9 advice for a spring cleaning of body and soul

Tuesday the 20th March marked spring equinox, meaning that the day was exactly as long as the night and that more sunlight is reaching the northern hemisphere. Have you heard of manifestation? This time of year is the perfect time to manifest changes to your life and goals you wish to reach. It's time for a spring cleaning. In the yoga "language" they say that it's the perfect time to set a "Sankalpa" - an intention for the time coming up. It is a short sentence that describes how you want to feel - for example, "I am strong", "I am happy", "I am peaceful". It is not a wish, rather something you intend to become. It's important to really feel the amazing feeling of already being that in which you wish to become.In order to let new, wonderful things enter our lives, we need to make room for it by getting rid of the old. We need to set aside time to plan, and think about which areas of your life need a real cleaning. It can be your storage room, your relationship, job or wallet. In this article we'll give you our top ten tips for a true cleaning.Our top 10 tips for spring cleaning

  1. Go through the pantry and fridge - clean it properly and remove items that are not edible anymore. Get inspired to eat cleaner and greener - a plant-based diet does wonders for the environment, for your body and mind, and for the animals. Check out this section of recipes for inspiration, as well as Deliciously Ella and Lee from America.

  2. Dive into your closet and really try to feel whether or not each individual item makes you happy. For the items you no longer use - check websites and apps that let you sell clothing online such as Poshmark, Vinted or Tradesy.

  3. Take a look into your finances and see if you have an overview of where you're putting your money. Have you considered investing in green funds - put your money into socially responsible companies and hope for a good return.

  4. Organize your calender and make a good workout plan for the weeks ahead. It's not to late to get into summer shape and by that we don't mean looking good in a bikini, but feeling like a star from the inside out. There are great yogavideos on YouTube - we recommend Yoga With Adrienne.

  5. Clean out your bathroom cabinets. Check the app beatthemicrobeeds to see if any of the stuff you are using contains microplastics.

  6. Make a list of everything you want to experience this summer, and think about what you need to do in order to achieve it all. In the process of becoming more environmentally concious, its of course important to think about reducing travel time, but traveling is still important to learn about new cultures, places and to keep an open mind. When youre going on a trip, take concious choices before, during and after. It's also nice to consider playing in your own backyard - there are probably great adventures just close to where you live! Check out Mally and the Moon's travel tips.

  7. This is a perfect time to figure out how much plastic you surround yourself with and where you can cut down. Remember that this is vital for good health, and of course turtles and whales are happy to avoid swollowing plastic too. Fill your home with things that matter to you such as living plants, handcrafted items and art.

  8. Swap chemical cleaning products for eco-friendly and chemical free alternatives. Did you know that some of the toxic products we are using can kill your good gut bacterias just by getting in contact with our skin and mouth? That's how strong they are. iHerb has great options.

  9. Make a vision board and be excited about your bright and shining future. Check out Cornelia's vlog on how to make one, and reach the goals!