6 ways to: Christmas gifts you can find & make online

We have a couple of more ideas for you for Christmas gifts that you can create, order and fix from the comfort of your own home. They are in different price ranges, and you can decide just how creative you want to be! They are easy to make and we are sure that one of them will be a great gift for someone you know has everything. And, since they don't require any material purchases, they are quite good for the earth, too!

1. A Spotify playlist


Put your heart (& ears) into making a playlist full of music that gives you a good feeling that you want to pass on. It's funny how people feel different things by listening to the same songs and connect their own stories and experiences to it. Maybe you've listened to a particular song during your last road trip together? Add it to the top of the list! To go all in, add in a couple of concert tickets (see nr. 6).

2. A Christmas letter

A well-made Christmas letter can be a perfect gift by itself. You can either make it digital, put together a collage with some text and images. Or why not make it really old-school and write it by hand? There is something really unique and sentimental with getting hand-written things in a world filled with tech.

3. A digital foto album

It's SO much fun to scroll through old photos of experiences you've had with friends and family. Maybe there is a special person that deserves a throwback this year? Gather the best from different years and put it together in a digital photo album. Try Google Photos, iCloud, Dropbox or maybe just adding them all to a memory stick with some songs to listen to while looking at the photos.


4. An invitation to a theater piece

What's more fun than getting a gift that you have yet to experience!? Personally, I'm giving away a few tickets for a fun show that I'm super excited to see, and I love that this also "forces" you to plan hanging out more in a hectic everyday life.

5. A gift card for a homecooked dinner or breakfast

If you're someone who likes to cook, a homecooked dinner can actually be a perfect gift. Make it special and set aside a few extra hours to make your place cozy, maybe make some special drinks or get a good wine if you're into that, and put your heart into making the food taste amazing. Or what about switching it up and inviting for a breakfast with some fresh fruit, juice, smoothies, oatmeal, pancakes and hot chocolate in the middle of the week to make the day extra special?


6. Tickets to an upcoming concert

This is my favorite gift to both give and receive because I find that having an upcoming concert planned makes the days with lots of work so much easier. Its really motivating and such a cool thing to do together with a friend, a group of friends or your girlfriend/boyfriend. If you're feeling extra gooood, why not up the game and give some tickets to this summers best festival? Hope you found something that suits you and you're lucky gift receivers <3