6 eco-friendly dog tips!

I thought I would share some eco-friendly tips for all the dog owners out there, as I have gotten lots of questions on this 🐾 I am definitely not an expert, but I have done some reading the past few months before I got Noah, and have discussed a lot with other dog owners!


1. Food

Let’s start with one of the basics - dog food. Depending on your preferences, values and wallet, you might want to opt for food that has a lower environmental footprint, and that is eco-friendly in one way or another. Try looking for food that is produced using renewable energy, vegan or vegetarian food, grass-fed beef, organic, or locally produced food (or a mix).

Thoughts on vegan/vegetarian dog food

Just like our food, the dogs food will have a smaller or bigger environmental footprint depending on the diet. A diet containing more plants and less animal products has a lower environmental footprint. Many people (as I did) believe that dogs are carnivores (meat eaters), as their ancestors are wolves. Technically, they belong to the order Carnivora, (together with Pandas who eat mostly bamboo), but they are actually omnivores - which means that they are able to get all the nutrients they need through a plant based diet. These articles describe how dogs are able to keep a vegan or vegetarian diet, but they both note that it should be done under supervision of a veterinary nutritionist in order to feed the dog everything it needs.

So! If you do your research, its possible to have a vegan or vegetarian dog. I know a few people who feed their dogs a vegan diet - and they have all had really good results, and felt like their dogs became healthier and more energized! Thats pretty cool. Currently, my puppy is very picky about his food, and he didn’t want to try the vegan food I mixed in with his other food, but maybe I will consider it with time. Right now I feel more secure with him eating the puppy feed I got from the vet (Eucaneuba), but after knowing your animal for a while, a switch might be doable - and be better for the dog and the planet!

Vegan/vegetarian dog food

Organic dog food

  • Yarrah is a brand of organic dog food - with meat, fish, vegetarian or vegan.

  • Newman’s Own Organics doesn’t contain GMOs and is produced without the use of herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers, or chemical additives or preservatives.

  • Organix: This brand of pet food is made in the U.S. and is the only complete line of USDA organically certified pet food. It is free of allergens such as corn, wheat, or soy, and is created without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, antibiotics, or artificial preservatives.

  • I and Love and You: This pet food line uses natural ingredients that contain no grain allergens such as corn, wheat, soy, or fillers like rice and white potatoes and no artificial flavors, colors, artificial preservatives, or by-product meals.

2. Toys

There are A LOT of toys out there for dogs. Most of them are made of plastic, and I usually steer away from buying any of those. In general I have looked for toys of natural materials, toys produced by recycled materials, toys from nature or (new) toys sold at second hand sites that people didn’t want after all. Here are some examples of eco-friendly dog toys.

Toy from cocomat - residial material from their production of beds and furniture

Toy from cocomat - residial material from their production of beds and furniture

3. Dog waste bags

In Norway, there has been a debate on whether or not the biodegradable dog bags are better for the environment or not. Many have thought that these bags can be left in nature, and that they will biodegrade quickly, which is a misunderstanding, as they are made to biodegrade in an industrial compost system. They have to be thrown away in residual waste for the time being.

In my opinion, this might be a better choice for the environment any way, as the production process is more environmentally friendly. It’s a choice not to support regular plastic - made from fossile fuels (oil) - and to support a “new” plastic industry where materials such as corn and potato starch are the ingredients. This is why I opt for the biodegradable bags.


4. Dog bed

My little puppy was lucky enough to get a sponsored dog bed from the amazing company Cocomat! It’s made of natural rubber, coconut shells and residual materials from their bed producer factory. Find the dog bed here.

His bed from cocomats

His bed from cocomats

Before we got the bed from Cocomats, Noah slept in the coating from Billy’s (moms dog) cage, which he didn’t use.

5. Wash your dog with natural products

I don’t wash Noah too often, as animals clean themselves up, but with the rainy autumn season coming I’m sure there will be plenty of shower sessions with Noah. When I do, I make sure to use shampoo (and conditioner haha) for sensitive dog skin. These from C-Soaps are amazing, Noah is a fluffy cloud!!! ☁️☁️🌦 They smell lavender, patchouli and juniper berry.

6. Pick up trash

The last tip is pretty easy - no purchases needed. This one goes out to everyone, with or without a dog. Pick up 5 items of trash when you’re out for a walk, and together we will prevent lots of plastic from entering the ocean!

Do you have any comments, questions or products you recommend for me or others to check out?

Lately we've been...


Trying out vegan sushi from Alex Sushi

Eating… Baked potatoes & carrot soup, raw raspberry cake, açaí bowl & chaga chocolate latte and a fruit salad! 🍑

IMG_0535 2.JPG

Hanging out with these two cool cats

IMG_0710 2.JPG

Having creative meetings with Cornelia & Mally 🦋

Gardening, Noah-ing, walking in the mountains and shooting for a new campaign!


RUNNING!!!! With Adidas x Parley tights [advertisement] and Hooka shoes


Dressing up 🥁


Making falafel. Recipe coming soon!


okay all we do is eat….. vegan dishes at Gunnars Generasjonsbar! Avocado toast, fresh salad and celeriac chips.


Making plant fertilizer with banana peel and water


Sincerely, Nettern & susi2996

Update on the week and Adidas shoot

It’s Friday people. I’ve waited for this day all week. Haha. That’s pretty stupid actually, cause that makes me enjoy each moment less, and when Friday comes, it’s gonna pass just as quickly as every other day. Hm. Going to enjoy it a lot!!

Monday morning breakfast from Oslo Raw

Monday morning breakfast from Oslo Raw

Anyways! We’ve had such a busy week. We started Monday morning with an interview with a magazine about sisterhood and working together as sisters - it was fun to reflect upon our relationship and how it has changed after we started working together. In the evening we guested God Sommer Norge - a Norwegian talk show on TV2. We were there together with a news reporter who had been challenged to 3 days plastic free living, and we were gonna give him some tips and tricks. We also spent some time preparing for a presentation we were holding on Tuesday. In between I’ve been taking Noah for walks, playing with him, making sure he eats, and picked up socks all over the apartment.

Tuesday we held a presentation on “10 tips to a more eco-friendly lifestyle” for a University College in Oslo, Høyskolen Kristiania. This week is the intro week for all universities in Oslo, and there were some pretty tired people in the crowd haha. It actually still smelled of beer in the arena, but the presentation went pretty well and we signed some books afterwards. Its always hard to know if people resonate with what we are saying when we’re up there, since most people have kind of a plane facial expression when listening, but we got some nice messages afterwards - so thank youuu to everyone who came!

Presentation at Kristiania University College

Presentation at Kristiania University College

Second-hand clothing event & book signing at Fretex Universitetsgata

Second-hand clothing event & book signing at Fretex Universitetsgata

On Wednesday we prepared for an event we held in the evening, listened through and edited our new podcast episode (you can listen here - its in Norwegian) . At 3 pm we went down to the second hand store Fretex, we ended up taking a taxi cause we we’re carrying lot’s of Infinitum magazines, candy, chips, smoothies +++ and IT was a Tesla taxi:) Haha we couldn’t even figure out how to open the fancy doors. At Fretex, the shop was packed with people, we met Karen Elene (@fattigstudent) whom we were hosting the event with. We talked for about half an hour about clothing and the environment, what to look. for when going second-hand shopping and how we can shop eco-friendly on a budget! After the event we stopped by Nordvegan to pick up some vegan curry.

New tote from @øystories and vegan curry from Nordvegan

New tote from @øystories and vegan curry from Nordvegan

On Thursday we had a meeting with a new company we are planning to do some fun things with - and figured out that they really align with our values, so that was exciting! We went for a swim practice at Frognerbadet to get some exercise and woh I was exhausted afterwards from the whole week and just tried to chill for a while watching a new series on Netflix. Its weird how hard it is to relax when you’ve been going at 100 km/h for a week?? In the evening, I brought Noah to meet his brother in the park 😍


Today we have a photo shoot with Adidas and Parley for the Oceans - shooting with their new collection of sports wear made of ocean plastic! It’s raining so it’s gonna be a refreshing experience woh. Tonight we are going out to different events, and then meeting up for a birthday.

Everyday breakfast bowl: frozen banana, frozen blueberry, squeeze of orange juice, spirulina, barley grass juice powder

Everyday breakfast bowl: frozen banana, frozen blueberry, squeeze of orange juice, spirulina, barley grass juice powder

Enjoy the weekend - in Oslo it’s rainy and gray, which calls for indoors movie time, cacao, homemade cookies and relaxing!

7 chakras yoga & meditation 🧘‍♀️

Hi ♓️

Har bare lyst til å anbefale dere verdens mest forfriskende serie av yoga og meditation fra Youtube, laget av en dame som heter Brett Larkin. Det er en serie for å aktivere og balansere “chakraene” i kroppen, også kjent som energisenterene, som skal få deg tilbake i balanse, i energiflyt og hjelpe deg til å føle deg som DEG.

// Just popping in to recommend a super good yoga and meditation series that I’ve found on YouTube. It’s made by Brett Larkin, and some of you have probably tried it before. If not - I highly recommend you to do the series one day at the time. It’s built up to activate each and every one of your “chakras” (energy centres) in the body, to make you feel amazing and filled with energy and vibrate good things!! You don’t have to practice every day, but this order makes sure the energy in the body is activated the right way and in the right direction.

This is how it goes:

Day 1: Root chakra yoga & meditation

Day 2: Sacral chakra yoga & meditation

Day 3: Solar plexus yoga & meditation

Day 4: Heart chakra yoga & meditation

Day 5: Throat chakra yoga & meditation

Day 6: Third eye chakra yoga & meditation

Day 7: Crown chakra yoga & meditation (the first yoga class - root chakra yoga)


Find all the meditations HERE & the yoga classes HERE.

Homemade deodorant

De siste årene har vi blitt mye mer obs på hva produktene våre inneholder, fordi det har kommet mer informasjon om hvor skadelige noen kjemikalier kan være, både for oss og for livet i havet. Når vi skyller av ansiktsmasken, spytter ut tannpastaen eller renser håret for sjampo ender alle disse ingrediensene fra produktene i vannløpet, som til slutt leder ut i havet.

Har du for eksempel hørt om triklosaner? Det er et antibakterielt stoff som finnes i mange typer tannkrem, deodorant, kosmetikk, rengjøringsmidler, tekstiler (spesielt treningstøy), sko, dyrepleieprodukter, og produkter som er i kontakt med mat. Det er et stoff som er giftig for alt levende liv i vann og kan føre til at bakterier blir resistente mot antibiotika. I Europa er det blitt strengere regler mot å bruke dette stoffet i produkter som sko og klær, men det er ikke ulovlig ennå. Det har også vært fremmet påstander om en mulig kobling mellom jevnlig bruk av antiperspirant deodorant og brystkreft, men det finnes ikke så tydelige funn at det kan konkluderes. Det er en del stoffer vi ønsker å holde oss unna, og vi har en hel oversikt i boken vår.

// Recently, we’ve become more aware of the ingredients of the products we use, because of the rising awareness of how certain chemicals can be toxic for us and for the life in the ocean. When we rinse off our facial mask, spit out the toothpaste and rinse our hair for shampoo, these substances go through the waterways and end up in the big blue.

Triclosan, for instance, is a chemical often used in toothpaste, deodorant, cosmetics, cleaning detergents, textiles, shoes, animal care products and products that wrap our food. It’s an antibacterial agent that can be poisonous for life in the ocean, and can lead towards antibiotics resistance. In Europe there are strict rules towards using the substance, but it is not illegal yet. There are also drawn links between regular use of anti perspirant deodorant and breast cancer, but there are not enough solid evidence for a firm conclusion. There is a whole bunch of chemicals like these that we wish to avoid, and we have an overview in our book.

Homemade deodorant

En god løsning kan være å lage hjemmelagde produkter! I dag har vi lyst til å dele oppskriften på hjemmelaget deodorant med dere. Oppskriften er inspirert av Life.no. // A great solution, which is both cheap and very environmental friendly is to make your own products! Today, we want to share the recipe for homemade deodorant!

You need

• ½ dl coconut oil (cold pressed)

• ½ dl baking soda (removed bad odor)

• ½ dl corn starch, f. ex.. maizena (soaks up moisture)

• some drops essential oils (optional) - we used grapefruit & lemon

How to

Melt the coconut oil by adding a kettle of coconut oil in another kettle of water (vannbad). Mix in the additional ingredients until its completely liquid. Let it sit in the fridge until firm, and its ready to use!

Puppy Noah

Få ord kan beskrive gleden i å få en liten tass som Noah i hus. Han ble med hjem forrige fredag, da han var litt uker 8 uker gammel. Han er en Cockapoo med litt japansk spisshund i blodet, og veier sånn ca 3-4 kg nå. Han kommer til å bli opp mot dobbelt så stor. For de som har lurt så er det jeg, Sus, som er eieren hans, men han får selvfølgelig masse tid sammen med favorittanten sin Nettern. Han har allerede funnet sin faste sovespot på rommet hennes.

// !!!words can not describe the joy of getting a new family member!! Last Friday we picked up little Noah, who is two months old today, a tiny little cockapoo (cocker spaniel mixed with poodle).


Han er fortsatt i tilvenningsfasen til bylivet (er en gårdsgutt fra Nannestad), og setter seg ofte ned på tur for å ta inn alle inntrykkene. Han har blitt med meg overalt den siste uken sånn at han skal bli best mulig sosialisert og så trygg som han kan bli. Han sover rundt 20 timer i døgnet!! Så jeg må også tilpasse meg etter han, som er ganske deilig egentlig.

// He is still getting used to his new city life, which is a lot to take in for a country side guy. I have brought him with me everywhere for the past days so he can get used to his new environment. He needs at least 20 hours of sleep per day which kind of changes my normally fast paced days into slower ones. It’s super fascinating to learn from him, especially how to relax when you relax and to play when you play, if you understand what I mean.


Sommeren skal vi tilbringe sammen på hytta, hjemme, i skogen og ved havet!

// This summer we’ll spend in the park, at the cabin, in the woods and by the ocean. 💙

Selv om jeg tenkte det var noe jeg absolutt ikke skulle gjøre fikk Noah instagram i går - så for de spesielt interesserte kan dere følge han HER 🐾.

// I tried to resist, but he just really wanted to get an instagram, so HERE is his page for the puppy lovers!

noia.shop – ethical and sustainable fashion

Guro & Kristin bak noia.shop

Guro & Kristin bak noia.shop

Vi ble nysgjerrige på noia.shop og lurte på om de hadde lyst til å fortelle litt om seg selv! Her er derfor et gjesteinnlegg av noia.shop.

Nettbutikken noia.shop ble startet av duoen Guro og Kristin. Produktene du finner på nettbutikken er produsert av økologiske, nedbrytbare materialer, resirkulert avfall fra havet eller gjenbruk og one of a kind vintage produkter.

Duoen ble først kjent i Barcelona der de begge studerte fashion marketing, og bodde sammen. De ble fascinert av den urbane og kreative livsstilen i byen, men fikk også erfare at mote handlet om store miljøutslipp og dårlige arbeidsforhold. Moteindustrien forurenser nesten like mye som oljebransjen. Da de bodde i byen, hadde de store planer om en pop-up vintage butikk hvor man også kunne bytte til seg til plagg, inspirert av livstilen i der.

Nå, noen år senere, har de planene blitt til noia.shop. En moteplattform som representerer deres verdier og et ønske om å skape positive ringvirkninger.

Nettbutikken kom til liv en varm sommerdag i Tøyenparken i fjor, da de tenkte tilbake på årene i Barcelona. Det var intense lange skoledager, tapas til lunsj og kvelds. Vind i håret mens de syklet nedover gatene til Barceloneta for å bade. Kjenne roen av den tunge sanden under ett vått håndkle, og solen i ansiktet.

donna jumpsuit.jpg

De så for seg en avslappet, urban stil med tidløse plagg av god kvalitet, noe noia.shop tilbyr i dag. De jobber for at det skal bli enklere å velge bærekraftige produkter som kan bli til nye favoritter. Produkter som er fri for kjemikalier, med gode arbeidsforhold og med materialer som gjør nytte for miljøet.

Nettbutikken noia.shop ble lansert i midten av mai og har base i Tøyen området, Oslo. Målet er å utfordre oppfatningen om hva bærekraftig mote er, og at god stil er kompromissløs, uansett.

Teamet samarbeider med lokale bedrifter som Kulmis på Tøyen, under merket ”Made in Tøyen”. Gamle duker og gardiner som blir gjenskapt til nye, unike handlenett.

Duoen stiller høye krav til hvor produktene produseres og at det er under gode arbeidsvilkår. Produktene er av økologisk materialer uten kjemikalier eller resirkulert/gjenbruk, noe som bidrar til positive ringvirkninger.


Deres leverandører må produsere i tråd med etiske retningslinjer og inkluderer sertifiseringer innen bruk av kjemikalier og arbeidsforhold. Eksempler på dette er Fairtrade og Fair Wear Foundation. Fairtrade-standardene omfatter sosiale, miljømessige og økonomiske krav og bidrar til et bærekraftig jordbruk, ivaretakelse av menneske- og arbeidstakerrettigheter, og økonomisk og sosial utvikling for bønder og arbeidere.

Med Fair Wear Foundation medlemskap forplikter klesmerkene seg til å følge "Code of Labor Practice" i alle sine produksjonsanlegg. Denne koden er basert på prinsippene i den internasjonale arbeidsorganisasjonen (ILO) og verdenserklæringen om menneskerettigheter.

Overordnet mål er trippel bunnlinje i kombinasjon med sirkulær og bærekraftige produkter.

Det skal være enkelt å kunne ha en grønn livsstil uten at en må gå på kompromiss med en selv.

Ta en titt på butikken HER.

6 eco-friendly tips for Easter!


Easter is finally here and someone asked us on Instagram to share som eco-friendly tips for the holidays! We love sharing tips with you guys to here are our 6 top things to do this Easter

  1. While the stores are still open, make sure to get your bike ready for the spring season and repair those pants you never use.

  2. Visit a local gallery, a botanical garden or see an inspiring movie at the cinema. It's so important to be inspired.

  3. Check out some new restaurants in your area and enjoy a delicious vegan meal.

  4. Do yoga! It's so important to take the time to stress down and find some peace and quiet. This way you will get new energy to do the things you want in life.

  5. Pick up trash in your neighborhood!

  6. Make an Easter egg filled with vegan candy and share it with someone you love.


Å endelig er det tid for påskeferie! De aller fleste reiser kanskje på fjellet og nyter naturen, mens andre blir igjen i byen og har bypåske. Jeg skal kjøre en liten kombinasjon, først noen dager i byen og siste helgen på fjellet. Jeg gleder meg så innmari til å ha noen dager helt uten planer og bare tid til å nyte. Noen spurte på instagram om vi hadde noen tips til miljøvennlige aktiviteter å gjøre i påsken, og det vil jeg gjerne dele med dere.

  1. Bruk dagene hvor butikkene fortsatt har åpent til å reparere plagg, legge opp buksen du aldri får brukt eller å få sykkelen i stand til vårsesongen.

  2. Besøk botanisk hage, en utstilling du lenge har hatt lyst til å se eller se en inspirerende kinofilm. Det er så deilig å fylle opp med inspirasjon!

  3. Sjekk ut et nytt spisested du ikke har prøvd før for noen digge veganske smaksopplevelser. Jeg skal teste ut den veganske pizzaen på Peloton kafe som visst nok skal være Oslos beste. Andre steder jeg gleder meg til å teste ut er Monsun og Coyo!

  4. Gjør yoga! Kanskje det til og med blir varmt nok til å gjøre yoga ute? Det er så viktig å stresse ned og skape overskudd for seg selv. Da får man en ny og fin energi og kanskje ny motivasjon til å gjøre noe bra.

  5. Plukk søppel en dag du er ute og går! Det tar så utrolig liten tid, men hindrer det du plukker opp i å havne i havet.

  6. Lag et påskeegg med vegansk godteri og gi det til noen du er glad i!


Christmas bingo with Rudolph Care


We had a cool bingo evening in the true Christmas spirit together with the certified organic luxury cosmetic brand Rudolph Care yesterday. They invited us to the prettiest home to enjoy cookies, caramels, gløgg (mulled wine(?)) and to play a game of bingo. We didn't win, but then again we got some goodies from the all-organic brand. Have you tried their products? Check out their homepage and Instagram.[video width="720" height="1280" mp4="http://www.radicalbroccoli.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/video-1542909179.mp4" poster="http://www.radicalbroccoli.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/46508146_315012035756554_2431044363908808704_n.jpg" autoplay="true" preload="auto"][/video]


Some of our all-time favorite products are from Rudolph Care - might be a nice Christmas gift for someone you love?


They've also made a guide on how to recycle their products correctly - LOVE it. Thank you so much for having us and for making natural, organic products that actually work and smell like heaven. :*

22 ethical & eco-friendly christmas gift ideas

Now that Christmas is around the corner, it's time to present to you the ultimate minimalist, eco-friendly, ethical Christmas present guide! Christmas and the surrounding months are for some people synonymous with shopping mania, to-do lists, and stress and for those who want to avoid that, we have some cool tips. What's better than giving gifts with meaning, that are great for the planet too? Minimalism is actually about having fewer choices, and thereby less stress in your life. What could be better than that?

  1. Buy tickets to a musical/theater/cinema/concert/stand-up comedy show/art gallery opening. If you are looking to be more original, what about looking for outdoor movie screenings or a trip to the sauna in the Oslo fjord?
  2. An invitation to go for a cool hike, maybe plan it as a weekend getaway, and stay the night at a cabin in the woods. We recommend Trolltungen if you live in Norway.
  3. Homemade gifts are always a winner (except maybe those you brought home from the ceramics class in 3rd grade?). What about granola (we have a delicious suggestion here), sauerkraut ( this is a great recipe) or crisp bread? Give it in a big glass jar with a gift-band tied around, and you will be begged to make more.
  4. A treatment at an organic spa. In Oslo, we suggest testing out Greel Peel and in Lisboa we love Organii. In Copenhagen and Bali, you can enjoy a luxurious, organic experience at Hotel Guldsmeden
  5. Minimalist kit - everything needed for people who often buy food/drinks at cafés to take away, and don't want to use so much single-use plastic. Something like this.
  6. To the true environmentalists, a thoughtful gift is a washing bag that prevents microfibers from your clothes to enter the ocean. Radical! Guppy bags are cool.
  7. Organic makeup or cosmetics. Some favorites worth mentioning are: Evolve Organic Beauty (in Oslo you can find it at Green Spirit), ZAO nail polish without toxic ingredients, The Body Shop has tons of goodies, Dr. Organic's facial scrub with Manuka honey, and Eco Minerals mineral foundation.
  8. A homemade “gift card" to go second-hand shopping!
  9. Sustainable swimwear from the amazing brand Halla Halla.
  10. If your mother/sister/father/boyrfriend/friend is into yoga, we recommend that you have a look at Hejhej yoga mats!
  11. Eco-friendly candles is a super cool gift. There are tons of brands online, or most likely in your closest mall or health store.
  12. Lingerie in organic cotton. Oysho and Lindex have some affordable choices.
  13. If they are into more luxurious eco-conscious brands, check out Mara Hoffman, Reformation, and Stella McCartney
  14. Sunglasses from W.R.Yuma that are 3D printed from plastic waste. Just amazing.
  15. If the person is into surfing, you should check out these sustainable surfing brands: Eco Fins surfboard fins made from recycled waste,  Bees Knees natural organic surf wax and EcoLeash from the Ecosurfshop.
  16. The "perfect" white T-shirt made from sustainable materials from The White T-Shirt Co.
  17. For the pricier gifts, have a look at Patagonia. The company is taking huge steps towards sustainability!
  18. Sustainable water bottles are very popular, and some types have such a nice design too.
  19. Take away cups are lovely gifts for the coffee or tea lovers.
  20. Check out ethical gifts from charity organizations - you can give away vaccination, invest in building a school, providing a birth certificate or give a family goat.
  21. Order used books from Amazon, or give a Kindle or a subscription to an audiobook app or Spotify!
  22. Give a subscription to a city-bike!

Other tips for an eco-friendly Christmas

  • Use newspaper as gift wrapping, and decorate the presents with thing you can find in nature, like pines
  • Recycle the wrapping
  • Swap a meat meal for a veggie meal
  • Make a plant-based hot chocolate with homemade hemp milk instead of using cows milk

Have a lovely pre-christmas time!

An update on a month without plastic

We thought it was time for an update on our project plastic free now that we are over halfway through. We suspected that it would be challenging and hoped it would engage you guys out there, but we never expected the response we have received! What a bunch of fantastic, inspiring and smart brains we have had the pleasure to meet. 
As many of you may know, we are two sisters behind Radical Broccoli, and as we speak, one is up in the mountains at a winter cabin, and the other is at a yoga teacher training close to the equator. When we considered having a plastic-related challenge, we went back and forth discussing when would be a good time, what we needed to prepare and so forth. As soon as we got challenged by a big news channel to announce it on their snapchat, we just had to jump into it, without preparing anything. Nevertheless, it made the whole thing more relatable and trustworthy.
The first week - easier than expected?At the beginning of the month, we presented to you the rules we were going to stick to. For example that the plastic-free challenge didn't include food prepared by others and that we would use everything we already had. This made it extremely easy the first couple of days, except for a lunch meeting out and about at a café in Oslo, when we had to ask for reusable cutlery, as they serve with plastic also for those eating in. What an idéa! When we asked why, they said it was because people mistake the real forks and knives for plastic, and throw them out. Don't know whether to laugh/cry believing it or by the excuse!
Our first big grocery shopping took about two hours, and we stopped by Kiwi (average grocery store), Juels 33 (more of a specialty store) and Røtter (health shop) to get everything we thought we needed for a week. We got quite a lot of fruits and vegetables at Kiwi (mango, banana, tomato, grapefruit, lemon, dates, avocado, beets, pineapple) that we packed into cloth bags to weigh them together. We also got some dried goods in cardboard boxes such as beans and lentils, crisp bread, flour, oats, and tea. What a pleasure to not bring a single piece of plastic out of a plastic-filled shop (almost - we saw afterward that each fruit and veg had a sticker on it - now collected in our jar). We almost bought a bag of snacks that looks unmistakably like paper but actually is made of plastic - good thing some stuff is labeled!
Week two - some good fortune and some failure 
At the beginning of the second week, we started to run out of all the main frozen breakfast smoothie ingredients and cosmetic products such as shampoo, conditioner and body lotion. One Instagram and some comments later we learned that apple cider vinegar and baking soda works like hell for a nice hair wash and that many of you guys use this regularly (!). We tested it out, skeptical about the smell, but it turned out quite well and looked all shiny and nice. The second wash was not so successful, and we are considering another of the advice - buying a shampoo bar wrapped in paper from Lush.
At the end of a long work week, we were ready for some Indian take away. We both completely forgot about the challenge when we ordered, and had such luck as it came in aluminum and cardboard containers. Which then again made us think of whether this is any more eco-friendly?
Anette also got some juicy plastic wrapped packages that she had ordered in January - three plastic bags - one covering the other. How on earth will it all fit in the jar?
Oh, and we had some kombucha bottle failures too!
At the end of the second week, it was time for departure for both of us. The traveling yogi had to prepare food for the trip - and made these scones - all plastic free minus baking soda which we had from before. She also checked how they consider plastic at the yoga retreat, and it seemed to be a conscious kind of place. The hardest thing was actually at arrival - not knowing whether or not the tap water was safe to drink. The first day out in town the water bottle was left at home at a trip planned to last for 20 minutes that lasted 8 hours. A day with a whoooole lotta tea! Shampoo and conditioner were borrowed from new friends.
The mountain goat got a real bonus as the cabin was full of food and shampoo from those who were here the weekend before. Jackpot. And a feeling of cheating a bit.
Now we have nine days to go, and we will be even better at the updates in the coming week+. The biggest, best-hidden secret behind all of this is how it feels so good to use every last drop of the body lotion and cooking the weirdest new meal of veggies we have never even considered buying.
Some lessons along the month
  • Always always always bring a water bottle, cup and tote bag (even though you don't think you're going shopping, you might end up doing it. Life is insane).
  • If you're getting take away - check in advance what kind of containers they use, and consider bringing your own
  • If you're eating out make sure to ask if they can give you real cutlery if plastic is their thing. They often have it, but they just didn't put it on display
  • Question the eco-friendliness of plastic's brothers such as glass and aluminum. Sometimes plastic is the most eco-friendly!
  • It's actually not embarrassing to bring cloth bags to the store :)))
  • It is very embarrassing to leave plastic at the store
  • You can freeze things in glass and tin containers (as many of you probably knew)
  • Homemade oat milk is a winner - recipe coming soon!

Plan your best 2018

Vi elsker å planlegge, notere, lage lister, skrive ned idéer og sanke tips. Én ting er å skrible på notater på iPhonen, men lite er koseligere enn å skrive i en fysisk planlegger eller dagbok. Hvor deilig er det ikke å sette av litt tid på søndagskvelden til å lage en hjemmelaget ansiktsmaske, helle noe varmt i koppen og massere inn litt kokosolje i håret imens du planlegger den kommende uken eller skriver ned det som opptar tankevirksomheten din.

Vi ønsker å tipse dere om noen nydelige notatbøker og dagplanleggere som du kan bruke for å gjøre 2018 til ditt beste år. Helt tilfeldigvis (blunk blunk) er noen disse også produsert på en måte som er snill mot naturen, ved å bruke resirkulert papir og materialer uten sterke kjemikalier. De to siste har fokus på hvordan man kan utvikle seg til å bli er mer motivert og inspirert menneske, og hvis ikke det er bra for jorda så vet ikke vi.

1. Her kan du skreddersy din notatbok eller planlegger, slik at du kan få den helt etter din smak. Den er håndlaget av resirkulert papir, og med blekk som ikke er skadelig for miljøet.

2. For de som liker å drømme seg bort - her er den nydeligste blå månenotatboken som er håndinnbundet med økologisk bommull.

3. Eller hva med en notatbok med stjernebilder på?

4. Denne nydelige, enkle dagplanleggeren er håndinnbundet, laget av resirkulert papir og finnes i flere farger

5. For de som liker enda mer struktur og fokus på helse og velvære anbefaler vi the Daily Wellness Journal. Du finner den også i bokhandelen.

6. Dagplanleggeren fra Paulo Coelho har lenge vært en favoritt, og du får din dose med spirituell inspirasjon og masse koselige sitater!

Grønt nuss!

Potential burdens in our cosmetics bag

658e27b1f2f61f504645b8e8fb9a4b1dIfølge Dr. Lipman (Gwyneth Paltrow sin favorittlege) er det å fjerne unødveldig kjemikalier fra omgivelser og kropper- eller som han kaller det 'potential burdens' - en av de mest effektive måter å forbedre helsen på. Det er ikke nødvendigvis slik at alt må skiftes ut, men det kan være små ting som får glasset til å renne over. Det trenger heller ikke være allverdens som skal til. Hvis man bestemmer seg for å ta grep på noen av disse områdene, enten det er for helsens skyld eller ei, vil det også være til fordel for naturen og støtte bæredyktige produksjonsmetoder. Hurra!SAMSUNG CSCKlassiske tegn på at man er omringet av for mange kunstige kjemikalier kan være:

  • Oversensitiv til partyme lukt
  • Oversentitiv til røyk lukt
  • Kløe på hud eller i hals
  • Oversensitiv til kaffe eller alkohol (aka bli veeldig hyper eller veeldig full)
  • Uren hud, tretthet og hodepine
  • Matintoleranser
  • Konstante forkjøelser, allergier eller tett nese

(Hentet fra Dr. Lipman's 'Total Renewal' s. 45)På grunn av måten vi lever på i den moderne verden, er det ikke lenger slik at man kan beskytte seg fullstendig for forurensning (i den brede forstand). Nettopp fordi man blir eksponert så mye ufrivillig burde man gjøre det man kan selv -  ta utslipp og dårlige produksjonsforhold ytterst personlig, og heller støtte ansvarlige og bæredyktige firmaer samt prøve å minske kontakten med stoffene så mye man kan.Stoffene som anses mest kritiske er:

  • Parabener: Et stoff som brukes som parfymestoff og konserveringsmidler. Kan virke hormonforstyrrende og kreftfremkallende.
  • SLS og SLES: Et stoff i shampo, såper etc. som får det til å skumme. Stoffet kan virke hormonforstyrrende og uttørkende, samtidig som det kan oppstå kreftfremkallende biprodukter under produksjonen.
  • Triklosan: I deodoranter, såper og tannkremer brukes triklosan som antibakterielt stoff. Det kan også finnes i f eks treningstights, sportsokker og sko som er merket "antibakterielt" eller "forhindrer lukt". Det kan virke irriterende, allergifremkallende, hormonforstyrrende og skade forplantningssystemet. Triklosan vil opphopes i kroppen. Det mistenkes at kjemikaliet kan gjøre bakterier resistente mot antibiotika.
  • AluminiumAluminium finnes i de aller fleste deodoranter, og kan gi fosterskader, skade lunder og luftveier, skade nervesystemet og det kardiovaskulære systemet (hjerter og blodårer).
  • ParfymeAlle slags skjønnhetsprodukter kan inneholde parfyme. Parfymen kan inneholde ftalater som skader immun- og forplantningssystemet. Videre kan stoffet dekke over andre farlige stoffer, da det kan ikkeholde en rekke kjemikalier som produsenten ikke MÅ opplyse om - deribland hormonforstyrrende og allergifremkallende stoffer.
  • Bisphenol A(BPA): Brukes ofte i produkter man oppbevarer mat og drikke i. Det kan virke hormonforstyrrende, allergifremkallende, irritere luftveiene, skade øynene, skade evnen til å få barn.
  • Ftalater: DEHP er en forbindelse i stoffgruppen ftalater som omfatter mange forskjellige stoffer. Det brukes ofte som mykgjører i plast, og finnes i mange dagligdagse produkter som f eks ledninger, klær, bager, gummi, maling etc. Stoffet kan skade evnen til å få barn samt føre til skader på fosteret.

aa8ad480ed7e8cea0dec8b63aaa586abHva man man gjøre? I hjemmet:Hvis man ønsker å gå litt grundigere til verks i hjemmet kan det være lurt å starte med innendørsklimaet i hjemmet. Noen tips er

  • Luft ofte, gjerne sjokklufting
  • Skift ut tepper/sengetepper/pledd som kan være allergifremkallende
  • Vær nøye med maling som blir brukt inne
  • Bytt vaskemidler til hus og klær til noen allergivennlige/økologiske
  • Kjøp allergivennlige/økologiske håndsåper og oppvaskmidler
  • Sjekk om emballasjen du bruker eller leken til babyen er fri for BPA (innvendig "lakk" i hermetikk- og metallemballasje) og ftalater (plastmykner)

Kosmetikk:Til forskjell fra matindustrien er det ingen tredje organ som overvåker kosmetikkindustrien, derfor er det veldig åpent hvilke ingrediesner de velger å ha i kosmetikken sin. Det er nesten umulig å unngå alle kjemikaliene i dag. Og man trenger heller ikke bli helt hippie-sminkefri heller! Det finnes bare mange bedre alternativer til hverdagsbruk. 70-80% av det vi smører på kroppen tas direkte opp i huden, og det er derfor er det greit å tenke litt over hva man faktisk smører på! I følge boken 'Renere liv' blir en gjennomsnittelig dame eksponert for over hundre forskjellige kjemikalier før hun går ut av døren om morgenen. Man trenger ikke å gå helt bananas, men det kan være veldig lurt å se på ingredisenlisten til verstingene er ansiktskrem, bodylotion, deodorant, parfyme, leppestift, sjampo og balsam. Disse produktene bruker man gjerne hver dag og de har høyest konsentrasjon av de skadelige stoffene.150be81600d708115d1cbb8d0b2f50dfVel, ikke gå helt bananas med sminke og vaskemidler og kast alt med en gang. Av personlig erfaring kan dette være litt drastisk (ups). Det beste er å begynne med de produktene du bruker hver dag, som du bruker mest av, og som dekker store områder av kroppen din. Dette vil for eksempel være tannpasta (som du faktisk putter i munnen), bodylotion, deodorant, ansiktskrem, shampo & balsam og parfyme. Etterhvert kan man vurdere å kjøpe mer hud- og miljøvennlig sminke, klær, sengetøy og andre produkter man har tett på. Det er sikkert ikke så mye bedre for miljøet å kaste alt på en gang for å kjøpe nytt, men det kan være en gradvis prosess. Det finnes flere apper som kan scanne produkter, og som viser hvor trygge de er. For eksempel har Environmental Working Group (de samme som lagde "Dirty dozen & Clean Fifteen") laget en app som heter Skin Deep. Videre finnes appen Think Dirty. Litteratur:Safe cosmetics www.safecosmetics.orgNRK TV - Forbruker inspektørene episode 1,2 og 3. http://tv.nrk.no/serie/forbrukerinspektoerene/MDHP11000515/28-01-2015Illustrert Vitenskap Kjemi endrer kroppens hormoner http://illvit.no/gorm-palmgren/kjemi-endrer-kroppens-hormoner-0Environmental Working Group http://www.ewg.org/Magnussen, B & Holt, T. Renere Liv Miljøstatus.no Noen farlige kjemikalier http://www.miljostatus.no/Tema/Kjemikalier/Noen-farlige-kjemikalier/Arsen/Dr. Frank Lipman Total RenewalStacy Malkan The Body BurdenEr Det Farlig.no Farlige stoffer http://www.erdetfarlig.no/no/farlige-stoffer/?60&PageID=60#60