These 6 tips will make it easier working from home!

  1. Make a plan and write down which tasks you are going to do at what time during the day. This way you won't be distracted by e-mails while writing a blog post, or by Instagram while answering e-mails.

  2. Don't do laundry or other house chores while working. It's better to do this before or after you have completed your tasks for the day.

  3. Keep the room you are working in organized! Light an eco-friendly candle and maybe buy some fresh flowers and add a few drops of essential oils in your diffuser for inspiration and good energy.

  4. Take breaks and preferably short walks during the day. Sunlight is so important and makes us much more efficient.

  5. Keep your favorite mists and sprays by your computer for when you need a fresh spay for the skin. We love Rudolph Care's Mist Delight, Alaskan essence' Calling All Angels and Californian Boost from Core Balance.

  6. When you are done for the day, clear your space of everything work related so that you don't focus on work while having time off.