Ambassadors for eco-brand Aphru & WWF


[Ad]. On the one and only love-day 14 of February, the sustainable clothing brand Aphru launched their campaign in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund Norway (WWF) to raise awareness of endangered species. We were lucky to be the chosen ambassadors of such a great initiative showing how an eco-conscious brand can take the next step in the world of sustainability by raising funds for a good cause while focusing on an ethical production.The campaign was launched in order to draw attention and raise funds to reverse the current trends. The world's animal population has decreased by 58% the past 40 years. Monitored species are increasingly affected by pressures from unsustainable agriculture, fisheries, mining and other human activities that contribute to habitat loss and degradation, overexploitation, climate change and pollution. If this development continues, two-thirds of all animals will be gone by the end of 2020. Let’s join forces and turn these trends! Let’s keep our wildlife wild.We humans play a major role in threatening the world's wildlife. With this sweater, you can support WWF Norway in their fight for endangered species, while the sweater participates in the awareness of a responsible and sustainable textile production. You can find it at Aphru in Oslo or at their homepage. Visit Aphru's homepage and Instagram to see more.