8 random things about us

  1. Susanne was an astrology geek all summer and learned to read birth charts

  2. Anette loved being home alone when she was 5 years old and used to ask everyone in the family to leave so she could be alone for some hours

  3. Susanne's favorite meal when growing up was spaghetti ? (non-vegan) bolognese. She ordered it every single time we ate out for about 10 years

  4. Susanne surfed next to a sea turtle in Brazil(!)

  5. Anette once went to see a clairvoyant and got some good advice on dating

  6. Susanne's favorite snack are dates with almond butter

  7. Anette moved to Texas when she was 17, won her first tennis match in 40 degrees and drove around in a car with friends listening to Lil Wayne with cowboy boots.

  8. Susanne's favorite artist when she was a kid was Eros Ramazzotti and Jørn Hoel