6 ways to: natural Christmas decorations

Wow - less than a month until Christmas Eve! We figured it was about time to give you some tips on the best eco-friendly decorations we have found the last weeks. Some of the items are from small vintage shops, some are from Granit and some are from nature.

1. Recycled paper Christmas star


This beauty is handmade from recycled cotton paper from Granit. You can also put a small light bulb inside to make it shine even brighter. It's handmade in India. In Dehli, around 6000 tons of cotton cloths are dumped each day. Reusing the cotton saves the environment to a great extent. The material is also twice as strong as regular paper, and totally chemical free.

2. Vintage candle holders


Out favorite candle holders are vintage from a second-hand store Fretex. I bet you can find something similar at your nearest vintage shop!

4. Cardboard Christmas tree decorations


These small creatures are also all from Granit. It's not an ad, just really love their effort of using natural products!

5. Biodegradable ribbon


This ribbon is biodegradable "from plants for plants". Also from Granit.

6. Reindeer lichen and spruce leaves


Why not decorate with something you can find outside in a park or the forest? We got some spruce leaves from the cabin and put it in another plant, and will probably decorate it with some small shiny things. We also picked up some reindeer lichen (reinsdyrlav) so we can make an advent candle holder :)

7. Eco-friendly candles


These two are from Milla Boutique in Oslo, but you can also find them online. The one to the right is from L:A Bruket and the one to the left from Moon Batch, which is hand poured, infused with quartz and the energy of the moon. What's not to love.