Adam888's top 5 food tips

Adam 888 is a creator & storyteller, artist, photographer & yogi. Through his content he brings us into a creative and inspiring world of good vibes.

He has a colorful vision on food that he describes like this: “My body is ma temple & I’m responsible for cleaning it, filling it with love & healthy energy. I eat foods that make my body alkaline, fresh & vital. This means I feed myself with nutrition that will keep my PH value in balance, if one has a balanced PH the body will be less receptive for inflammations, depressions, overweight & negative thinking patterns.”

Today, he shares his top five food tips to feel good & do good!

1. Homemade tomato soup with cauliflower coconut cream


Recipes: Tomato soup. Cauliflower cream.

2. Green organic juices


Recipe: Green juice.

3. Peanut potato stew


Recipe: Peanut potato stew.

4. Lemon water in the morning

5. Blueberry banan bowl with home made almond butter


Recipe: Blueberry banana smoothie

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