5 things to do on a Sunday

Sundays are always special. It’s like my body just knows it’s Sunday and automatically goes into resting mode. I usually like to make my work out light on this day, like a walk in the woods or yoga. I am so used to working all the time, so when I all of a sudden have a whole day to myself, I almost forget what I like to do with my space time. So I gathered some inspiration and made a list of activities to do on a Sunday <3


1. Make lists

I love to make lists. I use a program called Evernote, and I probably have over 100 different lists on there, from things I have to do, to my bucket list, to films and moves to watch or names I like. I love making lists, it takes the buzz out of my head and down on paper (or my Mac).

2. Go for a long walk outside

I love working out, and during the week it’s almost always indoor workouts. So Sunday is a perfect time to take a walk outside, either with a friend or with a podcast and get some fresh air.

3. Make some good home made food

Go crazy in the kitchen and test out a new recipe that you have been wanting to make. Since most stores are closed on Sundays, I like to make something easy like energy balls or granola of the things I already have at home. Even better, make home made banana nice cream with chocolate! All you need is 2-3 frozen bananas, 3 squares of chocolate, and 3 dates for a creamy consistency. Mix it all together and enjoy!

4. Organise at home

Some people really love organising, and others hate it. The thing most people have in common is that we like the end result - a neat and tidy home, and actually knowing where all are stuff is located. Spend some time organising at home, cleaning your room and the kitchen, and you will feel super good about it tomorrow and the rest of the week.

5. Make a good playlist on Spotify

If it’s one thing I can’t live without, it’s music! Life just get’s better with it. Or, you can subscribe to my list of chill out songs here.