Vegan burgers @Munchies

More and more places are offering good vegan options, which makes it easy to choose plant based. One place we really love in Oslo is Munchies. They are located at Grünerløkka, at Solli and are soon opening two more restaurants in town. They offer two different vegan options, one is the Beyond burger and the other is a type of vegan schnitzel with cheese and spinach.

Bring yo friends & eat veggie burgers!

Bring yo friends & eat veggie burgers!

Beyond Meat, the company that makes Beyond Burgers aims at being the world first plant-based burger that looks, cooks and satisfies like beef without GMOs, soy or gluten.

They use proteins from peas, mung beans and rice. The red color comes from beet! How cool is that. Did you know that 66 billion land animals are slaughtered every year for food? Seriously that’s such a high number of animals being born just to be killed for food. Therefore we are so glad for options like this.


If you are interested in trying the burger, Google and see if there are any place near you serving it. In Norway you can also find Beyond Burger at Rema 1000 and Kiwi.

Have you tried Beyond Burger? What do you think?

Have you tried a period cup?


The last couple of years, my view on having a period has changed a lot. From seeing it as a painful, annoying, but still unavoidable time of every month, I have tried switching my mind into looking at it differently. It’s actually quite strange how having your period is seen as a taboo topic when it affects half our population, and it’s often used as a label for women who are acting out, are upset or feeling down. After a few years, I have begun to see it as a time where the body needs rest, where I listen extra carefully to what it needs and wants, and as a roadmap to whether or not my body and my hormones are healthy and balanced.

In Native American culture, women who were menstruating were seen as holding spiritual powers, and they were respected for taking their time to regain energy and connect with nature and their bodies.


Organic Period Cup - OrganiCup

The newest thing I’ve tried to make my period even better is using a period cup. It’s a silicon cup completely free from hazardous chemicals (BPA, latex, dye). It holds up to 3 tampons worth, and can stay for up to 12 hours, so you don’t have to worry about your period for a whole day or night. The cup is also a one-time purchase which lasts for years, which frees us from creating lots of waste and also saves our wallet. It might take some periods to get used to the cup, at least it did for me. Once I got used to it, I realized how relieving it was to not create any waste!

How to use the OrganiCup:

  1. Before your first use, you sterilize the cup by putting it in boiling water for 3-5 minutes.

  2. To insert the cup, simply fold it in two, and insert it. It will pop open once inside you.

  3. Check if everything is in place by feeling the base of the cup - it should feel round or oval. If you feel any dents, rotate it around until it unfolds.

  4. To remove it, pull slightly on the stem (the pointy part that faces down), and press lightly on the round part to release the suction. Don’t pull all the way with the stem, as that can be quite uncomfortable.

  5. Clean your cup with the OrganiWash or OrganiWipes, and re-insert.

Anyway, most of us have our periods whether we like them or not, which is why we want to share some advice on how to make the most of it!

4 tips for making your period more enjoyable

  1. Be grateful for your cycle. After having irregular cycles for many years, I’m especially grateful for whenever it comes “on time”, which for me is a sign that my body is functioning as it should. That’s a whole lot to be thankful for! It’s also a clear, outwards sign of fertility, which to me is one of the miracles of the human body.

  2. Take time a for self-care ritual. Draw a warm bath, heat up a warming bottle to put on your stomach, indulge in essential oils, or get a massage.

  3. Treat yourself with organic products such as an OrganiCup, so that you can enjoy a period with less waste while feeling clean, saving money and supporting amazing products.

  4. Buy your favorite chocolate! Why not try a new vegan chocolate? You can find them at your health store, and larger super markets.


Where to buy the OrganiCup?

If you’re interested in trying OrganiCup, you can order a cup, wipes and wash on the OrganiCup website HERE.

In Norway, the cups have recently been launched at Boots Apotek, both in store and online.

Four eco-friendly sneakers

[includes gifts]

The quest to find eco-friendly products of great quality is always ongoing for us. This time we decided to put together a highly requested piece - our best tips on shoes that are produced in a way that’s better for our planet! We are lucky to have collaborated with some of these brands, and have therefore tested the shoes for you, so we can recommend them with our honest opinion.

There are different ways to view sustainability within shoes. Many opt for leather as opposed to plastic, as they argue that most leather is a by-product of the meat industry. Many vegans have stopped using leather, as they don’t want to support the meat industry in any way. Many new brands also use recycled plastic in their shoes, and in that way use resources that we already have, and contribute to cleaner coastal areas. Depending on your preference - you might opt for leather, vegan shoes, or have other qualities that you look for - we hope that you find something you like in this article! Feel free to drop a comment or a recommendation for other brands you like so we can share it.


We discovered Veja shoes this year through a friend who styled us for our book launch party, and have been in love with the brand and the shoes ever since. Veja is a French brand who work with cooperatives of small scale farmers in Brazil and France. The Veja shoes and accessories are made of organic cotton, wild rubber from the Amazon, vegetable-tanned leather and recycled plastic bottles. The shoes we have, a similar pair of sneakers in white and black/white are comfortable and fit with almost any clothing. See more from Veja here.

We are Wado

Wado shoes are made using organic and recycled materials. Wado use leather in their shoes, and the leather is certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG). They argue that until the meat industry stops, there are few better uses for the leather than for products such as shoes. They also feel like leather is the only option to keep the quality of the shoe up to standards. They also share that they are looking for an eco-friendly substitute! So hit them up if you have any good suggestions. See more from Wado here.

Adidas x Parley

The sports wear brand Adidas have teamed up with the environmental organization Parley for the Oceans to create shoes and training wear that are better for the planet. The products in the collection are made up of at least 75% upcycled plastic trash, which is collected from beaches and coastal areas. The plastic items are baled and sent to Parleys supply partners where they create Parley Ocean Plastic® yarn. You can read more here.


Timberland Rebotl

In May we attended and spoke at the Norwegian launch of Timberlands new Re-Botl shoe. It was so fun to see the excitement around the launch, and we celebrated that these shoes are made of 50% recycled plastic. It all lead to a huge discussion and sharing of our eco-friendly habits, what we have to do for our planet, and in what ways we like to contribute to the wellbeing of our earth.

Each pair of shoes are produced by the equivalent of 6-10 plastic bottles. Over 310 million plastic bottles have found new life in Timberland’s range of recycled shoes! You can find them at various sports stores and online, and read more about the concept here.

Hope you enjoyed this piece, and that you found some shoe-inspiration!

Øy - Norwegian brand and selected vintage

Sunway and Megi are the two sisters behind the Project Øy. Meaning ‘island’ in Norwegian, Øy started as a reason to work together with friends on a common project.


Why did you guys start Øy?

A rainy day in August last year we were hanging out with a few friends at our family’s cabin. We had a small party celebrating that Megi had just finished med school and that Sunway was back on vacation from her environmental design studies in Australia. We started dressing up in our grandmas’ vintage clothes (she’s been a vintage collector since the 60s) and started experimenting with some photos. The photos turned out weird but somehow great and we got taken away by the thought of that we could turn our passion of experimenting and collaborating with friends into a bigger project.


Starting out, what the biggest challenge?

Starting Øy took way longer than we’d first imagined. The main reason for this vast delay was probably that we believe the clothing industry is a real dirty bastard and we wanted our project to be different. Every step of the process from making the packages sent from us plastic free, to finding the right cotton thread or second-hand wooden button was essential to our project. Our experience from the process of searching for sustainable materials as a small startup company was that there are very few and not a lot of good options. Our vision from the beginning was that we didn’t want to see sustainability as a separate area within Øy, we wanted it to be an integral part of everything we do. 


Besides Øy, what do you do for the environment?

Mom has been recycling in an OCD-way as long as we can remember. This obsession has passed on to us and she’s taught us how to make soil out of food compost and to grow veggies, which is good because we rarely eat anything but plant-based food. We both really like leftovers and don’t like to waste food, so we try to always bring a food container whenever we leave the house. We make our own skin products and toothpaste etc. so we don’t have to buy single use plastic.


When traveling, we stay away from laundry services and try not book rooms with aircon. We’re always trying to stretch out our travels by traveling cheap, which results in us dumpster diving, staying with friends, sleeping at airport floors and meeting a lot of interesting people.

Last time we slept at an airport floor we met an interesting guy who owns an island in Sumatra. It turned out that this island also has a huge plastic problem. Soon we’re heading to the island to help educating the children on waste, clean up the ocean surrounding the island and to help developing a system for categorizing and collecting hazardous waste that will be sent back to the mainland.

Where are you heading with your project?

Starting out, we redesigned every piece of vintage clothing before we put it out in the shop. After a while Megi wanted to create earrings and Sunway wanted to focus on photography and design. So, we started to leave the vintage clothes alone and created our own Øy-brand. Our mom is an amazing knitter so at the moment we’re working on various knit designs. We’re trying to find a good Norwegian yarn and textile producer, but the knits will hopefully be out soon. Our main interest within our project is making things and take photos which is what we’ll do more of. Experimentation and collabs with friends have been the fundament of Øy since the beginning and that’s what we’ll continue doing. 


Want to see more of Øy?

Visit their website.

Check out their Instagram.

Adidas x Parley for the Oceans


- One garbage truck load of plastic is dumped in the ocean every minute

- Within 2050 the ocean will contain more plastic than fish, by weight 

- Every piece of plastic ever made still exists

- Plastic that is eaten by ocean animals eventually end in our bodies

- There is one tonne of plastic in the ocean for every human being 


There is no doubt we need to do something with the ocean plastic problem. Firstly, we all need to educate ourselves on the topic. It was not long ago that we learned that clothing made of polyester (a plastic based material) sheds small pieces of plastic in the washing machine, which means that the small plastic pieces end up in the ocean.

We’ve been looking for better produced (eco-friendly) workout clothes for a while now. There are not a lot of good options on the market, which isn’t so strange since training gear is usually made of polyester in order to absorb and transport the sweat so that you don’t freeze. Clothes of cotton are not the best match for work-outs, since the fabric draws in the humidity and makes the material heavy.

And we have good news! Adidas and Parley for the Oceans have teamed up to create a new fabric, a yarn called Parley Oceans Plastic™, which is made from recycled plastic picked up from coastal areas and beaches.

Photo: Michael Ray Vera Cruz Angeles

Photo: Michael Ray Vera Cruz Angeles

Together with a team of athletes, dancers, training influencers and bloggers we are fronting the new collection of training clothes here in Norway.

ADIDAS W.N.D. PARLEY Jacket.  Photo: Michael Ray Vera Cruz Angeles

ADIDAS W.N.D. PARLEY Jacket. Photo: Michael Ray Vera Cruz Angeles

The collection consists of tights, tops, sports bras, a jacket, caps, water bottles, bags and shoes. Check them out here.

BELIEVE THIS PARLEY 7/8 TIGHTS.  Photo: Michael Ray Vera Cruz Angeles

BELIEVE THIS PARLEY 7/8 TIGHTS. Photo: Michael Ray Vera Cruz Angeles

We always want to support brands that make a real effort to change in a better direction, and for Adidas to take this stance is huge, and an opportunity for many other brands to follow. 

DON'T REST PARLEY BH.  Photo: Michael Ray Vera Cruz Angeles

DON'T REST PARLEY BH. Photo: Michael Ray Vera Cruz Angeles

Even though the clothes are made of recycled polyester, they will probably shed micro-plastic pieces when you wash them, so make sure to use a Guppy Bag - a bag that you put your clothes into before washing them that is supposed to hinder the small plastic fibers to enter the waterways.


You can find the clothes at bigger sports stores where they sell Adidas - and here in Norway more specifically at G-Sport! And remember to do a mini beach cleanup next time you’re out running!

The Amazon is burning 😭

As you’ve probably noticed, we are very engaged in spreading the word about getting more plants into our diet. Not only for the sake of our own health, but for the planet, the animals and our environment.

Right now the conditions of the Amazon are at its worst. The world’s largest rainforest is being burnt down by cattle farmers in order to produce a huge amount of meet for peoples consumption. The amount of fires in the rainforest are at a record high this year, at a 83% increase from last year.

As we have written in our book, Jordnært, 70% of the deforestation of the amazon is caused by the meet production.


So what is the link between burning the Amazon and meat consumption?

The meat and dairy industry, as it is today, is not sustainable. The process is incredibly heavy on our earths resources, and the food industry today stands for 30% of the total global greenhouse gas emissions. Livestock, which is raising animals in order to produce products such as milk, meat and eggs, accounts for about half of that. A lot comes from methane emissions from the animals’ digestion, but the largest part comes from growing feed for the animals. The feed that we grow the most of is soy. In order to produce extreme amounts of soy, the rainforest is being cut and burnt down, also known as deforestation.

What can we do?

As Brinkley Davies said - “it’s not only the animal you’re eating that you’re killing, it’s everything”.

  • Cut down on your consumption of animal products - meat, dairy, eggs ++

  • Donate to organizations that you trust. In Norway we recommend Regnskogfondet, who we have had a close collaboration with, and who we trust. You can become a guardian of the rainforest on their website.

  • Watch documentaries like Cowspiracy on Netflix

  • Raise your voice on social media - no matter how big or small your account is. #prayforamazonia #amazonrainforest

When I lived in Brazil a few years ago, I was lucky enough to experience the amazing Amazon rainforest, and I actually saw huge areas of burnt trees and dry lands with my own eyes. That day I decided that each day was a new opportunity for me to inspire others to engage themselves in this important matter.

We really hope you are in with us on this one 💙

Oslo based design studio - Mold Atelier

Just stopping by to share an inspiring company that I recently discovered - an Oslo based creative studio that also create handmade products right here in town. I really like the visual expression and minimalistic look that Mold Atelier have throughout their site, products and concept. This is not an ad, I just wanted to share this with you as I love finding small companies who create something different, and have a special attention to quality. Check out their site HERE.

Two stones earrings

Two stones earrings

Meteoritt no. 2

Meteoritt no. 2

pocket bag

pocket bag

You can also find them on Instagram. Do you like supporting small brands? Do you have any recommendations for us? Feel free to post in the comments below <3

Update on the week and Adidas shoot

It’s Friday people. I’ve waited for this day all week. Haha. That’s pretty stupid actually, cause that makes me enjoy each moment less, and when Friday comes, it’s gonna pass just as quickly as every other day. Hm. Going to enjoy it a lot!!

Monday morning breakfast from Oslo Raw

Monday morning breakfast from Oslo Raw

Anyways! We’ve had such a busy week. We started Monday morning with an interview with a magazine about sisterhood and working together as sisters - it was fun to reflect upon our relationship and how it has changed after we started working together. In the evening we guested God Sommer Norge - a Norwegian talk show on TV2. We were there together with a news reporter who had been challenged to 3 days plastic free living, and we were gonna give him some tips and tricks. We also spent some time preparing for a presentation we were holding on Tuesday. In between I’ve been taking Noah for walks, playing with him, making sure he eats, and picked up socks all over the apartment.

Tuesday we held a presentation on “10 tips to a more eco-friendly lifestyle” for a University College in Oslo, Høyskolen Kristiania. This week is the intro week for all universities in Oslo, and there were some pretty tired people in the crowd haha. It actually still smelled of beer in the arena, but the presentation went pretty well and we signed some books afterwards. Its always hard to know if people resonate with what we are saying when we’re up there, since most people have kind of a plane facial expression when listening, but we got some nice messages afterwards - so thank youuu to everyone who came!

Presentation at Kristiania University College

Presentation at Kristiania University College

Second-hand clothing event &amp; book signing at Fretex Universitetsgata

Second-hand clothing event & book signing at Fretex Universitetsgata

On Wednesday we prepared for an event we held in the evening, listened through and edited our new podcast episode (you can listen here - its in Norwegian) . At 3 pm we went down to the second hand store Fretex, we ended up taking a taxi cause we we’re carrying lot’s of Infinitum magazines, candy, chips, smoothies +++ and IT was a Tesla taxi:) Haha we couldn’t even figure out how to open the fancy doors. At Fretex, the shop was packed with people, we met Karen Elene (@fattigstudent) whom we were hosting the event with. We talked for about half an hour about clothing and the environment, what to look. for when going second-hand shopping and how we can shop eco-friendly on a budget! After the event we stopped by Nordvegan to pick up some vegan curry.

New tote from @øystories and vegan curry from Nordvegan

New tote from @øystories and vegan curry from Nordvegan

On Thursday we had a meeting with a new company we are planning to do some fun things with - and figured out that they really align with our values, so that was exciting! We went for a swim practice at Frognerbadet to get some exercise and woh I was exhausted afterwards from the whole week and just tried to chill for a while watching a new series on Netflix. Its weird how hard it is to relax when you’ve been going at 100 km/h for a week?? In the evening, I brought Noah to meet his brother in the park 😍


Today we have a photo shoot with Adidas and Parley for the Oceans - shooting with their new collection of sports wear made of ocean plastic! It’s raining so it’s gonna be a refreshing experience woh. Tonight we are going out to different events, and then meeting up for a birthday.

Everyday breakfast bowl: frozen banana, frozen blueberry, squeeze of orange juice, spirulina, barley grass juice powder

Everyday breakfast bowl: frozen banana, frozen blueberry, squeeze of orange juice, spirulina, barley grass juice powder

Enjoy the weekend - in Oslo it’s rainy and gray, which calls for indoors movie time, cacao, homemade cookies and relaxing!

Have you tried period panties?

Okay, so this is a very new thing. Panty liners that can substitute for tampons or sanitary towels! How cool is that? This is not an ad by the way :) Who doesn’t want to feel comfy during their period?

According to the Independent, a shocking 700.000 panty liners, 2.5 million tampons and 1.4 million sanitary towels are flushed down the toilet every single day in the UK! The numbers are probably similar in many countries across the world, and that is A LOT of waste going into the sewage system.

That’s why we’ve decided to test some alternatives. First out - period panties from Thinx 🍑

We’re gonna try the Organic Cotton Thong. Honestly chose this one because it was the cheapest one, and in Norway we pay toll fees for ordering from abroad for over 350 kroners. Anyways - it looks amazing, the fabric feels comfy, its made of organic cotton and holds up to 1/2 a tampons worth!

The other styles, such as the Super Cotton Brief is made for the heaviest days, and holds up to 4 tampons worth.

Care Instructions

Thinx provide some care instructions for use: “To take care of your Thinx, you rinse first , pop ‘em in a mesh laundry bag (this keeps your delicates, ya know, delicate), then cold wash and hang dry. Don’t  use bleach or fabric softener!  And yes, the rest of your clothes will be fiiine.”

They will also let you try them out for 60 days - and will give you a refund if you’re not convinced. We will make a new post soon on how we liked the Thinx panties - leave a comment with your experience or thoughts if you have any!

Check out their page and follow them on Instagram to see more 🍒

Bli med på Earthpreneurs 2019

Velkommen til et event med fokus på Bærekraft.

Om kun 11 dager er det duket for Earthpreneurs - et event i Oslo med fokus på bærekraft, miljø og innovasjon. Er dette temaer som interesserer deg? I så fall ønsker vi deg velkommen til SALT, 23. August klokken 17:00. Vi har også en rabattkode til Radical Broccoli sine lesere som gir deg 30 % avslag på billettene. 

Dette er en konferanse med fokus på handling! Vi i Young Sustainable Impact var lei av å være på konferanser hvor vi kun satt å hørte på prat om hvordan være mer bærekraftig, derfor bestemte vi oss for å arrangere en konferanse hvor man lærer og deler sine egne erfaringer gjennom aktiviteter. Det vil bli minst mulig snakkis fra en scene og mest mulig aktiviteter.


8 startups vil pitche sin idé

Du vil få se hvordan ungdom fra hele verden jobber for å skape oppstartsbedrifter med mål om å løse minst et av FNs bærekraftsmål. Åtte start ups vil pitche sine ideer for første gang, og her er det MYE spennende! En liten smakebit?

  • Vil du kanskje vite mer om matbeholdere og emballasje laget av jordbruksprodukter som vokser til en plante etter bruk?
    Synes du det er vanskelig å reise bærekraftig?

  • Hvordan kan du hjelpe kaffebønder og regnskogen i Sør-Amerika?

  • Hvordan skaper man fornybar energi når været er alt for uforutsigbart?

  • Hvordan kan vi få fikset verdens vannproblemer ved å koble sammen problemene og løsningene?

Store og små selskaper som kommer også for å utfordre deg til å tenke nytt om bærekraft og sammen skape noe nytt for fremtiden

Storebrand er vår hovedpartner på dette eventet og kommer til å ta med seg mye læring om Gode penger og hvordan du kan investere dine penger bærekraftig.

Green Capital pop-up bike vil at folk skal bli bedre kjent med bærkraft på en behagelig og underholdende måte. De tar med seg sykkelen sin, quizzer, info, bærekraftige giveaways

Stilyagi ble startet opp som et motsvar mot klesindustrien som er langt fra bærekraftig. De lærer deg hvordan du kan redesigne klærne dine og andre morsomme tips og triks for å være bærekraftig.

Ingeniører Uten Grenser og NITO gir deg muligheten til å bidra direkte til å begrense humanitære katastrofer og risikoer gjennom Missing Maps. Dette er et åpent samarbeidsprosjekt hvor du kan hjelpe til med å kartlegge områder humanitære organisasjoner prøver å nå.

Vestre kommer til å ha “speed dating” hvor du får sjansen til å diskutere hvordan sosiale møteplasser kan fjerne skiller i samfunnet, hvordan skape og beholde produksjon i land med høye kostnader og hvordan skal vi ta tak i bærekraftsmålene?


Dette er bare et lite utdrag av de som kommer, så dette er ikke en vanlig konferanse hvor du sitter stille, og vi vil ha deg der for å skape noe sammen!


Det hele vil avsluttes med en fest på SALT. Og hva er vel bedre enn en fest med mennesker som bryr seg om en bærekraftig verden?


Se facebook event for mer detaljer.
Billetter kan kjøpes HER på Eventbrite, og husk å legge til rabattkoden som gir deg 30 %: RBFRIENDS

Eller så kan det gjøres så enkelt som å taste inn #121333 på vipps, og dere vil få ferdig rabatterte billetter. 

Følg oss gjerne videre på våre sider for mer informasjon:

Gleder oss til å se deg, hilsen oss i YSI teamet

Organic & vegan favorites from Sweden

Today I kept up with the norwegian habit of going across the border to Sweden to buy food :)) Our cabin is just a short boat trip away, which makes it really convenient. Thought I would share some of my findings with you, since there is a BIG difference in the availability of vegan and organic food in Norway and Sweden (Sweden being annoyingly much better).

organic blueberries &amp; mango - paper packaging. yay

organic blueberries & mango - paper packaging. yay

I love when I find organic berries and frozen fruits - these are perfect for smoothies. I try to avoid non-organic berries as much as possible, because of the large amount of pesticides (sprøytemidler) used on berries.

organic kombucha

organic kombucha

Kombucha is my go-to drink when I’m into something sweet with a sour twist. My favorite is Captain Kombucha from Portugal, but I like to try new brands when I find them.

It’s insane to see how many meat replacements and vegan options there are in Swedish grocery stores. In Norway there is typically one vegan cheese brand, one sausage replacement, one burger replacement and a few plant milks. Swedish stores have their own isles full of vegan cheese, vegan meat replacements, ice cream, spreads and candy.

Did you know that both kombucha and sprouts are super good for your digestion? They both contain beneficial bacteria for the gut. Sprouts are the closest you get to a natural probiotic, and are great in salads, on top of soups, on your bread or in your smoothie. Some can taste quite spicy, but try different ones to get all the benefits and to find your favorite.

For lunch after shopping I made a fresh salad with organic leafy greens, tomatoes, bell pepper, mango, sprouts & herbal salt! I usually make a quick dressing with the juice from half an orange, raw honey and spices.

The last few things I picked up where some organic cotton high waste briefs - cause who wants synthetic stuff down there :// I have a hard time finding organic cotton underwear, but Pierre Robert have some nice comfy ones for those kind of days. Arnica oil is a great massage oil for a good sports massage, as it heats up the skin and increases the blood flow. I am also into getting a toothpaste that is made from natural ingredients, like this one from Dr. Organic with tea tree oil! Be aware that lots of natural toothpastes contain palm oil, like the one from King Fisher.

Hope you liked it!! Maybe we’ll do more of these “unboxing” grocery kind of things 🌼

Awesome Things Yoga Teaches Us About Honouring Mother Earth

As a yogi, there are certain things that we should honor. We should be gentler first with ourselves and then to others. Yoga is not just about going into poses to become stronger and more flexible. While the practice does offer that to you, it also asks that we give back to our community and the earth. Part of the eight limbs of yoga includes many aspects of being conscious about the outside world we live in. We can often become very stuck just being in our heads. The world needs your help, and you are connected to it. It’s important to feel that and to help in the ways you can.

There are many beautiful ways that yoga can teach us about honoring mother earth. It starts from within.


Being Aware of Self

Yoga opens you up to the awareness of self. When you can learn to pay attention to your feelings and physical manifestations, you will also become aware of other things. If it upsets you to see garbage in the park, you can acknowledge why that upsets you. Someone has been deeply disrespectful to other people and also to nature. When you find out why that bothers you so much, you may come to realize how much the pristine nature that surrounds you actually means to you. Getting deep into the heart of things will help you do the right things in life. You’ll start to take action because you stand behind the feelings you identify.

Being Aware of the Energy that Surrounds You

When you’re inside of your mind all of the time, you don’t see what’s happening around you. Once you find that self-awareness, which is something a yoga class should help you with, you’ll want to look outside of yourself. You’ll begin to feel the connectedness that exists within every living thing. That includes the houseplant, a tree, other people around you, and a body of water. Awareness is the first step towards action. Once you are willing to open up to people and things that surround you, you’ll be more prone to care about those things.

The Reference of Nature in Yoga Classes

Many yoga teachers will theme their classes around nature. There are even many poses that mimic animals, mountains, the sun, and the moon. If you’re doing yoga classes regularly, you may begin to see nature in a new way. Perhaps seeing and acknowledging how precious it is. Appreciating a waterfall, a lake, or a creek a little more may promote an inner desire to preserve those things you love in nature.


The Yamas of Yoga

The Yamas of yoga is our outer environment and how we deal with it. They are the universal vows that include our actions, words, and thoughts. There are a few of the Yamas that indirectly tell us we should be kinder to all living things. Here are a few.

Ahimsa is non-violence. This includes physical, mental, or emotional violence to yourself or someone else. The Buddhist practice of compassion can be used to help create non-violence in life. You can be unkind to people and all the earth in many ways. It’s all about being compassionate.

Aparigraha (non-coveting)

There are many things we may want to take from nature. If you look at the reasons we go to a zoo, for example, we love an animal so much we want to see them. This comes at the cost of their freedom. It’s not the right way, and we must become conscious of not coveting things. When we are all willing to do this, there won’t be animals in captivity for our viewing pleasure. Even the simplest things like a bouquet are coveting something from nature. Yes, others do it too so the rose will be cut from the stem regardless. There is a wisdom in all of us; however, that knows, there is power in just one person who decides to make a difference. By cultivating the act of not coveting things, you give people the freedom to do so also.

Yoga Teaches Us to Do No Harm

One of the eight limbs of yoga is to do no harm. This is why Buddhist monks won’t even kill a mosquito or ants that have infiltrated their sleeping quartered. If you follow the teachings of this ancient practice, it’s essential that you don’t harm other living things. This is everything. This is the amount of water you use, how much you drive, what kind of car you drive, how you purchase (is there a lot of plastic on your purchase?). Being aware of what is going to harm the environment is an essential aspect of yoga, which will likely be talked about at one point or another.

Yoga is a beautiful practice for you to do. It is also a lifestyle that exists beyond the mat. Being conscious about how you treat mother earth will come up within the community. It is a large part of yoga since it’s inception into the world so many thousands of years ago. As you become more aware of yourself and the world around you, you’ll begin to see how you can help mother earth.


Guest post by Meera Watts

Meera Watts is a yoga teacher, entrepreneur and mom. Her writing on yoga and holistic health has appeared in Elephant Journal, CureJoy, FunTimesGuide, OMtimes and others. She’s also the founder and owner of Siddhi Yoga International a Singapore based company organzing yoga teacher training retreats worldwide. Meera is also among top 20 Yoga bloggers in the world as per Thoroughly Reviewed.

Summer stories with Livid pt. 2

Ria top japan &amp; ria skirt japan indigo

Ria top japan & ria skirt japan indigo

Norsk sommer

Denne sommeren ble skikkelig norsk for oss. Vi har utforsket forskjellige kriker og kroker av landet vårt, og i skrivende stund er jeg, Susanne, på Hvaler, mens Nettern er på vei over fjellet til Stryn, Hoddevika og det vakre vestlandet. Her på Hvaler har hele gjengen hatt noen digge dager med seiling, padling, yoga, hundekos og hjemmelaget mat. Mamma elsker å ha masse besøk på hytta, og baker helst alles favorittbakst - om det skulle være vegansk, glutenfritt, bare helt vanlige skoleboller eller rundstykker. Det er jo mye som er fint med å nyte sommeren i Norge. Selvsagt er det fantastisk for miljøet at fler velger å feriere i nærheten av der de bor. Samtidig får man gjort så mye man aldri ellers får tid til - oppdage nye skogsturer, nye små øyer å ha piknik på, eller bare å lære å slappe av en hel dag med bøker og kryssord. Det er vanskelig når man er vant til et helt annet tempo - men det begynner å komme seg!

/ We decided to go all in on Norway this vacation, and make the most of cabin trips, surf trips, mountain explorations and trying out new hobbies close to home. Anette is on her way to Stryn right now, and I’m at the cabin with the doggies, mom and stepdad. We’re spending time sailing, padling, swimming, cooking, baking, writing, reading and walking in the woods. 💧


Vi er så heldige. Vi samarbeider med Livid, et norsk klesmerke som startet sin historie i Trondheim. Vi har skrevet mer om Livid tidligere, det kan dere lese her. I sommer har vi brukt disse fine plaggene i parken, hjemme, på vennedates, på fest og snart skal de brukes, mikses og matches i festivalsommeren. Vi har plukket ut noen plagg vi elsker, som vi håper og tror kommer til å vare i mange tiår fremover på grunn av et klassisk snitt og utrolig slitesterke materialer, samt Livid sin reparasjonsordning.

// We’re so lucky to collaborate with Livid, a Norwegian clothing producer that also have a vintage department. We’ve written about them before, and you can read more here. We’ve picked out our favorite items that we think will last for years. They are perfect for everything from this summers festival season to cabin trips and everyday wear.

ria top japan &amp; ria Skirt japan (indigo &amp; off-white)

ria top japan & ria Skirt japan (indigo & off-white)

I mai var vi en tur i Hoddevika - en unik liten perle på Stad som en del av meg ikke har lyst til å skrive for mye om fordi jeg er redd det skal bli overbefolket der, haha. Tror faktisk ikke sannsynligheten er så stor, det er verdens mest kronglete sted å komme seg til, og ganske værhardt, men Guri så fint når solen titter frem.

// In May, we spent a week in Hoddevika, a little tiny bay in Stad which is too magical to describe in words. Its a perfect surf and hiking spot.

suri japan navy floral

suri japan navy floral

Suri-kjolen er laget i et sykt deilig og bærekraftig materiale som heter Tencel. Det er altså ikke silke, men en type rayon/viskose (bearbeidet cellulose fra trær) som er produsert under svært strenge forhold for å forsikre gode tekstilegenskaper og ikke minst bærekraftig produksjon. Tencel har mange av de samme gode egenskapene som ull og silke, og klær laget i Tencel er myke, slitesterke, holder godt på passformen og fører fukt bort fra huden. Tencel er et registrert varemerke for lyocell fra tekstilprodusenten Lenzig og scorer svært høyt i rangeringen av miljøvennlige tekstiler, både når det gjelder råmateriale og produksjonsprosess.

Tencel produseres av Eukalyptus-trær. Produksjonen er FSC-sertifisert, som garanterer bærekraftig skogsdrift. Trær som brukes i produksjon blir erstattet, og selve råvareproduksjonen forbruker CO2 og produserer oksygen. Skogsdriften foregår på områder som ikke passer til matjord og kommer dermed ikke i konflikt med matproduksjon. Tencel krever langt færre kjemikalier enn tradisjonell viskose og tilnærmet 100 % av kjemikaliene gjenbrukes. Resten blir renset. Produksjon av Tencel forbruker også mindre energi i produksjon enn tradisjonell rayon/viskose og krever 10-20 ganger mindre vann enn bomull. Det er ganske kult!

Dere kan lese mer om Livid sine produksjonsprosesser på deres nettsider.

// The Suri dress from Livid is made of Tencel, which is not silk but a type of rayon/viscose, which is durable and comfortable against the skin. The production is FSC-certified, its made from Eucalyptus trees, and the trees used in the production are replaced. The chemicals are reused (almost up to 100%) for each production, which makes it a closed-loop kind of process. Pretty cool.


Hope you have a comfortable summer where ever you are 🌼🌻

The Game Changers


Words can not even describe how excited I am for the movie Game Changers to come out. It’s a movie produced by James Cameron (who also made Avatar), Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan that documents professional sports, science and plant based eating. The film features some of the worlds biggest athletes, such as top tennis player Novak Djokovic, Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton and nine-time NBA All Star Chris Paul. The movie is about James Wilks - an Elite Special Forces trainer and winner of the Ultimate Fighter - as he searches for the truth about meat, proteins and strength. It also speaks about meat and health, and its effects on our planet. I suggest you watch the trailer now 😃


Homemade deodorant

De siste årene har vi blitt mye mer obs på hva produktene våre inneholder, fordi det har kommet mer informasjon om hvor skadelige noen kjemikalier kan være, både for oss og for livet i havet. Når vi skyller av ansiktsmasken, spytter ut tannpastaen eller renser håret for sjampo ender alle disse ingrediensene fra produktene i vannløpet, som til slutt leder ut i havet.

Har du for eksempel hørt om triklosaner? Det er et antibakterielt stoff som finnes i mange typer tannkrem, deodorant, kosmetikk, rengjøringsmidler, tekstiler (spesielt treningstøy), sko, dyrepleieprodukter, og produkter som er i kontakt med mat. Det er et stoff som er giftig for alt levende liv i vann og kan føre til at bakterier blir resistente mot antibiotika. I Europa er det blitt strengere regler mot å bruke dette stoffet i produkter som sko og klær, men det er ikke ulovlig ennå. Det har også vært fremmet påstander om en mulig kobling mellom jevnlig bruk av antiperspirant deodorant og brystkreft, men det finnes ikke så tydelige funn at det kan konkluderes. Det er en del stoffer vi ønsker å holde oss unna, og vi har en hel oversikt i boken vår.

// Recently, we’ve become more aware of the ingredients of the products we use, because of the rising awareness of how certain chemicals can be toxic for us and for the life in the ocean. When we rinse off our facial mask, spit out the toothpaste and rinse our hair for shampoo, these substances go through the waterways and end up in the big blue.

Triclosan, for instance, is a chemical often used in toothpaste, deodorant, cosmetics, cleaning detergents, textiles, shoes, animal care products and products that wrap our food. It’s an antibacterial agent that can be poisonous for life in the ocean, and can lead towards antibiotics resistance. In Europe there are strict rules towards using the substance, but it is not illegal yet. There are also drawn links between regular use of anti perspirant deodorant and breast cancer, but there are not enough solid evidence for a firm conclusion. There is a whole bunch of chemicals like these that we wish to avoid, and we have an overview in our book.

Homemade deodorant

En god løsning kan være å lage hjemmelagde produkter! I dag har vi lyst til å dele oppskriften på hjemmelaget deodorant med dere. Oppskriften er inspirert av // A great solution, which is both cheap and very environmental friendly is to make your own products! Today, we want to share the recipe for homemade deodorant!

You need

• ½ dl coconut oil (cold pressed)

• ½ dl baking soda (removed bad odor)

• ½ dl corn starch, f. ex.. maizena (soaks up moisture)

• some drops essential oils (optional) - we used grapefruit & lemon

How to

Melt the coconut oil by adding a kettle of coconut oil in another kettle of water (vannbad). Mix in the additional ingredients until its completely liquid. Let it sit in the fridge until firm, and its ready to use!

Island trip & reusable grill

I sommer bestemte vi oss for å ta miljøvennlig grilling skrittet videre, og fikk oss en flergangsgrill fra Barb.Eco. Du finner den på Life, Lesstrash og BeEcoshop. Den er så genial, en liten sak som du har i en egen bag, med tennbrikker laget av kokosskall som er nedbrytbare. Vi grillet vegansk burger fra Beyond Meat (finnes på Rema 1000), og hadde med tilbehør - tomat, avokado, spirer, spinat og sennep. Det hadde også passet perfekt med hjemmelaget ketchup (se oppskrift her). Sykt forfriskende å lage mat ute etterfulgt av et digg bad og pøsende regn - måtte løpe hjem! Norsk sommer ✨

// This summer we took the grilling a step further and bought a reusable grill from Barb.Eco! It’s super good, heats up in 5 minutes, and uses biodegradable “coal” from coconut shells.

Beyond Burger!

Beyond Burger!

Vi hadde også med flergangskopp fra Stojo, som er en sammenleggbar greie du alltid kan ha i vesken! Håper du koser deg med grilling i sommer, og tar med deg en flergangsgrill, rett og slett fordi jorda har så godt av at vi tar vare på den.

// We also brought the reusable Stojo cup which is foldable so it can fit in any bag! Let’s do small and bigger things to take care of the earth.


(A bit more) eco-friendly swimwear

It’s summer time and a time for many to get themselves some new swimwear. Before we begin the list of tips, we have to discuss something important. The fact that many clothings brands are starting to brand themselves as eco-friendly is something to be aware of. The only actual eco-friendly thing about clothes is not buying too much of it, and taking good care of what we have.

When the items we have do wear out, as swimwear eventually does, we need something new, of good quality, and with an ethical production process behind! Polyester is a synthetic fibre which was originally produced from oil, and is a non-renewable resource.It can be argued that swimwear of recycled plastic is better than just simple “new” plastic, because it uses a resource that is already made. With that in mind, remember that swimwear made from recycled plastic will also shed micro plastic into the waterways when being washed. When the tiny pieces enters into the waterways, they will most likely end in the ocean at some point, and be mistaken for food for the smallest ocean creatures, which again are eaten by fish and other seafood that humans eat. Not to forget the unknown harm that plastic causes in any living creatures’ system. It’s a tricky topic!

Anyways, we want to share some brands we like, that make quality items out of recycled materials!

Under protection

A danish brand that only uses sustainable materials such as recycled polyester, recycled wool, lyocell and organic cotton. All the packaging, paper and polybags are either recycled or biodegradable. Most of the products are vegan approved, and if not, it is because it is recycled (wool) or a waste resource (milk). They only work with certified factories. These items are made of 94% recycled polyester and 6% elastane. The products are made in New Dehli, India and is vegan approved by PETA. The fabric is both Oeko-Tex and GRS certified.


Dedicated is a Swedish brand that use organic and fairtrade cotton, recycled polyester and wood fibers. All items are vegan. The swimwear is made of recycled PET, made from PET-bottles.

La Vinn Swimwear

La Vinn swimwear is an ethical and eco-conscious swimwear brand designed in Norway & the Netherlands, founded in Byron Bay. They are working towards developing a 100% recycled fabric. The pieces are made in Bali.

Adidas x Parley

Every piece in the Adidas x Parley collection is made of plastic trash collected from remote beaches and coastal communities. The swimwear is made of chlorine resistant material with regenerated ECONYL® yarn, spun by recycled polyester.


Monki recently launched a collection of swimwear with items made from recycled polyester and polyamid from PET-bottles.


KappAhl is one of many brands striving towards increasing their use of recycled and more sustainable materials. The swimwear is made from recycled polyester, from PET bottles and residual waste from the textile industry.

A lot can be said about brands using sustainability as a marketing technique, and if they don’t really have any sustainability policy of true value, it is not good enough. But we definitely want to applaud and welcome brands wanting to make a change, so make sure to read up on your favourite brands, and don’t hesitate to message them with any questions!

Have a lovely summer day - maybe you can pick up some plastic today? 🌼

Ocean lovers 💙


Dagen i dag startet med en sykkeltur ned til havet for et friskt morgenbad etterfulgt av en deilig dusj med duften av sheasmør og sandeltre. Vi har prøvd ut en rekke av produktene til Love Beauty & Planet det siste halvåret, fordi vi synes det er spennende og viktig å utforske merkevarer som tilstreber å fungere i harmoni med naturen fremfor å inneholde kjemikalier som kan være støtende for både vår helse og planetens.


Dette ble ekstra tydelig i dag, da vi dusjet like ved havet og kunne se hvordan såpen blandet seg med bølgeskvulpet. Tidligere har jeg ikke tenkt på hvor mye bruken av produkter som solkrem, sjampo, balsam, såpe og vaskemidler har å si for havet, men realiteten er at alt vi bruker tilslutt vil ende opp i det store blå. Dersom produktene da inneholder kjemikalier som er direkte skadelig for dyr eller som bruker tiår eller hundrevis av år på å bryte ned så er vi ansvarlige for den ødeleggelsen det kan medføre for mikroorganismer, fisk og andre havdyr. Vi har skrevet masse om dette, og hvilke kjemikalier som kan være harmfulle i boken vår Jordnært.

Love Beauty & Planet er en helvegansk serie av hud- og hårpleie laget på flasker av 100% resirkulert og resirkulerbar plast.

Love Beauty & Planet prøver ikke å fremstå som en perfekt merkevare, men de er opptatte av å være tilgjengelige og et bedre alternativ enn mye annet. De inneholder opp til 99% naturlige ingredienser, etisk fremstilte dufter, og utvinner ingrediensene på en bærekraftig måte, som vil si at man sørger for å opprettholde plantenes mulighet for å vokse videre etter man har høstet det man trenger. Det som er så fint med Love Beauty & Planet er at de ønsker å inspirere oss alle til å tenke på naturen og miljøet i hverdagen - #smallactsoflove. Hvis dere har spørsmål om produktene eller produksjonen bak så anbefaler vi dere å sende dem en melding eller mail for å få mer informasjon. Vi har opplevd å ha en god dialog, og setter høyt at våre samarbeidspartnere oppfordrer til åpenhet og transparens, slik at vi forbrukere kan bli tryggere på våre valg. Tidligere har det føltes ut som at naturlige og veganske produkter har vært vanskelig å få tak i, men nå tilgjengeliggjør Love Beauty & Planet dette på dagligvarebutikker som Meny, Kiwi, Eurospar, Spar, Bunnpris og H&M til en rimelig pris. Det er et av de første veganmerkene i dagligvaren, og de har bevisst laget store flasker for å redusere bruken av plast. NB! Love Beauty and Planet har lagt mye vekt på duftene ved utviklingen av produktene, og vi synes de dufter veldig godt, men hvis du har sensitiv hud eller er allergisk anbefales produktene ikke. – ethical and sustainable fashion

Guro &amp; Kristin bak

Guro & Kristin bak

Vi ble nysgjerrige på og lurte på om de hadde lyst til å fortelle litt om seg selv! Her er derfor et gjesteinnlegg av

Nettbutikken ble startet av duoen Guro og Kristin. Produktene du finner på nettbutikken er produsert av økologiske, nedbrytbare materialer, resirkulert avfall fra havet eller gjenbruk og one of a kind vintage produkter.

Duoen ble først kjent i Barcelona der de begge studerte fashion marketing, og bodde sammen. De ble fascinert av den urbane og kreative livsstilen i byen, men fikk også erfare at mote handlet om store miljøutslipp og dårlige arbeidsforhold. Moteindustrien forurenser nesten like mye som oljebransjen. Da de bodde i byen, hadde de store planer om en pop-up vintage butikk hvor man også kunne bytte til seg til plagg, inspirert av livstilen i der.

Nå, noen år senere, har de planene blitt til En moteplattform som representerer deres verdier og et ønske om å skape positive ringvirkninger.

Nettbutikken kom til liv en varm sommerdag i Tøyenparken i fjor, da de tenkte tilbake på årene i Barcelona. Det var intense lange skoledager, tapas til lunsj og kvelds. Vind i håret mens de syklet nedover gatene til Barceloneta for å bade. Kjenne roen av den tunge sanden under ett vått håndkle, og solen i ansiktet.

donna jumpsuit.jpg

De så for seg en avslappet, urban stil med tidløse plagg av god kvalitet, noe tilbyr i dag. De jobber for at det skal bli enklere å velge bærekraftige produkter som kan bli til nye favoritter. Produkter som er fri for kjemikalier, med gode arbeidsforhold og med materialer som gjør nytte for miljøet.

Nettbutikken ble lansert i midten av mai og har base i Tøyen området, Oslo. Målet er å utfordre oppfatningen om hva bærekraftig mote er, og at god stil er kompromissløs, uansett.

Teamet samarbeider med lokale bedrifter som Kulmis på Tøyen, under merket ”Made in Tøyen”. Gamle duker og gardiner som blir gjenskapt til nye, unike handlenett.

Duoen stiller høye krav til hvor produktene produseres og at det er under gode arbeidsvilkår. Produktene er av økologisk materialer uten kjemikalier eller resirkulert/gjenbruk, noe som bidrar til positive ringvirkninger.


Deres leverandører må produsere i tråd med etiske retningslinjer og inkluderer sertifiseringer innen bruk av kjemikalier og arbeidsforhold. Eksempler på dette er Fairtrade og Fair Wear Foundation. Fairtrade-standardene omfatter sosiale, miljømessige og økonomiske krav og bidrar til et bærekraftig jordbruk, ivaretakelse av menneske- og arbeidstakerrettigheter, og økonomisk og sosial utvikling for bønder og arbeidere.

Med Fair Wear Foundation medlemskap forplikter klesmerkene seg til å følge "Code of Labor Practice" i alle sine produksjonsanlegg. Denne koden er basert på prinsippene i den internasjonale arbeidsorganisasjonen (ILO) og verdenserklæringen om menneskerettigheter.

Overordnet mål er trippel bunnlinje i kombinasjon med sirkulær og bærekraftige produkter.

Det skal være enkelt å kunne ha en grønn livsstil uten at en må gå på kompromiss med en selv.

Ta en titt på butikken HER.

What to grill when you're plant based?

Siden formålet mitt er å inspirere til grillmat så innser jeg at overskriften like gjerne kunne vært "det perfekte tilbehøret til grillmat". Men, for meg er grilling så veldig mye mer enn noen pølser på en grill, og jeg har nok alltid vært mest interessert i tilbehøret. Jeg kommer derfor til å tipse dere om tre fantastiske retter som er perfekte til grillmat, i tillegg til å fortelle dere om mine veganske favoritter på grillen. De siste årene har jeg brukt veldig mye tid på kjøkkenet. Jeg elsker å teste ut nye oppskrifter og lage mine egne variasjoner – og dessverre så glemmer jeg altfor ofte å skrive ned oppskriftene. Men jeg har gjort et forsøk denne gangen og jeg håper virkelig at rettene kan falle i smak! De er forholdsvis enkle å lage, men det er selve kombinasjonen som gjør alt.

// For me, grilling is more than some sausages on the grill, and I have probably always liked the side dishes more. Therefore I thought I would share my top three perfect side dishes for grill food, in addition to sharing my favourites on the grill.

Broccoli salad

Denne salaten er helt nydelig. Jeg har tatt den med som tilbehør på grillfester (også tapas), og responsen har bare vært positiv. Hemmeligheten er at du må kutte brokkolien og rødløken i små biter! Ellers er det bare å blande sammen alle ingrediensene til en god miks.

// This is a winner among my friends too, and the secret to a good salad is to chop the broccoli and red onion into small pieces.


  • 1 broccoli in small bites

  • 1 red onion in small bites

  • 1 Oatly iMat Fraiche or another vegan sour cream

  • 100 grams salty cashew nuts

  • 1 dl raisins

Potato salad

Jeg elsker poteter. Aller helst lager jeg denne oppskriften med små nypoteter, men det funker selvfølgelig like bra med større poteter som er kuttet i terninger (slik som på bildet). Kombinasjonen med poteter og dill er helt uslåelig, så dill’en er helt essensiell i denne oppskriften. Hvis du vil ha potetsalaten mer creamy, kan du eventuelt tilsette 1 boks Oatly iMat Fraiche og et par spiseskjeer vegansk majones.

// I love potatoes. I preferably make this salad with new potatoes, but it works well with bigger potatoes too. The combination of dill and potatoes is unbeatable. If you want to make it more creamy, you can add 1 box Oatly iMat Fraiche and a couple of tablespoons of vegan mayonnaise.


  • 1 kg potato, preferably new potato (nypotet)

  • 150 g snow peas (sukkererter)

  • 5 radishes chopped into thin slices (reddiker)

  • 3 ss capers (chopped into small pieces)

  • 2 ts dijon mustard

  • Fresh dill

  • A generous dash of basil oil

  • Some pinches of sea salt

Tomato salad

Denne salaten er så enkel at jeg kunne nesten like gjerne bare lagt ut bilde av den uten å forklare noe videre. Og igjen, så er det selvsagt kombinasjonen som bare er helt nydelig. Bare kutt opp, bland sammen og servér!

// This salad is so simple that you would figure out the recipe by the picture. The combination of vegan feta cheese and tomatoes!!


  • Tomatoes

  • Fresh basil

  • Olives

  • Vegan feta cheese (I used Sheese from Sweden)

  • Olive oil

  • Sea salt

My favourites on the grill

Disse rettene kombinert med veggispølser er rett og slett den perfekte sommermaten. Jeg synes pølsene fra Viana er nydelige. De kan fåes kjøpt på Sunkost Gunerius eller Røtter vet jeg. Ellers finnes det mange ulike sorter veganske burgere i butikken som også funker bra å grille! Bare husk på grillforbudet der det gjelder. Hvis du er en av de som ikke får fyrt opp grillen – bare stek det du behøver på kjøkkenet – ta med deg maten ut og nyt.

// These dishes together with veggie sausages make the perfect summer food. I love the sausages from Viana. There are lots of vegan burgers in the store that you also can grill!

Guest post by Sigrid Sydsæther

Følg Sigrid Sydsæther på Instagram for mer inspirasjon til et grønnere liv & supergod plantebasert mat! // Follow Sigrid Sydsæther on Instagram for inspiration on a green lifestyle and fresh vegan food!