norway.
  3. Homemade gifts are always a winner (except maybe those you brought home from the ceramics class in 3rd grade?). What about granola (we have a delicious suggestion here), sauerkraut ( this is a great recipe) or crisp bread? Give it in a big glass jar with a gift-band tied around, and you will be begged to make more.
  4. A treatment at an organic spa. In Oslo, we suggest testing out Greel Peel and in Lisboa we love Organii. In Copenhagen and Bali, you can enjoy a luxurious, organic experience at Hotel Guldsmeden
  5. Minimalist kit - everything needed for people who often buy food/drinks at cafés to take away, and don't want to use so much single-use plastic. Something like this.
  6. To the true environmentalists, a thoughtful gift is a washing bag that prevents microfibers from your clothes to enter the ocean. Radical! Guppy bags are cool.
  7. Organic makeup or cosmetics. Some favorites worth mentioning are: Evolve Organic Beauty (in Oslo you can find it at Green Spirit), ZAO nail polish without toxic ingredients, The Body Shop has tons of goodies, Dr. Organic's facial scrub with Manuka honey, and Eco Minerals mineral foundation.
  8. A homemade “gift card" to go second-hand shopping!
  9. Sustainable swimwear from the amazing brand Halla Halla.
  10. If your mother/sister/father/boyrfriend/friend is into yoga, we recommend that you have a look at Hejhej yoga mats!
  11. Eco-friendly candles is a super cool gift. There are tons of brands online, or most likely in your closest mall or health store.
  12. Lingerie in organic cotton. Oysho and Lindex have some affordable choices.
  13. If they are into more luxurious eco-conscious brands, check out Mara Hoffman, Reformation, and Stella McCartney
  14. Sunglasses from W.R.Yuma that are 3D printed from plastic waste. Just amazing.
  15. If the person is into surfing, you should check out these sustainable surfing brands: Eco Fins surfboard fins made from recycled waste,  Bees Knees natural organic surf wax and EcoLeash from the Ecosurfshop.
  16. The "perfect" white T-shirt made from sustainable materials from The White T-Shirt Co.
  17. For the pricier gifts, have a look at Patagonia. The company is taking huge steps towards sustainability!
  18. Sustainable water bottles are very popular, and some types have such a nice design too.
  19. Take away cups are lovely gifts for the coffee or tea lovers.
  20. Check out ethical gifts from charity organizations - you can give away vaccination, invest in building a school, providing a birth certificate or give a family goat.
  21. Order used books from Amazon, or give a Kindle or a subscription to an audiobook app or Spotify!
  22. Give a subscription to a city-bike!

Other tips for an eco-friendly Christmas

  • Use newspaper as gift wrapping, and decorate the presents with thing you can find in nature, like pines
  • Recycle the wrapping
  • Swap a meat meal for a veggie meal
  • Make a plant-based hot chocolate with homemade hemp milk instead of using cows milk

Have a lovely pre-christmas time!

Podcast recommendation: Deliciously Ella

Hi all of you lovely readers!In Oslo, the first snow just appeared and it's for sure getting colder! We are testing out loads of new recipes for the winter month and it's all about warm, cozy and nutritious meals. Since so much of our immune system is in the gut it's really important to take good care of it in order to keep those nasty flu bugs away. We listened to Deliciously Ella's podcast the other day with Dr. Megan Rossi from King's College, London and she talks about how important veggies and fermented food are for our well being, both mentally and physically. One thing that we totally agree with her, is that how you feel about what you eat is so important! If you are stressing about your food even though it's super healthy you might end up with a stomach ache.  So we just want to remind you to enjoy your meals and remember and have fun with food. It's all about enjoying the taste, warmth, joy and fun with food.Highly recommend the episode, listen to it here.

Want to join us for a magical detox-trip to Costa Rica?

(Advertisement for a friend)Hi lovely people,

We are co-hosting a zero-waste & detox retreat in Costa Rica this December and would love to invite you to join!

Do you remember our trip to Costa Rica this April? In Santa Teresa, we met the wellness expert and dear friend Adi. We both did a 5-day liquid cleanse filled with Costa Rican herbs and plants, prepared by Adi herself, delivered in reusable glass bottles each morning. The cleanse quite literally changed our health and lives for the better.After opening up about our own health issues, a lot of you wrote to us sharing that you have gone through similar experiences. We truly believe that our own health and wellness in inextricably linked to the health and wellness of the planet. When we feel good, we do good.


Even more, we want to inspire you to continue this journey back home again and see in what ways our wellness is connected with the planet.Date: 16-22 December ( six nights 7 day)Location: Santa Theresa, Costa RicaParticipants: 8 peopleWeekly Program:

  • Plant-based, raw and organic* foods the days off cleanse
  • Raw vegan cooking class x 2
  • Adi's well renowned 5-day liquid cleanse with local & organic* ingredients
  • Low-intensity workouts x 3
  • 90 minutes therapeutic massage
  • 30 minutes of infrared sauna
  • Yoga & meditation x 4
  • Biomagnetic full body scan
  • Surprise starter kit for an eco-friendly lifestyle + workshop
  • Time off to spend just as you like (Surf, Horseback riding, hiking etc)
  • Transportation roundtrip from the Tambor airport.
  • Welcome smoothie


  • Bedroom for two people, one bathroom: $1705 per person
  • Bedroom for four people, two bathrooms: $1530 per person

*All the food will be organic when possible

What is actually a zero-waste & detox retreat?

We haven't co-hosted a retreat before, but we plan on bringing our zero-waste philosophy into this week through workshops and talks. We will share our experience of changing our lives around to become greener and how we can reduce what we don't want in life to make room for what we really need!So what is zero-waste? Technically it means not sending anything to a landfill. We do not lead a zero-waste lifestyle today but this is definitely something we wish to improve in all areas of our lives. We aim to reduce what we need, reuse as much as possible, recycle and be creative. The circular economy of a zero-waste lifestyle mimics nature in that there is no trash in nature. We just need to create a smarter system than the one we have today!For us, this goes for all aspects of our life. We want to reduce negative thoughts, food with a negative impact on the body, bad self-image (let's just call all of this trash for now). We want to learn how we can focus on the positive, nourish our bodies with amazing food that's also good for the planet and figure out how we can have less or manage better the stress we experience in our everyday lives.The aim of this week is not to talk out as a perfect human being, but to feel amazing, learn new tools and connect with nature.

Adi's experience and Thea Retreat

Adi has been doing detox & juice fasting retreats for more than 15 years and has been treating and training people worldwide with her medicinal herbs and menus. Just recently she established a beautiful wellness retreat center called "Thea Retreat". Together with Adi, we invite you to join us to spend one week (6 nights and 7 days) in this amazing forest above the beaches of beautiful Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.We will learn about urban gardening, how to prepare healthy delicious meals, do some good yoga and low-intensity workout and of course learn about how we can lean toward a zero-waste lifestyle. The detox will help us reach a balance in all levels, which we really want more people to experience, and also is something we need ourselves. We will be learning how to manage stress disorders, allergies,  digestive dysfunctional problems, chronicle stomach ache, fatigue, migraines & all the everyday symptoms we suffer from.


If you have any questions or want to book, feel free to contact us: post@radicalbroccoli.comor sign up here.

Hidden gems in Oslo!

Luckily you don't have to travel far to take a little break from your daily life. All you need is a staycation! Vacationing in your home city is not only more environmentally-friendly, but it can help you discover some hidden pearls in your hometown, just like we did in Oslo.

//Heldigvis trenger man ikke alltid å reise langt for å få et lite avbrekk fra hverdagen. Det kan du få til akkurat der du er, og er kjent som konseptet staycation. Å feriere i egen by er jo også så utrolig mye bedre for miljøet. Oslo er en perle. En staycation her gir rom for å oppdage sider ved byen som man kanskje ikke gjør i en ellers travel hverdag.[AD]We were so happy when TOMS asked if we could share our best staycation tips in Oslo with you, while at the same time showing their amazing vegan shoes. And you guys, did you know that for every pair of TOMS you buy, you are also buying a pair for a child in need? We LOVE conscious brands that give something back to the world.// Derfor ble vi så glade da TOMS lurte på om vi kunne dele våre beste staycation-tips i Oslo med dere, samtidig som vi kunne vise fram deres fantastisk fine og behagelige veganske sko. Og dere; visste dere at for hvert par man kjøper gir TOMS et par sko til et barn som nok trenger det enda mer. Vi elsker og heier på merker som gir tilbake og har en ektra omtanke med det de gjør.Morning bath at TjuvholmenOkay, so Tjuvholmen is hidden!? Well it might come as a surprise that we included this in our guide since it's a typical tourist attraction in Oslo, but the hidden magic is taking a morning bath here while the city is asleep. This spring we put extra effort into jumping in the ocean as often as possible. Right after waking up, we have thrown on a bikini or bathing suit and biked down. The extra little joy comes from passing all the guys in suits in this business area. On the pier we usually meet a few regulars in their robes who are discussing the temperatur in the water, and how much (or little) it has changed the past 24 hours. We say hi to everyone, regret the decision for a brief moment because it looks friggin cold, and then decide to jump. Nothing can compare to that feeling. It cures everything from headaches, tight backs and stress to morning grumpiness.//Morgenbad på Tjuvholmen Ok, er Tjuvholmen plutselig skjult nå?, tenker du kanskje. Vi er enige i at "alle" vet hvor dette er, men det er de færreste som møter opp tidlig om morgenen for verdens diggeste morgenbad! Denne våren har vi gjort en ekstra innsats for å bade så ofte som mulig. Så fort vi har våknet, har vi hevet på oss bikini eller badedrakt og syklet den korte veien ned til Tjuvholmen. Ekstra gøy er det å se at folk i dress er på vei i andre retninger. På brygga står det gjerne flere faste morgenbadere i morgenkåpe og diskuterer dagens temperatur, og hvor mye (eller lite) det har forandret seg de siste 24 timene. Vi hilser på alle, angrer et lite sekund fordi det ser forbanna kaldt ut, men hopper i det. Og verdens beste følelse får man i havet. Det renser opp i gruff og trøtthet og hodepine og hva det måtte være. Og vipps er dagen startet på best mulig måte!Photo: Martine StenbergHovedøyaOur second advice is to take the ferry from Aker Brygge to one of the beautiful islands just a few minutes outside of Oslo. It just costs you a regular bus ticket and is much calmer than the usual overcrowded beaches in town. It takes such a short time to get out there, and you get so much out of taking the trip. We really started wondering why we don't do this more often. Bring a towel, blanket, something to read, watermelon and a lovely lunch, and enjoy a perfect staycation at one of Oslo's pearls.//HovedøyaVårt andre tips er å ta fergen ut til Hovedøya eller en av de andre øyene som Ruter-fergene går ut til. Når sola skinner er gjerne steder som Huk og Paradisbuksa overfylt av mennesker, så hvis man vil ha en litt roligere dag er definitivt Hovedøya å anbefale. Det tar latterlig kort tid å komme seg dit fra Aker Brygge, og vi skjønner egentlig ikke hvorfor vi ikke gjør dette oftere. Ta med håndkle, pledd, noe å lese på, vannmelon og en digg lunsj, og nyt en mini-ferie på en av Oslos definitivt fineste perler.We hope you were inspired to take a new look at Oslo with your vacation shades on (and hopefully a pair of TOMS on your feet) and feel free to share your best staycation advice with us in the comments.//Vi håper du ble inspirert til å ta en titt på Oslo med feriebrillene på (og gjerne et par TOMS på beina), og del gjerne dine beste staycationtips i kommentarfeltet!

Guide to: Glamorous glamping @Bukubaki eco surf resort

During the time we were living in Portugal last fall, we planned for a little weekend get-a-way. We were looking for a place that would leave us feeling refreshed, inspired and most importantly, a place that had a low carbon footprint. So we packed our bags, surfboards, and bamboo toothbrushes and headed to Bukubaki in Peniche for a weekend of Glamping!We tried glamping for the first time, a glamorous form of camping (amazing beds inside a tent), together with enjoying surfing, good food, spa and sauna facilities, and exploring what Peniche had to offer. Bukubaki arranged a skate jam Saturday night, which attracted loads of local skaters to come and hang out (not too bad;)). We were amazed by the facilities and the closeness to nature, while at the same time being able to cozy up in a tent filled with lights.

WHAT'S GLAMPING? A concept where nature meets modern luxury, and it's a way to live as close as possible to nature without having to sacrifice comforts. A glamorous camping!

WHAT'S ECO-FRIENDLY TOURISM? Enhances the positive economic and social aspects of tourism, while at the same time reducing the negative effects on nature or cultural and social heritage.

The story

Bukubaki came to life already six years ago, when Marco wanted to create a space that respected nature. Living in Italy at the time with his wife, two children and one on the way they decided to follow their dream of buying a piece of land in Peniche, a small town in Portugal famous for surfing. Marco with his skate background fell in love with the surf lifestyle and friendliness of the Portuguese people. Long story short, together with another Italian couple they founded Bukubaki and created Peniche's first eco surf resort.

What is an eco-resort?

What makes Bukubaki special is that is it planned to exist around nature, and not to replace it. Bukubaki was built using natural materials and renewable energy sources, resulting in a wonderful combination of comfort offered by tree houses and Canadian tents and a cool, earthy vibe.As we are all time eco-nerds we wanted to dig even deeper and find out exactly how an eco-resort works and what all the different systems mean and how many details they have thought about.

Eco-Q&A with Marco from Bukubaki

Who are the founders?

The idea started almost 12 years ago in the mind of Marco Muraro and Eva Gramola, visionaries, dreamers, travelers, father and mother, surfers and skaters…after years of working on our dream, we had the opportunity to meet Monica Gasparotto and her husband Danilo Costa that believe in our idea and decided to jump on board for this new and exciting project. By joining our forces we were able to bring to life this amazing project named Bukubaki!Marco, the founder & surf instructor

Can you tell us a bit about your organic garden?

We are setting up an organic garden all over the Bukubaki area. We choose to plant aromatic herbs and some fruit trees that we and the hosts use in the kitchen. Our plan is to set up a bigger garden and grow our own vegetables and be able to share them with our guests, but at this stage, we were only able to set a little personal garden for our own use. We strongly believe that it would be a great experience for our guests who live in the city to see how an organic garden works!

Can you tell us about the separate waste collection system?

Like all over the area of Peniche the waste is separated between glass and metal, paper, and “normal waste” but here in Bukubaki we are separating (as much as we can) also the organic waste that we put in a compost which we then use to fertilize the garden.

In what ways are the eco principles incorporated into the food?

We are trying to use just local products and we are giving particular attention to how those products are made. Our little organic garden serves the kitchen with some fruits, herbs and a few vegetables, the rest is bought at the local market. We use only eggs from the chicken that live outside and we don’t want to use any product made by industrial methods. Also, the meat we buy is from animals that we know lived in good conditions (our butcher has his own animal farm nearby). The fish? Here in Peniche fishing is the most popular activity and we are so lucky to receive fresh fish every day directly from the fishermen! Ah, also the coffee is bio!

Approximately how much of the electricity is created through the solar (photovoltaic) system?

Our photovoltaic system is producing 15kwa of electric energy if the weather conditions are good. The photovoltaic system works properly if the sun is shining and there is no shadow on the panels, there are moments during the day that our panels are in shadow so the production is reduced in those moments. Anyway, it’s a big help for us because it produces almost 1/3 of our needs!

You have stated that "poo is black gold". Can you explain?

Sometimes we like to say strong things! Hehehe… The reason for this affirmation is because our septic tank is collecting all the human waste produced in the resort and, after a natural treatment of fermentation and filtration, it is drained to the terrain giving nutrition to the soil.

In what ways are the eco principles incorporated into the choices of furniture, decoration etc?

The production of our furniture was handmade by me (Marco) and a team of carpenters using just “solid wood” treated with natural oils. We gave our best to produce less waste and, tried to reuse as much as we were able to, the material that was supposed to be waste.

What do you expect from your guests? Do you expect something different from other resorts?

From the beginning, our mission in building Bukubaki was to give our guests the opportunity to learn and see with their eyes that it’s possible to do something to make this world a better place for us and our children, by raising awareness and promoting respect for mother earth and nature. We expect that our guests understand this message and be conscious of the responsibility that each one of us has in protecting this beautiful planet we all live on.

"From the beginning, our mission in building Bukubaki was to give our guests the opportunity to learn and see with their eyes that it’s possible to do something to make this world a better place for us and our children, by raising awareness and promoting respect for mother earth and nature."

Guide to: healthy and vegan food in London!

London is one of the best destinations for a weekend, either you are into sightseeing, shopping, being cultural or just want to eat good food. The city is really a forerunner when it comes to healthy foods and drinks, and they have understood how to make it trendy and tasty. Here are a few tips of some places which are worth visiting.SAM_4849

Nama Foods (110 Talbot Road, Notting Hill) 

Nama foods is one of the best veggie restaurants ever! The meals are so beautiful and tasty, and it is really inspiring to see how they create such good raw and vegan plates. They have everything from the creamiest chocolate cake to buckwheat porridge, Italian pizza, Mexican bowls and the most delicious sweet treats. They also have a blog where they share a few recipes.SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC

SAM_4919SAM_4911WOKIT (Borough Market) 

WOKIT is located in South Bank, which is really worth a visit. Borough Market is filled with organic produce, and it is really nice to take a walk alongside the river. WOKIT serves delicious woks, with many types of noodles, different ingredients and a host of flavours.

LabOrganic (58 Neal Street, Convent Garden) 

LabOrganic is a great place to get green cold pressed juices. The juices are always fresh and made within a short time before they are consumed.

Planet Organic

Planet Organic is a great health store and restaurant in north Kensington. They specialise in organic food, and it is a great place to come for inspiration, lunch and a tasty juice while filling up on health products.SAM_4940

Whole Foods

Heaven on earth! Whole Foods has it all, good restaurants, smoothie bar, fresh ccold-pressedjuices, organic fruits and everything you could ever imagine in the health department. The best one in London is in High Street Kensington, and they also have one near Oxford Street although it is usually very crowded. Please open up in Norway.SAM_4960SAM_4948SAM_4939

 Maroush Bakehouse (131 Earls Court Road, London SW5 9RQ)

We found this amazing place on trip advisor and decided to give it a go due to the high reviews, and we were not disappointed! Lebanese food is one of our favourites and this place really knew what they were doing. We recommend the moussaka, hommos, tabbouleh, and falafels.SAM_4853 SAM_4856SAM_4852Officially very hungry and wish we were on a plane to London. Byebye

Radical Guide to Copenhagen

As experienced Copenhagen travelers, foodies, explorers and students we were very happy to be asked by Stay.com to make a guide to healthy eats in the capital of Denmark. The city is overloaded with nice places to eat, but if you want to stay healthy, and possibly vegetarian, vegan, environmental friendly or just plain delicious, you need a guide to all the right places.We have listed 8 places in our guide, all of which we have tried at least one time. You can find it here!There are also a few other places that we didn't include. These are either places we recommend because we have tried it, or places we have heard of and would love to visit:

  • Vita Boost in "Torvehallerne" at Nørreport. They have a great variety of juices, smoothies and wraps. Take away only!
  • Landbageriet in Fredriksborggade. Certified organic bakery with loads of gluten free and milk free products.
  • Café N at Blågårdsgade in Nørrebro. A super cozy vegetarian brunch/lunch place which is almost always full due to its size and popularity.
  • BioMio in Vesterbro (Kødbyen/Meat packing district). Organic, cheap and good restaurant in the trendy part of Copenhagen. Focuses on sustainability through the whole value chain.

There are also two shops that are worth a visit while in Copenhagen, both of them focusing on organic, natural, environmental friendly products.

  • Pure shop. Denmarks largest organic skin care and make-up store. You could also get professional advice from cosmetologists. Located in Grønnegade in the inner city.
  • HelseminA chain of health stores that have everything from makeup and body scrubs to tea and food. Located all over town - Fredriksberg, Nørreport, Vesterport and the city centre (Pilestræde and Store Kongensgade)

Hope you like it! 

Guide to: Oslo Vegetarfestival

I dag var det mathimmel på jorden på veggisfestival i Oslo! Det var linet up av boder med mat fra forskjellige typer kjøkken - alt fra indisk, meksikansk, eritreisk, kaker, raw food og smoothies til vafler. Alt er vegetarisk og mesteparten er vegansk, og det er superinspirerende å se hvor mye mat som kan lages helt uten produkter fra dyr samtidig som det er klimavennlig. Det var stappfult av mennesker, og det virker som interessen for denne typen mat og produkter bare vokser.SONY DSCSONY DSCVi gikk for en skikkelig fiesta del Mexico - friterte maistortillas med masse guacamole, cashewkrem, salsa, tofu og chili fra Mission Taco. De hadde også superdigge ferske vårruller med peanøttsaus fra Helt Rå.I tillegg til matboder var det forskjellige salgsboder, organisasjoner og foredrag. Best av alt - masse smaksprøver og gratis vareprøver! Vi fikk lyst til å prøve å lage alt vi har smakt på, så det kommer forhåpentligvis noen gode oppskrifter snart. Spesielt var det masse indisk og thai som så skikkelig fristende ut.SONY DSCSjoko-himmelen! Uendelig tilgang på melkefri økosjokolade fra Plamil er ikke feil. Disse kan kjøpes på Meny, Centra og andre store butikker, samt på nettet.SONY DSCSnål frukt hadde sin egen bod på festivalen, som er et helt genialt konsept for å kaste mindre mat. Bunnpris er den første butikken som setter i gang tiltaket, som går ut på at det selges snåle frukter og grønnsaker litt billigere. Gå inn på Facebook og like siden deres, så kan dere følge med på hva som skjer og hvilke butikker de starter konseptet i! Made With Love Raw Kaker hadde stand i matområdet hvor de solgte noen helt fantastisk gode proteinbarer, sjokoladetrøfler og kaker.IMG_2199 IMG_2201For matentusiaster gikk tiden alt for fort og vi trillet hjem med masse inspirasjon og vareprøver. Det var et skikkelig populært arrangement, så det er i hvertfall stor etterspørsel etter sunn og god mat i Oslo. Håper det kommer masse lignende arrangementer fremover!

Guide to: Le Manon - Trendy & øko i Oslo

SONY DSCHvorfor ikke tenke bæredyktig og fremtidsrettet også når det gjelder hvor du vil overnatte på hotell? Eller ved valg av restaurant? Hotellet Carlton Oslo Guldsmeden åpnet for fem år siden i Parkveien i Oslo, og er en del av den danske, økologiske Guldsmedenkjeden som vi har skrevet om tidligere. Hotellet fikk nylig ny restaurant, Le Manon, som åpnet den 1. april. Guldsmedenhotellene er kjent for sitt fokus på bæredyktighet, økologi og redusering av matsvinn, og Le Manon fortsetter i denne stilen. Restauranten er utrolig hyggelig innredet, og inspirasjonen er hentet fra hotellets avdeling i Ubud på Bali. SONY DSCSONY DSCVi var så heldige å få spise en real påskefrokost på Le Manon, hvor de serverer lokale, rene, heløkologiske og kortreiste matvarer. Tilberedningen er utrolig delikat med små skilter som forklarer hver enkelt rett, for eksempel om matvaren er lokal, kortreist, gjenbrukt eller lignende. Blant det deilige utvalget finnes omeletter, kokte egg, yoghurter, brød og rundstykker, råkostsalat, stort frukt- og grøntutvalg, musli i flere varianter (en med gjenbruk av gårsdagens brød) samt en hel mengde oster og annet pålegg. På bordene står det nytraktet kaffe, og det er et stort utvalg av teer å plukke i. Frokosten er åpen hverdager mellom 6.30 og 10, og helger mellom 7 og 11 - og det er fult mulig å komme innom bare for dagens første måltid. Det er derimot umulig å ikke trille hjem etterpå!SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCHotellet er utrolig sjarmerende, og hvert enkelt rom er unikt innredet. Å bo her er mer enn en enkel overnatting - det er en opplevelse og påminnelse på hvordan man kan ha et bevisst forhold til miljøet når man er ute og reiser, eller når man skal innrede sitt eget hjem. Beliggenheten er veldig sentral, med omtrent ti minutters gange til Aker Brygge og Tjuvholmen.SONY DSC SONY DSCI resepsjonen fås det kjøpt de rene og bæredyktige produktene fra I Love Eco produktene som vi selv har prøvd ut - de lukter fantastisk! Merket har en hel rekke ulike produkter innen alt fra undertøy og badekåper til shampo og bodylotion. Ta en titt på de delikaten nettsidene deres herSONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSCSjekk ut Carlton Hotel Guldsmeden sine hjemmesider og Facebookside for mer informasjon, og la deg friste av en hotell/restaurantopplevelse med den beste samvittighet etter besøket!

Guide to: simpleRAW in Copenhagen

Simple Raw ligger på Vesterbro i København. De har en veldig kreativ meny med alt fra burgere til sjokoladefudge til de deiligste juicer. Simple raw fokuserer på naturlig mat uten tilsetningsstoffer og med minst mulig bearbeiding. Simple raw's chocolate fudge, cheese cake eller triple chocolate takker vi i hvertfall ikke nei til. Den er også nevnt i Forbes Life som en av de 6 beste spisestedene i København, og er absolutt verdt å besøke.SONY DSCSONY DSCMarinert ananas, ferske vårruler i misosaus, persillemousse og chocolate fudge cakeSONY DSCCashewyoghurt med bokhvetemuesli og økologiske bringebærSONY DSCEn fullverdig brunsj!simplerawsimplerawjuice SimpleRAWOehlenschlægersgade 12, 1663 København V, Denmark+45 35 35 30 05

Guide to: Organic is the new black @ Axel Guldsmeden

The hotel group Guldsmeden Hotels is drifted sustainably, and by using mainly organic materials and food. We got to experience a dreamy weekend at Axel Guldsmeden in Copenhagen. The interior design is beautiful, and you drift into another world when you enter the front door. The interior is inspired by the Balinese style, where one of the hotels is located. The group has three other hotels in Copenhagen, as well as one in Oslo, Aarhus and the French Riviera.Guldsmeden Hotels er en hotellkjede som drives på en økologisk og bæredyktig måte - og vi har vært så heldige å få oppleve denne drømmen over en helg på Axel Guldsmeden i København. Innredningen er helt nydelig, og man forsvinner inn i en egen verden når man kommer inn inngangen. Interiøret er inspirert av stilen på Bali hvor et av hotellene i kjeden ligger. Kjeden har videre tre andre hoteller i København, samt et i Oslo, Aarhus og på den franske Riviera.Axel_Hotel_room_2All the hotels are certified "Green Globe", and have received the Danish golden Ø-mark, which means that 90-100% of everything that is served at the hotel is organic. They are tested by the Ministry of Environment and Food three times per year, and their latest result was an astonishing 98.6% organic food. They also serve at maximum 20% non-vegetarian dishes, and therefore always have veggie options available.Alle hotellene er sertifisert "Green Globe " og har fått det danske gull Ø-merket, som betyr at 90-100% av alt som serveres er økologisk. De testes av Ministeriet for Fødevarer tre ganger i året, med seneste resultat på 98,6% økologisk mat! De serverer omkring 20% kjøttretter maksimum, og har dermed alltid tilgjengelig vegetaralternativer. Their goal is to become 100% organic, fair-trade and bio-degradable. They focus on choosing local suppliers, buying what's in season, supporting sustainable production of everything from furniture to towels, and have made this feel like the biggest luxury to experience. All bathroom products, sheets and linen, towels, keycards, toilet paper etc. is organically produced.Deres målsetning er å bli 100% økologisk, fair-trade og biologisk nedbrytbart. De fokuserer på å velge lokale leverandører, å kjøpe inn etter sesong, å støtte bærekraftig produksjon av alt fra møbler til håndklær, og har virkelig fått dette til å føles som den aller største luksus. Blant annet er alle baderomsprosukter, sengetøy, håndklær, nøkkelkort, dopapir etc. økologisk produsert.SAMSUNG CSCOther environmentally friendly actions (as an inspiration for other hotels):

  • The hotel's goal is to reduce their energy use and waste by 5% per year
  • They never use air condition, but set up fans when its too hot
  • The napkins are unbleached and made by recycled paper, with a print that says: "Love Food, Hate Waste"
  • The electricity is delivered by "Natur Energi" which provide 100% renewable energy
  • They are working on building solar panels on the roof
  • They print as little as possible, and the employees communicate electronically

Andre miljøtiltak (til inspirasjon for andre hoteller):

  • Hotellet har som målsetning å redusere sitt energibruk og avfall med 5% i året.
  • Det benyttes aldri air condition, men bruker vifter ved varmt vær.
  • Serviettene er ubleket og laget av resirkulert papir med mottoet "Love Food, Hate Waste".
  • Energi er levert av Natur Energi som bistår med 100% bæredyktig energi fra fornybare kilder
  • De jobber med å etablere solsellepanel på taket
  • Det printes så lite som mulig, og kommuniseres på mail mellom de ansatte.

SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCThis hotel is located at Vesterbro in Copenhagen, close to the city center and the Meat Packing district. In addition to regular hotel facilities, Axel Guldsmeden has a large spa, a lovely backyard, bike rental and a cozy restaurant.Coffe and a huge assortment of tea are available at free disposition in the café. They also have lots of products you can buy, among others the dinnerware, organic ice cream, chocolate, caramels, shampoo and conditioner, robes and postcards.Dette hotellet ligger på Vesterbro i København, nærme sentrum og Kødbyen. I tillegg til de vanlige hotellfasilitetene har Axel Guldsmeden en spa-avdeling, stor bakgård, sykkelutleie og koselig restaurant.Kaffe og et stoort utvalg av te var til fri disposisjon i cafeen. I tillegg har de masse produkter man kan kjøpe rundt omkring på hotellet, som blant annet det utrolig fine serviset, økologisk iskrem, sjokolader og karameller, shampo og lignende produkter, badekåper og postkort.SAMSUNG CSCThe breakfast was a dream, and they had a huge selection for every taste. The food is marked with small signs that explain whether its local, organic etc. They also have a large selection of bread, spreads, vegetarian dishes, eggs, juice, fruit, and veggies. They are imaginative when it comes to re-using - for example, the bread from the day before is used for toasting, and dry rye bread is used in the granola.Frokosten var en drøm i seg selv, og hadde et stort utvalg til enhver smak. All maten er merket med lapper som forklarer om den er lokal, økologisk etc. Det var et stort utvalg av brød, pålegg, vegetarretter, egg, juicer, frukt og grønnsaker. De er også oppfinnsomme når det kommer til bæredyktige alternativer her -  eksempelvis legger de frem brød fra dagen før som toast brød, og bruker rugbrød som har blitt tørt som ingrediens i en supergod muesli.  SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCWe highly recommend staying at Axel Guldsmeden - a hotel dream! By choosing this hotel you are doing a good deed at the same time as having a magical experience. For more information, check out their website here and here.Det anbefales virkelig å bo på Axel Guldsmeden - en drøm av et hotell. Ved å velge et slikt hotell gjør man faktisk en god gjerning samtidig som man bor helt fantastisk!For mer informasjon, sjekk ut nettsidene deres her og her.