Guide to: 8 Green Favorites in Barcelona

I recently took a solo-trip to Barcelona to see this city that I have heard so much about. I've been told that it's a city after my taste - cultural, close to the sea and with lots of amazing plant based food and cool shops. It was nice to have a weekend where my only concern was where to go next and where to eat. I also got to see a friend who lives there that I haven't seen in a while. Before leaving I concluded that it might be my home-town one day. I have gathered some of my favorite spots for you guys, and I really hope you enjoy them. PETIT BROTMy absolute favorite of the spots I tried. The food is raw, vegan and organic - and most importantly tastes insanely good. The place was packed and I had to book a table or order takeaway. I had a chocolate smoothie and a falafel salad. MMMmmmm. They have so many delicious options on the menu that I wish I could just eat there every day.FLAX&KALEThis was the first place I tried in Barcelona since I had heard so much about it. It's a flexitarian restaurant with a focus on healthy, simple meals that everyone likes. They have a wide range of juices, some different main meals and lots of cakes. I had a seaweed avocado salad, a green juice and a vegan cupcake with coconut cream. The salad was amazing!TERESA'S STAIRWAYI stopped by Teresa's Stairway two times - once on my way to the beach to pick up something to go, and another time I had some chocolate açaí in the café and brought along some chocolate goodies. Yep, I'm a chocaddict.This place, together with Flax&Kale, is part of the Teresa Carles Healthy Foods brand. Others in this chain worth checking out are:

VV VINTAGEAn amazing vintage store - must visit if you're into second-hand clothes. Set aside some time to find eco-friendly scoops in this store.FLAMINGOS VINTAGE KILO En annen vintagefavoritt er denne hvor du betaler for vekten av klærne. Jeg kjøpte ingenting, men skulle gjerne hatt med meg en av de omsydde olajakkene!Another favorite vintage shop. Here you pay according to the weight of the clothes.  I didn't buy anything but would love to get one of the denim jackets that they have re-made.GREYSTREET This store captured my eye with some clothes that looked very natural in the materials. When I entered I saw that the store was filled with things that I love - art, simple jewelry, spiritual items like tarot cards and decks, posters, organic cotton underwear and some lovely handmade creams and massage oils. I bought a natural yoga-mat cleanse, a face-mask with banana and coconut, some posters and some notebooks. Hope you liked it! XXxxxxxxx