Organic & vegan favorites from Sweden

Today I kept up with the norwegian habit of going across the border to Sweden to buy food :)) Our cabin is just a short boat trip away, which makes it really convenient. Thought I would share some of my findings with you, since there is a BIG difference in the availability of vegan and organic food in Norway and Sweden (Sweden being annoyingly much better).

organic blueberries & mango - paper packaging. yay

organic blueberries & mango - paper packaging. yay

I love when I find organic berries and frozen fruits - these are perfect for smoothies. I try to avoid non-organic berries as much as possible, because of the large amount of pesticides (sprøytemidler) used on berries.

organic kombucha

organic kombucha

Kombucha is my go-to drink when I’m into something sweet with a sour twist. My favorite is Captain Kombucha from Portugal, but I like to try new brands when I find them.

It’s insane to see how many meat replacements and vegan options there are in Swedish grocery stores. In Norway there is typically one vegan cheese brand, one sausage replacement, one burger replacement and a few plant milks. Swedish stores have their own isles full of vegan cheese, vegan meat replacements, ice cream, spreads and candy.

Did you know that both kombucha and sprouts are super good for your digestion? They both contain beneficial bacteria for the gut. Sprouts are the closest you get to a natural probiotic, and are great in salads, on top of soups, on your bread or in your smoothie. Some can taste quite spicy, but try different ones to get all the benefits and to find your favorite.

For lunch after shopping I made a fresh salad with organic leafy greens, tomatoes, bell pepper, mango, sprouts & herbal salt! I usually make a quick dressing with the juice from half an orange, raw honey and spices.

The last few things I picked up where some organic cotton high waste briefs - cause who wants synthetic stuff down there :// I have a hard time finding organic cotton underwear, but Pierre Robert have some nice comfy ones for those kind of days. Arnica oil is a great massage oil for a good sports massage, as it heats up the skin and increases the blood flow. I am also into getting a toothpaste that is made from natural ingredients, like this one from Dr. Organic with tea tree oil! Be aware that lots of natural toothpastes contain palm oil, like the one from King Fisher.

Hope you liked it!! Maybe we’ll do more of these “unboxing” grocery kind of things 🌼

Barcelona with Parley for the Oceans

This weekend we travelled to Barcelona to run with Adidas X Parley for the Oceans. We have both been to Barcelona before, and we’re excited to go again. But my oh my our guilt over flying has grown immensely, and the decision whether or not to go was hard to make. We looked at options to take the train, but quickly found out it takes 50 hours from Oslo, which was more time than we had available. So we did a lot of research on how to best compensate for the travel. We recommend this article if you want to read more about flying and what you can do with it if you can’t quite ditch airplanes yet (like us). It’s a huge dilemma, and we can’t wait to learn more about it. If it’s one thing we want to do in the future, it’s to work with the aviation industry to make it more environmentally friendly, or make sure that the alternative options become more available and easier to use. Because right now it is just not good enough in any way. Not to speak of airports, where all you can find is unhealthy food packed in plastic (remember to bring a packed lunch!).


Parley for the Oceans

“We’re fighting for plastic-free oceans by turning plastic trash into high performance sportswear.”

Anyways, we were in Barcelona with Adidas and Parley for the Oceans who are launching their biggest collection yet of athletic wear made out of plastic from the ocean. 🌊 It was such a good and weird trip. First of all our plane was cancelled on Friday witch made us so late that we missed the run we were supposed to attend and we ended up running the next day in stead. On Saturday Anette’s phone got stolen while eating lunch, so the rest of the afternoon was spent at the police station. Then we just knew we had to turn this bad vibe around, because bad things were happening all the time. You know that feeling when you’re stuck in a downwards spiral because all your thoughts are so shitty (haha)? So we took on our training gear and headed to the gym for a work out. After that everything felt better! We dressed up and went to a vegan taco place we found on Instagram - Gallo Pinto. When we arrived the waiter told us that we had to wait 1,5 hour to be seated. But 5 minutes later he came back and sent us before the line to a table and we had three waiters all night giving us the best food and service ever. Highly recommend this place!

Gallo santo - the first 100% vegan mexican restaurant in spain

Gallo santo - the first 100% vegan mexican restaurant in spain


Flax & Kale

Sunday morning Anette had to go back to the police station again, and after that we got into a huge fight about nothing and everything. Every one keeps asking how it is to work with you sister, haha and here you have it. We became friends again shortly after and met up with a friend for lunch. After that we strolled around time and in the evening we went to a Tarot reading that was a really cool and weird experience. We have never tried it before, but this lady really good. After that we went to Theresas juicey, picked up two acai bowls, soups, cupcakes and sweet potato fries, headed back to the hotel and watched a lot of episodes of the Dynasty on Netflix.

What a wierd but nice trip. Barcelona is beautiful, and it was so nice to soak up some sun after weeks of rain in Oslo. The city has a lot to offer, but they also have a lot of work remaining on the eco-friendly side. If it’s one thing to appreciate with traveling, it’s to get perspective on things. It really makes you appreciate what you have at home, but also gain perspective of what’s going on in the world and that there is still a huge job to do. It’s also really hard to keep your cool when shit happens, but in the end your vibe has to much to say on weather you want to attract good or bad things. Working out to get out of a bad funk almost always works. Lesson learned.

Vegan cooking class video

Hei fine lesere. Jeg skriver til dere fra Hvaler hvor vi har tatt oss en liten arbeidsferie for å jobbe litt i fred og ro. Hytta er som en fryseboks, så det blir antagelig en ganske kort tur!

Da vi var på Costa Rica i vinter tilbragte vi en uke på Thea Retreat som er drevet av vår gode venninne Adi og hennes mann. Hele oppholdet spiste vi den sunneste veganske maten proppfull av næring, basert på lokale ingredienser. Den siste dagen hadde vi en hel matlagingsdag hvor vi disket opp fire forskjellige retter: grønn salat, potetsalat, kokosnøttceviche og rå avokadokake. Vi har laget videoer fra de ulike rettene - og den første er nå ute på YouTube. Det kommer mer og mer filmer fremover, så dere kan gjerne abonnere på kanalen vår - og selvsagt komme med tips til hva slags videoer dere ønsker.

//Hey guys!! How are you? We are so excited to publish the first of a series of YouTube videos from our plant-based cooking class at Thea Retreat in Costa Rica. Hope you like it, and feel free to comment on topics you would like us to talk about in our videos. ✨

Clean beaches with Lapoint Costa Rica

We are here at 


 in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica enjoying the amazing nature, food, and lovely people. This is one of many

surf camp

s they have across the world. We want to show you some of the lovely environmental efforts this camp is doing to give back to nature as much as we get from it! 


Cool things to know about Lapoint:

  • Every week they arrange a beach clean up and a presentation on the importance of taking care of our ocean at all camps across the world

  • Every month at this camp they pick up 1 TONN of trash from the beach! WOW

  • They collaborate with Nordic Ocean Watch, a Nordic environmental organization made by surfers who love to give back to the ocean

  • They sell sunscreen from Suntribe that's all natural and is reef-friendly

  • They have meat-free Monday every Monday, and will gladly cater you if you're vegan.


Cool things about Lapoint Costa Rica:

  • The recycling stations make it available to sort our trash into four different fractions: plastic, trash, organic and paper. The organic (the food) is fed to the horses next door. Bonus fact: the horses are vegan <3

  • We are encouraged to not use any single-use plastic at the camp - and we haven't seen anyone do it :)

  • We've enjoyed the most amazing vegan food all week. Everything from tropical fruits to quesadillas and taco bowls.

  • We gathered about 13 kilos of trash at this week's beach cleanup!


Check out Lapoint camps


- maybe it's something for your next vacation?

How to reduce plastic from A-Z

It's quite crazy to think about the fact that we managed to live a whole month without using plastic in February. Although it was tough, we got some really good habits from it. Not everyone needs to go plastic-free to contribute, everyone can do something, and it's more important now than ever! Together these small acts will move mountains and we will change the world for the better (cliche 'cus it's true). Here are some of our best tips from A-Z.All of us can take small steps towards an eco-friendly lifestyle! Just imagine how much of a difference you can make during a long life.Bamboo toothbrushes are sold at the grocery store. Swap your plastic one for bamboo, because it's probably a good idea not to stick plastic in your mouth many times a day, and it's such an easy way to reduce plastic in our everyday life.Certainly, it's not all fruits and vegetables that need to be wrapped in plastic, yet they are! Always try to choose those without plastic wrapping and the demand for these will rise :)Does it even matter what I do? YES, just think of small everyday actions summarized over a month or a year. We all make such a huge difference together, and the newest climate report from the UN shows that we can't wait for the big systematic changes anymore!Essential things to remember before leaving the house: water bottle, reusable cup, and tote bag.Freshly baked goods can be bought in a paper bag or your own mini cotton bag. YUM!Green is such a pretty color! Why not fill your house with plants and learn how to take really good care of them.Homemade plant-based milk is super easy to make! Check out our recipe here.Impossible Burger is making real meaty burgers out of plants so that no cows need to go down in the making!Just remember that every act to reduce plastic, whether big or small, can inspire others to do the same!Keeping up with Radical Broccoli could be a great TV show. Where the producers at? We could talk about plastic all day.Life gets easier with good habits. Find your favorite way of reducing your footprint! Maybe it even becomes a new hobby, like brewing kombucha? Or picking one plastic item from the ground every time you see it?Microplastic from synthetic clothes goes straight into the ocean again. Out best tip: avoid synthetic materials as best as you can, don't wash your clothes more than necessary and test out this little washing bag thing called Guppy!Never forget to ask your grocery store for the things you are missing, such as paper or reusable bags for fruit and veggies.OMG the possibilities out there! Don't you feel like there is just more and more people creating cool sustainable things? Like bikinis and shoes of recycled plastic and burgers of plants and jewelry from pre-loved gems.Plastic in nature is the worst kind of plastic. Pick up some plastic next time you are out for a walk.Q-tips are one of the main things we find when we do beach cleanups because people forget to throw them in the trash instead of the toilet. Kind of gross and totally avoidable! Buy those with cardboard instead of plastic and throw them in the trash, not the toilet <3Realism is, of course, important, not all plastic is the same! We have to reduce the amount of plastic that can only be used once, and not forget that plastic is an amazing material for many things.Shopping is a lot of fun, even more so in zero-waste stores! Check out one in your neighborhood!Tea bags are actually often made with plastic which means they cannot be recycled. Yogi tea and tea in bulk are the best types for nature.Under water is the best way to get a glimpse of where the trash ends up. Maybe try diving or snorkeling?Very often when you are afraid of people judging you for being a little to passionate about something, they are most likely just getting inspired!When you see someone doing something good for themselves or the planet, compliment them.X-tremely many people watched Blue Planet II and got really inspired. Have you seen it?Young people make us so happy because they demand more from big brands than older generations! Future so bright.Zeriousley, how many cool things can you find in the ocean? Let's not make plastic one of them <3

Guide to: eco-friendly festivals across the world!


Hi guys! Hope you all are having a wonderful summer vacation. It's been quiet in here for a while, had to take a break from social media and just be in the ocean for a bit. I have also been to a few festivals over the course of the summer, which has to be the ultimate happiness pill.

There is just one thing we need to address: how we treat the environment at festivals!

Earlier this summer I went to Kadetten, a festival right outside of Oslo. Last weekend both Anette and I went to Slottsfjell, one of Norway's biggest festivals in the oldest city in Norway. It's all up on a hill, and it's just gorgeous. They are both located in nature, right by the ocean, which makes it even more important to think about how the plastic litter is reduced.


After the concerts, the ground is covered with plastic cups, cardboard paper for the cups, cigarettes, tobacco, bags of chips, and other small pieces of trash that people throw out. We, therefore, had to ask you on Instagram if you had any advice or experience with better handling of resources at concerts and festivals, and now we would like to share all the information with you: Splore festival, New Zealand - "leave no trace"What they do:

  • Eliminate single-use water bottles (first NZ festival to do this)

  • Eliminate single-use cups

  • Use reusable wear for both food and drinks

  • Encourage you to BYOB (bring your own bottle) and refill at water stations across site, or buy a bottle at Splore and keep it, or return it for a refund

  • You're not allowed to use regular glitter (made of plastic), but they sell bio-glitter


Glastonbury festival, UK - launched sustainable cup after three years of trialWhat they do:

  • Offer paper cups which they recycle

  • Sell a stainless steel cup that you can buy across site - customers pay a 5 pound deposit

  • When people need a refill, they swap their cup for a new one


Wacken Open Air, Germany - Metal 4 NatureWhat they do:

  • Use plastic reusable cups that cost you 1€, to encourage people to return the cups when they buy another beverage

  • If somebody tosses or forgets their cup somebody else will pick up 1€ worth of money

Pohoda festival, Slovakia - the greenest festival in EuropeWhat they do:

  • Reusable cups - saving more than 1 million cups (!)

  • Water free of charge

  • Compostable dishes and composting on site

  • Flushing toilets with water from own wells

  • Merch in GOTS certified cotton


Øyafestivalen, Norway - one of Norway's most sustainable festivals (aiming to be #1 in the world)What they do:

  • All beer and soda cups and all food packaging is compostable

  • Demanding that suppliers bring their packaging after delivery

  • Encourage everyone to arrive by bike, walking or public transport

  • Recycle at a rate of approximately 74%

  • Fixed power instead of aggregates - and one of the stages will run on solar power this year (!) for the first time

  • Large offer of organic, vegan and vegetarian food

  • Environmental certification through Miljøfyrtårn

  • Encouraging YOU to reach out to them with your suggestions on how to become even more eco-friendly (see more here)


Vinjerock, Norway - minimal footprintWhat they do:

  • Complete recycling (since 2009)

  • Locally produced food to reduce transportation emissions

  • Mostly organic produce

  • Minimizing use of single-use plastic

  • Offers bus transport to the area

Stokkøya festival, Norway - a plastic-free festivalWhat they do:

  • Eliminate plastic straws

  • Eliminate plastic cups - they used reusable ones made of metal which you could buy at the festival

  • All plates and cutlery where edible - made from wheat!

  • Eliminate water bottles. The artists even get their reusable ones to refill

  • Local food - homemade bread with ingredients from the island

  • Optional borrowing of raincoats

  • Signs and information on wood instead of plastic


  Other great ideas from you guys:@tingelingpling: (translated) "The cup could have a function so that it could be collapsible, and you could keep it in your bag. could also have a little pinch lock so that you could lock it to your pants. It would have to be soft so it wouldn't be in the way or be able to hurt anyone." and "A refund on your plastic cup like they have at Roskilde. Eliminate straws, use cutlery, cups, and plates of biodegradable materials, and give a reduction to everyone using reusables" "A lot of festivals where I go use depot on the plastic bottles and dishes - so you have to pay extra and get the money back when u bring the trash back"@eco_tom: "One cup per person, otherwise we will feel okay throwing shit around just because someone will use it. And it will greenwash the business model of fast fashion"@morellanorge: "A festival cup that could be used again and again. For every festival, you get a new QR code on it. It would add value to the owner of the cup, as well as help the environment. Maybe a ? idea.."@inacharlotteb: "I liked the idea of selling bottles or vases that you partly get back money for if returning it back. Like in amusement parks where kids get a vase for slush and keep it in a string around their neck all day and get cheaper refills."@jasminjelley: "Re-usable cup made out of organic/bamboo-based materials or recycled plastic would be the dream- combing both! I’d be so on board ?"THANK YOU FOR CONTRIBUTING!XXX

the trip that made me take plastic seriously


I november reiste jeg til Sri Lanka, som lenge har vært mitt drømmereisemål. Det endte opp med å bli en helt spesiell tur, både i form av møter med flotte folk og med hvordan vi mennesker har tullet til havene og naturen vår. Sri Lanka (tidligere Ceylon) er en vakker øy syd for India. På Sri Lanka finner du vakre strender, grønne frodige skoger, ville dyr, jungel, yoga, ayurveda, plantebasert mat og perfekte bølger for surfere. 

// In november I travelled to Sri Lanka, which has been on my bucket list for a long time. It became such a special trip for me, with regards to the people I met, and realising how we have done so much harm to the oceans and our nature. Sri Lanka (previously Ceylon) is a beautiful island south of India. You will find amazing beaches, lush green forests, wild animals, jungel life, yoga, Ayurveda, plant based food and perfect waves.

Dream life, plastic and saving the world


Min plan var å reise ned og surfe, gjøre yoga og bli kjent med det vakre landet. Hver morgen i femtiden våknet vi til munker som sang, etterfulgt av yoga, frokost og surfing. Min drømmehverdag, for å si det sånn! Den første uken av turen opplevde vi en syklon (kraftig storm), og dagen etter dro vi og surfet på tross av advarsler fra de lokale. Det var som å se drømmeomgivelsene bli forvandlet til et mareritt. Det fløt plast overalt i vannet i form av sugerør, plastposer, potetgullposer og til og med en barberhøvel (!). Uheldigvis for meg klarte jeg å svelge litt av vannet. Det er ikke det smarteste jeg har gjort, det blir man dårlig av! En av grunnene til at det er så ekstremt mye søppel på Sri Lanka er at de mangler et fungerende søppel- og resirkuleringssystem. Søppelet kommer også fra båter, andre land, turister og overfylte søppeldynger. Det er ikke uvanlig å se at folk brenner plast i gatene fordi de ikke vet hvor de skal gjøre av det. Dette blir man direkte uvel av.

// My plan was to surf, do yoga and get to know the beautiful country. Every morning at 5 am we woke up to munks chanting, followed by yoga, breakfast and surging. My absolute dream of an everyday life. The first week there was a huge storm, and the day after we went surfing despite warnings from the local population. It was devastating seeing the dream surroundings transformed into a nightmare. The ocean and beaches were covered with plastic straws, bags of chips, plastic bags and even a razor! Unfortunately I managed to swallow some water, which is far from the smartest thing I’ve done… One of the reasons that there are extreme amounts of trash in Sri Lanka is that they are lacking a proper garbage collection system. The trash comes from boats, other countries, tourists and overfilled landfills. It’s common to see people burning plastic in the streets because they don’t know how else to get rid of it.


What can we do?

Det som er så kult er at man kan gjøre en forskjell som turist. Her er mine 5 beste råd for å bidra positivt til miljøet mens du er på reise:

  1. Vær bevisst over problemet. Vis det frem på sosiale medier og ikke ignorere det.

  2. Få med deg venner og lokale på en strandrydding. Legg ut bilder på insta for å inspirere andre. Sjekk ut verdens kuleste Marthe sin instagramprofil for inspirasjon. Husk #tavaha og #plukkanopp!

  3. Bruk forbrukermakten din. Velg å spise på restauranter og å bo på hotel som tar dette problemet på alvor. Der hvor jeg bodde hadde de forbud mot plastflasker, hadde masse økologisk og lokal mat og vi fikk kokosnøtter servert med metallsugerør.

  4. Ta alltid med den en flaske og reisebestikk når du er på tur.

  5. Spis lokalt, sesongbasert og plantebasert <3

// The wonderful thing is that we as tourists can make a difference. Here are my top 5 tips to make a positive contribution while travelling:

  1. Be aware of the problem. Show it on social media and don’t ignore it and showcase just the beauty.

  2. Make friends and gather for a beach cleanup. Post images on social media to inspire others. Check out my friend Marthe’s instagram for inspiration. #tavaha

  3. Use your consumer power. Choose local restaurants and stay with local people who take these things seriously. Where I lived there was a ban against plastic bottles, they served organic and local food and we got coconut water with metal straws.

  4. Always bring a bottle and travel cutlery.

  5. Eat local, seasonal and plant based <3


Hvis du vil lese mer om hvor du bør bo, hva du kan spise og hvilke aktiviteter du kan gjøre på Sri Lanka kan du sjekke ut dette innlegget her.

// Read more about where to stay and eat in Sri Lanka here.