A trip to Paris of the North (Tromsø)


(Ad)Hi lovely readers!After we started updating this site more frequently we see that more and more people are in here every day and that makes us really motivated to write! If you leave a comment on what you think as well that would mean the world to us.Right now we are in Tromsø with Clarion Hotels which is a destination we have been wanting to visit for such a long time. We are here with Clarion Hotels who gave us the coolest challenge ever. They want us to check out the perks and lows of living at their hotel versus Airbnb while visiting Tromsø. We got up at 05.30 this morning and checking in to Clarion Hotel The Edge was such a treat. We feel so welcomed, and the rooms even have yoga mats to stretch on after a long day! I mean how can you not love that!Right now we are having a little break and getting some work done before we embark on a little trip to one of the islands outside the center of Tromsø. The hotel recommended lots of different places so we are super excited. Stay tuned for more!