Not eating meat for Christmas and lot's of delicious recipes

Advice for those who are having their first plant based Christmas

The holidays are literally just around the corner, and we are so excited! Returning to Oslo really helped ignite the Christmas feeling, as the city has been covered in snow. We have received a lot of questions on what we are going to eat during the holidays, and we thought we would put together a list of meals that are good for you and the planet at the same time, while still enjoying the holidays to the fullest.Many Christmas traditions are related to food, and some people may have difficulties with explaining to their friends and family that they are skipping the meat this Christmas. Our best advice is to always bring a dish (or cook if you are at home), so that people can se all the delicious plant based meals you can enjoy. Also, be open and understanding about the fact that you will get loads of questions. We find that the best answer to "why" is simply: "because its better for yourself and the planet". The discussions and documentaries can be saved for later.It seems like more and more people want to eat plant based during the holidays, whether you are vegetarian or vegan or not. Christmas does not have to be synonymous with being full, bloated and tired! We spent the last two holidays in warmer countries and therefore we did not cook a lot of traditional Christmas food, but we sure know where to look for inspiration. So here is a list of our favorite meals, both our own and other people's recipes.


Let's start with the most important meal of the day, namely breakfast! We think this is the one meal that will be the same as always, delicious smoothies or porridges, with turmeric or matcha lattes. You can always add spices such as cinnamon and cardamom to make your breakfast taste more like Christmas.

  • What about this delicious warm winter porridge?
  • This warm smoothie is always a winner!
  • If you feel like making something special, we highly recommend these 4 ingredient pancakes.


For the main dishes we have made a lot of different things over the past years. Two years ago we celebrated Chrismas in Miami with our dad and we made a fully plant based Christmas meal for him and his girl friend (they are not plant-based) and they loved it! We made baked sweet potato sprinkled with cinnamon, paprika, rosemary, topped with mushrooms and pomegranate, oven baked carrots and brussels sprouts and a christmas salad.

  • Take a look at this Brussels sprout salad made by Green Kitchen Storues and this baked sweet potato made by Deliciously Ella for inspiration.
  • Another really fancy meal which we have not tried out our selves yet, is this beet wellington by the Lazy Kitchen.
  • Traditional dinner cakes are a staple in Norwegian homes during Christmas, however this is a recipe for a plant based version made by Vegan misjonen. We made a similar recipie the other day, and our whole family and friends loved them.

Dessert/sweet treats

Christmas is really synonymous with sweet treat, however we like to healthily a some of them as well.

  • These gingerbread cookies are perfect when you have friend coming over.
  • Bliss balls are always a favorite snack. These are made with super food, but if you add more cinnamon to them they will taste more like christmas.
  • Homemade snickers with adaptogens are our absolute favorite thing that we have ever made, so if there is just one thing you want to try to make this holiday, make these!

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